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Moepsii t1_jdudrez wrote

This feels like a new low for the US education system.


Cpt-Murica t1_jdug90r wrote

Did you read the article?


Moepsii t1_jduger8 wrote

Yeah? It mentioned folks that suffer from missing prior education which is well... I mean do i really have to explain the context between bad prior education and generally bad education?


Cpt-Murica t1_jdugjyp wrote

I gotcha. I thought you were referring to un-grading itself being the problem.


Moepsii t1_jdugmni wrote

The ungrading is just the result to combat prior poor education and shows to what lengths they have to go.


Cpt-Murica t1_jdujugy wrote

Yeah I agree. I do think taking a different view of grading could be beneficial though.

For me I was homeschooled and college prep started in middle school so the transition to college school work was easy. The social aspects not so much.


dreadpiratew t1_jdwhg0z wrote

I don’t think it’s about poor education as much as it is about mental health. For some reason, people think that kids today get Cs and it damages them.


rood_sandstorm t1_jdwuly1 wrote

If you have Asian parents, anything less than an A is damaging to your health


dreadpiratew t1_jdwwjfp wrote

Are they more damaging today than they were a generation ago? Can kids not handle it as well? What’s different?


rileydogdad1 t1_jdv2cqe wrote

Instead addressing weaknesses in the education system and helping raise up people you have not had the resources that others have, we keep lowering the bar. Many colleges have eliminated entrance exams to allow those who cannot meet the standards entrance. We really need to try help those in need, and not lower our expectations.


crooked-v t1_jdwx501 wrote

It feels to me a lot like the various bullshit "progressive" (aka, not actually progressive) things that some school systems have pulled to try and (cheaply) pretend that problems don't exist instead of actually dealing with them.


Photodan24 t1_jdwcxdn wrote

You just have to keep this in mind. Cs get degrees.

Unless you were at the top of your class at a very prestigious school, almost no employer cares what your GPA was.


Sandrock27 t1_jdwnn8m wrote

But if you plan on going to graduate school at any point in the future, your grades matter a great deal.


Donut_merchant2 t1_jdxuat4 wrote

I would say they also matter the most in your bachelors and then masters if you go doctorate. Tho it never hurts to stack up.


meatball77 t1_jdz7xf7 wrote

Nah. . . .

My husband had below a 3.0 and got into UM for an MBA, one of the top MBA programs in the country. If you are going to get a research based graduate degree right after your undergrad then grades matter. If you plan on getting a basic masters at some point then it doesn't matter.


ThinkActSeizeLife t1_jdvc2n3 wrote

Rather than address how difficult it is for current generations to survive in our society, we use another band-aid rather than address the root cause of high cost of living.


Hot-Pocket-Pro t1_jdwppb9 wrote

“Don’t worry about your grades, we don’t. Party it up and pay us.”


UnbelievableTxn6969 t1_jdwlawd wrote

Adapt to what?

Does that mean they’ll get fired from college if they fail?


karstenvader t1_jdxznx7 wrote

Dude other countries already do this


000Spectator t1_je221me wrote

I don’t understand the purpose behind this decision. Competition Breeds Excellence! It’s like playing a game where nobody keeps score…what’s the point of playing a game if everyone wins?


Enataru t1_jdyqbn3 wrote

This is a mistake. They did it for K-12 during the first part of covid and the kids learned they won't have to do anything. It's not going to work. People need to be held accountable.


4Blu t1_je821cw wrote

This is common practice in the UK. The last years of uni count much more toward your degree classification than your first.


Bumm_by_Design t1_jdxba22 wrote

It sounds good, but in practice, it's like decriminalization 2.0


Inconceivable-2020 t1_jdwrpnu wrote

Participation Trophies and "Thanks for Playing" Degrees to be given to everyone.


RuneanPrincess t1_jdut130 wrote

definitely not oniony. Grades are a whole ass scam and do not at all reflect what you know. The people grading are incredibly inconsistent and a large portion of college grades is kissing ass and the vast majority of what the grade consists of is nonsense that wont ever be useful beyond college.

Think for 2 seconds about the real world. When you have to learn a new skill or be trained to do something for your job does your boss give you a grade? never. you just learn it and do it. The college money machine thrives off of separating students into classes and its just an overall terrible system. It especially profits off of people fighting and doing anything to meet arbitrary standards that have nothing but fiat value. Real educational value is virtually nonexistent anymore.


tke71709 t1_jdv8pyu wrote

Does your boss give you a grade? Yeah, it's called firing your ass if you can't do it.

I also lol'ed at the thought that colleges eliminating grades is anything other than at attempt to make more money. No grades, no cost to mark assignments, no failing out, these are all ways to increase profits.


Xalimata t1_jdv2g0m wrote

> Grades are a whole ass scam and do not at all reflect what you know

While they are not really as useful as all that I also would not call them a scam.