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SponConSerdTent t1_jdf6bh9 wrote

Ah, the classic "The only things I know about America are things I read in curated internet feeds" delusion.

Hundreds of millions of people, living close to a trillion hours of life every year.

Don't let curated feeds turn you into a complete idiot.

One story of one dumbass, or even 10,000 stories about 10,000 dumbasses is a completely worthless way to analyze anything. You'll only move further from the truth as you slurp down more of the curated craziness.

You're living proof that your country has dumb people in it too.


Pudding_Hero t1_jdffyq6 wrote

I just wish I knew what country he/she is from so I can read it in their accent


GyakuBoop t1_jdf7fiw wrote

The fact being called "responsible adults" made you write a defensive paragraph, just proves the point. McDonalds is on the other side bye bye