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manleybones t1_jddia2s wrote

Who cares what you do, you are still wrong about removing lead.


gtacleveland t1_jddii8x wrote

How am I wrong then? Go ahead ill wait. Either you do not understand what I am talking about or you dont understand statistics.


manleybones t1_jddipb6 wrote

There shouldn't be lead, or plutonium in chocolate. If it can be 100% free of plutonium, it can be 100% free of lead. That's a good thought experiment for your feeble mind.


gtacleveland t1_jddk1iu wrote

No shit Sherlock, of course there shouldn't be any. But it is not physically or statistically possible to be 100% free of it. What do you not understand about this? There is no absolutes. Hell the human body naturally has lead and plutonium and other heavy metals in it. The difference is that there is an acceptable amount that won't harm you.


manleybones t1_jddl0p5 wrote

There is no acceptable level of lead, stop playing interference for the shitty job you do for a shitty employer.


gtacleveland t1_jddm7hz wrote

I understand that you moron. I'm saying it is not physically possible for any product to have 0% lead content, ie, be 100% lead free.

You yourself are not lead free. You were born with lead in your body. You will die with it in your body, and hopefully it never reaches a concentration that does serious harm to your body.

I don't understand what you don't get.