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BadSanna t1_jed725x wrote

Wait, police corruption is real?!?!


MithandirsGhost t1_jee6901 wrote

No it's just a woke hoax. She is obviously an antifa plant. /s Edit: fixed typo


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JTuck333 t1_jeflfen wrote

Wait, public sector union corruption is real?


theshogun02 t1_jed2bd7 wrote

Exciting but not surprising results. Those charged with upholding the law tend to be the ones that think they are above it.


assjackal t1_jeedtjf wrote

It's crazy to me people buy into the whole fentanyl poisoning thing with cops. You can't get an overdose by skin contact, that's not how the drug works at all.

They just use that to cover up the fact cops get high on it frequently and can't pass a drug test.


pichael289 t1_jeeilhk wrote

My sheriff is that asshole you saw with the big ass hat that was on Tucker Carlson. He got rid of the narcan in my county (Butler county Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton) at the peak of the opiate crisis. This is one of those kind of people. Scared everyone to death and in the same breath told us our neighbors and family members don't deserve to be saved. We lost hundreds of people, I lost my best friend. This shit is no threat to normal people, but anyone who so much as takes a pill they aren't sure about is at risk of death. Asshole also fought against any and all rehab facilities, made sure there were few resources to actually fight this issue. It's a political tool, a scare tactic. But when it comes to actually fixing the problem they chose to sweep it under the rug. We've got college kids overdosing on bad Adderall, but there's this "the junkies get what they deserve" sentiment hanging around. It's all theater, a big political fucking circus


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AbigailxThrowaway t1_jef1upu wrote

This. The war on drugs was terrible and affected anyone living in a low income area, nobody cared about the countless suburban kids doing drugs around school.


khaalis t1_jeek9hl wrote

Cops are just criminal gangs with badges, unions and good lawyers.


ackillesBAC t1_jef4d4q wrote

Definitely not all cops, but some are and that is a major major problem


Errantry_ t1_jef9cmw wrote

When there are growing and existing examples of cops doing criminal shit, I think its a systemic issue that places the blame on all cops that continue to take partake in a system that is broken and corrupt


ackillesBAC t1_jefb9dc wrote

I dont think it's any where near all cops. But the good cops that let the bad cops get away with it are as much of the problem.

And police gangs taking over senior positions then demoting and terrorizing the good cops I'd say is the majority of the problem. And I'm including senior positions in the unions that intentionally protect the bad cops. It is full blown organized crime.

But the difference is you join the mob you know you joined the mob, I still think many join the police force to do good, some get corrupt, some get removed because they won't go corrupt.


Errantry_ t1_jefc918 wrote

Very well said. What I meant to get across with my comment just better explained. I too think this is a problem and until the religious cop protectors wake up and realize that, we will continue to have an organized crime syndicate tricking people into thinking they do the best for the public rather than for themselves and their patrons.


DUMP_LOG_DAVE t1_jegantk wrote

Indeed. There’s the glaring issue of police culture. Tribalism is so deeply entrenched in American society that it’s no fucking wonder why law and order built around “us versus them” has done nothing but generate hostility. Good intentions aside, the fact most cops are absolute morons means this culture is going absolutely nowhere without really upending policing in America. It fucking SUCKS how corrupt and racist these power wielding assholes are. Same goes for politicians. It makes me so damn sad.


PaxNova t1_jegkq8d wrote

> But the good cops that let the bad cops get away with it are as much of the problem.

The problem, imo, is that good police are restricted by requiring evidence, while bad police can easily destroy it before the ivnestigation starts. Good police can't arrest them if they cannot prove their case. Body cams should help a ton.


Forcasualtalking t1_jedsgyy wrote

She was interviewed about it, and then the next week ordered more fentanyl from China? …???


arkygeomojo t1_jedw83b wrote

That’s the tidbit that had me scratching my damn head too. From the department computer, no less.


agonizedn t1_jedzqt7 wrote

Bet it happens in plain sight constantly so who would even care?


redgeck0 t1_jee8hd9 wrote

More fent in the town means more police funding ;)


dr_reverend t1_jeef5ji wrote

I hope it was an Amazon Prime seller so she didn’t have to pay shipping.


urdreamluv t1_jefyx48 wrote

On her work computer too 😭 she does not give a fuck


magnumdongchad t1_jedinr8 wrote

Remember someone else theorizing that the rapid influx of fentanyl in the us is actually being done by some alphabet agency with an ulterior motive


tkburro t1_jeemxqt wrote

she was a civilian employee of a cop union.

anyone can order this shit from overseas, it doesn’t take much.


herbdoc2012 t1_jef3wo0 wrote

My ex neighbor in Irvine was just busted for selling POUNDS of fentanyl over 10 YEARS and I heard him bragging about making a extra 500k a year after Covid before they busted him and now they are letting him narc and covering up that he sold this shit for yers and NO TELLING how many kids he killed and now he walks away while they rent his crib out to someone else today!


JhonnyHopkins t1_jegd2zw wrote

If it helps you sleep at night, they do this in hopes of cracking down on even more dealers or even a king pin if they’re lucky. If they catch just two more low level dealers with the narcs information… they’re actually saving more kids.


herbdoc2012 t1_jegl7oc wrote

When dude is cooking and selling 10+ LBS of Fentanyl a WEEK for 10 years the open WTF is bigger except his China chemical suppliers and they work fo the gov't there so nothing can happen to them? The ONLY reason he got away so long is I thought he was the dude who lives here who works at a hash co but he lived across the street? Looks like the cartel is already moving some old dude in to his house so they don't ,ope every nickel from renting but I told dude the history of house so at least he knows that TIC don't GAF about him or getting sued it seems!


VoDoka t1_jedmter wrote

How would that make any sense?


furrybass t1_jedrkly wrote

The same way crack was sold to black communities by alphabet people.


agonizedn t1_jedzokl wrote

I means something OTHER than tax dollars has to pay for the cia


PaxNova t1_jeglnh1 wrote

By a Venezuelan freedom fighter type organization?


NessyComeHome t1_jedyjxg wrote

Wouldn't be the first time...

Gary Webb, who wrote Dark Allaince that exposed the CIA funneling cocaine to the streets that led to the crack epidemic, was found dead, and his death ruled a suicide. Gary was really determined to die, he shot himself twice in the back of the head.


VolatileUtopian t1_jee6u2a wrote

I remember towards the end of Obama's first term like 4-5 CIA/DEA agents getting arrested for smuggling coke into the country.


tkburro t1_jeenqsb wrote

webb exposed the fact that the dea/cia was getting information from some narcos who were smuggling drugs into the states, and that a dea or cia operative squashed a few charges for those narcos.

he never even claimed that “the cia is smuggling drugs into inner cities” or that there was a plot to addict americans to drugs.

i’m an anti-drug war leftist who has no love for the government, but the whole webb story is so blown out of proportion on the internet it’s become a fairytale.


JimC29 t1_jed4lc4 wrote

Not very Oniony, but it should be. I will allow it.


muppethero80 t1_jee2wnw wrote

Open border! Open border! Open border this, open border that! Open border brings drugs blah blah blah blah. Never mind that “the call is coming from inside the border”


Youngworker160 t1_jeean91 wrote

lol, it's that obiwan meme with the police.

'we don't know how fentanyl is getting into this country (legal ports of entry), it's all those migrants and gangs' 'oopsie turns out it's one of us'

no way she did this alone, she used the company computers and email.


vinayd t1_jeei3ol wrote

For real - she did this alone? She doesn’t seem like the kingpin type but maybe that’s my prejudice. I hope she sings like a bird.


openly_gray t1_jed8cnq wrote

Wow, I bet no one saw that coming


symolan t1_jedt7d0 wrote

She looks like the typical dealer.


thebunhinge t1_jee9hy7 wrote

I get that a 20 year maximum prison sentence is “life” for a 65 year old. But, only 20 years for importing and distributing enough drugs to kill 10’s of millions of people across the country (and who knows how many people have actually died due to the drugs she specifically imported)??? If she were any age under 60 this would not be justice served.


thaneak96 t1_jefgy6g wrote

And when she was caught, she tried to blame her housekeeper. What a piece of human garbage, I hope the judge throws the book at her stupid head and throws away the key


Xeong5 t1_jee66vp wrote

Can someone send this to the congressman that wanted to send troops to Mexico?!

According to him the Fentanyl comes from Mexico and must be dealt with by sending US troops there. I swear 🤦‍♂️


Flowchart83 t1_jee8eq8 wrote

If you send US troops to Mexico, you're just introducing another smuggling route.


Xeong5 t1_jee9heq wrote

Ya for sure. Just annoyed how elected officials can even say ridiculous things like that when it’s right under their noses.

It seems like they want to keep business to themselves if anything.


skaz915 t1_jeedeex wrote

No surprise, the government sold crack in the 80s. They're just pushing what's popular now.


ThaxReston t1_jee53z7 wrote

8 years this hag was doing this. Goodbye fool.


Central_Control t1_jedzvjc wrote

The war on drugs was lost many decades ago. Now it's all just money for drug dealer cops and the people they protect.


theRose90 t1_jee4253 wrote

1312 even when they're not quite cops.


LogicalPsychosis t1_jeehann wrote

Sorry. This is the least oniony thing I've seen here.


tatorpop t1_jeeko9t wrote

and then blamed the housekeeper…


octorangutan t1_jeffny5 wrote

Does this surprise anyone? Police unions are just crime enabling organizations.


Sonyguyus t1_jefr5av wrote

It can’t be just her acting alone with no one else in the department knowing about it. How was she going to distribute it?? Probably police officers. Maybe they were used to frame innocent people so the department could make more money. Also, of course she’d help out police officers families. It’s a brotherhood only to help each other. This is just one arm of a octopus that’s getting cut off. There’s plenty more to go.


perineum_420 t1_jege2qu wrote

She should also be charged with attempted murder as a distributed amount of fent comes with a statistical proportion of overdose fatalities


DLS4BZ t1_jee6vmm wrote

Michael Ruppert was right


Ya_Boy_Satan t1_jeepzo6 wrote

 They framed the secretary did they?

BoyEatsDrumMachine t1_jeeukm1 wrote

The War On Drugs was always about people in power getting to sell drugs.


dalenar t1_jefa611 wrote

>The complaint states that she denied any illegal activity in initial interviews with investigators and then later tried to blame her housekeeper.

The housekeeper was using her office computer? ok


Blorfenburger t1_jefeolt wrote

I wanna hear the conservatives the totally not tired line



dcal1981 t1_jefp74e wrote

Does she work on the border? asking for a friend


Saeryf t1_jeftt1e wrote

You mean there's like 70%+ of the smuggling assclowns being American citizens? I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Well, not that shocked.


Swampwolf42 t1_jegd0ja wrote

But by all means, let’s continue to blame Latino refugees.


somedave t1_jegou8q wrote

Shocking! r/badcopnodonut

The US seems to have one of the worse police forces and while they complain there never seems to be an incentive to fix it.


Bear_nuts t1_jegts4a wrote

Power without over site corrupts , which is precisely why a lot of cops and their union reps are corrupt af.


deTocqueville22 t1_jegwd05 wrote

Blows my mind (but it shouldn’t) that our very own cops are drug dealing. Business is good on both ends I guess. Fucking rot in jail.


Uncisse t1_jeh0mha wrote

What say you Marjorie Taylor Greene?


Unettan t1_jeh0wn7 wrote

She doesn’t look like an illegal. Oh wait…