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doned_mest_up t1_jdl4jtp wrote

Comparing market cap to gdp is like comparing a distance to a speed limit.


MR___SLAVE t1_jdldnhi wrote

It's not the market cap that they are talking about, it's the value of the total assets in the bank that is double the GDP of Switzerland. UBS is managing 1.7 trillion in assets.


DennisHakkie t1_jdliqof wrote

And is that a problem? It’s a bank with customers all over the world…


Silver_gobo t1_jdmn98b wrote

The bank is getting so big that if they needed some kind of bailout, Switzerland alone would be hard pressed to do that. If they didn’t do the bailout the bank is so big the ripple effect is global. A problem is the bank getting out of arms reach of governance


DennisHakkie t1_jdmnsh6 wrote

That sounds pretty reasonable and an angle I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks!


MR___SLAVE t1_jdllz9w wrote

No, but "market cap" is a completely different thing from what the article was referring to with regard to the "double the GDP" remark.