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Moepsii t1_jdugmni wrote

The ungrading is just the result to combat prior poor education and shows to what lengths they have to go.


Cpt-Murica t1_jdujugy wrote

Yeah I agree. I do think taking a different view of grading could be beneficial though.

For me I was homeschooled and college prep started in middle school so the transition to college school work was easy. The social aspects not so much.


dreadpiratew t1_jdwhg0z wrote

I don’t think it’s about poor education as much as it is about mental health. For some reason, people think that kids today get Cs and it damages them.


rood_sandstorm t1_jdwuly1 wrote

If you have Asian parents, anything less than an A is damaging to your health


dreadpiratew t1_jdwwjfp wrote

Are they more damaging today than they were a generation ago? Can kids not handle it as well? What’s different?