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Resident-Librarian40 t1_jdmj9ew wrote

Inflation at this point is all fake. All those companies that hiked costs saw huge profits. Even egg prices were artificially inflated.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_jdruhm3 wrote

Maybe not the eggs. But, it was everything that got manipulated. Even something simple like soda nearly doubled. Even if the price of energy doubles and maybe the price of their ingredients (it didn’t)— so it goes from 15 cents to 30 cents — where did the other dollar go on the hike of the price of two liters of soda go? Into profits.

There are just a few companies who control most of the goods we consume and they might have a bunch of labels — but they aren’t really in competition. And the grocery stores are merely outlets grabbing pennies.

Buying a meal at a drive through now costs the same as a meal at a restaurant— how do they manage not to coordinate a higher fee of McDonalds and Burger King are struggling?

And the idiots who think wages going up 3 percent caused a 20% rise in cost of goods sold — well, they are the perfect consumers, the product of extensive training in economics by the US corporate media.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_jdvd4d9 wrote

Shit! I was going to say that Eggs were the one exception to prove the rule, because I didn't want to sound absolutist. So .... damn, there isn't ANYTHING that wasn't just jacked up because the cartels like money?

Even those gas prices -- we never saw when Oil costed more per barrel years ago, and they didn't get that gas tax taken off -- so, it was mostly a money grab.

The fact that it is also happening around the world just means these multinationals are coordinating. They just raise prices, the media points to a bunch of things, and the fact that the people who raised the prices own most of the media doesn't get on the evening news. The masses go "baaa baaa" and blame the fact that they had the temerity to ask for a raise after over a decade.