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fluffybottom t1_jefgg76 wrote

I’ll never understand cultures that pretend they don’t have sex.


Tonyhillzone t1_jefjf0h wrote

It hard to believe that pre Islamic revolution Iran was the most liberal Muslim country on earth. Women wore bikinis at the beach. Even pre marital sex was acceptable.


Severe-Cookie693 t1_jefz9ss wrote

‘A husband and wife news anchor team was censored for hugging at the beginning of the show. They apologized, saying they didn’t know they were on air yet.’

This is an overt demonstration of state power. Someone’s trying to make a point about something.


Happypappy007 t1_jefkbp9 wrote

Stupid religious nonsense. Overthrow the mullahs


Lingz31 t1_jege1vv wrote

Why do you care? Its Their country let them be...


Happypappy007 t1_jegem24 wrote

Everyone should care. We all have a stake in making sure every human being can live a fulfilling life free from governmental violence. It’s one of the founding principles of the UN.

Silence is complicity.


Lingz31 t1_jegly4l wrote

You should deal with violence in ur Country.... Gun control, black shootings etc. The truth is Nobody need you in their country, f with their business and resources in the name of Human rights. You have to respect other societies culture. And let them live their life.