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[deleted] t1_jdt4yd6 wrote



AdultGrapeJuice t1_jduir08 wrote

It’s sad honestly, the world would be better off without porn


Kittenscute t1_jdun0d4 wrote

Nah, the world will be better off without repressed, self-hating puritans like you.


Key-War t1_jdw1oa4 wrote

Masturbation, love of the self, admiration of the human body, and sex are not porn. You can have all of those things without porn.


oatmilkers t1_je0urx3 wrote

Exactly. The world would be better off without the porn industry, and without cynical cash extraction apps like this abusing desperate people’s sexuality.

Erotic artwork or images/videos shared privately between people are also fine. You can have those without a multi billion dollar industry that serially abuses and exploits both its performers and consumers.


burgergloo t1_jdx3d7c wrote

i agree. not directly pertaining to this certain post, but porn in general the world would be better off with, Pornography addiction might not kill you like other drugs do. but it is addicting. it's not something to be proud of that you would spend time scrolling and watching videos of porn. It just ruins your mind, especially if you're a younger teen. Porn addiction can become just a cycle of uncontrollable of just gratification just for you to what? make yourself feel better by watching pixels on the screen. that's not self-love, not at all.

If anyone out there is going through pornography addiction i encourage to realize how damaging it can be, it's not something good. I don't care how many downvotes i get, in fact if you think that being addicted to porn or porn is good go ahead and downvote me, i dare you.


SonoFico_ t1_jdv3c1g wrote

Don’t let these downvotes discourage you, I second your statement and will gladly get downvoted with you.


GyakuBoop t1_jdwboma wrote

You were made through unflimed porn with your dad and mom.


SonoFico_ t1_jdx151a wrote

I never said there was anything wrong with sex, where did you get that from? Lol. I said there’s a problem with pornography which I believe without a doubt is harmful on a mental and social level.


burgergloo t1_jdx48mg wrote

the definition of porn is any media revolving around erotica to incite sexual excitement to viewers. There is a difference between having sex to have a kid, and filming sexual intercourse, to make money, off of other people getting off to you or getting sexual excited about it. agree with me or not there is a plain difference there. un-filmed porn which much rather be audio only stuff, or photographic porn, etc.


Sunshinehaiku t1_jdub0gl wrote

Butterworth, who is polyamorous but married to a monogamous woman, said Lily Rose became an outlet for him that didn’t involve stepping outside his marriage. “The relationship [is] as real as the one my wife in real life and I have,” he said of the avatar.

Butterworth said his wife allowed the relationship because she doesn’t take it seriously. His wife declined to comment.


Stranger1982 t1_jduhcb9 wrote

> his wife allowed the relationship because she doesn’t take it seriously

Gee I wonder why.


Seraphinx t1_jduydbu wrote

I'd be divorcing him on the basis that he considers his relationship with his AI bot to be just as serious as his relationship with his wife.


Avery_Thorn t1_jdwomfp wrote

You know what, while I certainly don’t think it’s optimal… presuming that she knew he was poly and understood what that meant when they got together, and this fulfills other needs for him and helps him feel more fulfilled… it’s a long way down a sad road but if they want to keep doing it then it’s what works for them.

Normally relationships between Poly and mono people just don’t work out long term.


Sunshinehaiku t1_jdz02s0 wrote

>Normally relationships between Poly and mono people just don’t work out long term.

Seems like a bad idea, from the people I know who tried.


omgFWTbear t1_jdwvp4d wrote

I’ve dated women who held … high opinions of their nightstand companion. If pressed, I’d probably take them more seriously than him, but there’s a logical part of me that feels they aren’t terribly different - anthropomorphized mechanical endorphin scratchers for particular receptors.


oasisOfLostMoments t1_jdx8n88 wrote

Ah, so that's why there are rabid AI bros frothing at the mouth whenever someone dares to say something critical.