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Cmyers1980 t1_jdvdyny wrote

You don’t need a supernatural entity to explain the mundane reasons why people do wrong.


Khaldara t1_jdw8mj5 wrote

“Weaponize the Thoughts and Prayers”

  • That dude apparently

hellostarsailor t1_jdwng2v wrote

If I was regularly up against Palo Mayombe practicioners, I would probably be praying a lot too.

Adolfo Constanzo and the nganga would like a word.


HawkinsT t1_jdzdi7d wrote

> Sanabria claimed criminals use witchcraft, and said in one operation a police officer had been able to kill one of them by "praying while shooting."

Yeah, I'd definitely focus on the prayer aspect of that being the effective part.


Mr_Zeldion t1_jdyliro wrote

What if we strap bombs to the thoughts and prayers and send them sir?


jordantask t1_je0wbz4 wrote

Writes “thoughts and prayers” on a missile before launching


Mr_Zeldion t1_jdylg4j wrote

Your right, but a supernatural entity is needed to explain why "god" isn't the reason why people do wrong.


OldWierdo t1_jdym815 wrote

True, but when you're fighting a fully-funded military with all the military weapons, well, you've heard the term "there are no atheists in foxholes."

Which isn't true, btw, and this dude has said some REALLY weird stuff, not just about this. Dude's a crackpot.


CyanicEmber t1_je0vtdu wrote

Right, mundane reason being: people are corrupt from birth, and can become more corrupt over time.


Hassan_99 t1_jdz4qt9 wrote

Just go on r/NSFL type in cartel shit and behold the great wonders of our world. Hell is here on Earth. If you’re dealing with that shit on a daily basis you will believe in evil.


Mod_Accountability t1_je009ok wrote

> If you’re dealing with that shit on a daily basis you will believe in evil.

Only if you're predisposed to believe such nonsense. People who don't allow religion to run their lives are perfectly capable of acknowledging the horrible things people can be capable of.


Hassan_99 t1_je0lah5 wrote

You missed the point


Mod_Accountability t1_je3cmjp wrote

No, I didn't. People witnessing horrible things don't have to believe in fantasy in order to handle it.


Ract0r4561 t1_je0rl04 wrote

No. We’re all animals but have morals due to intelligence and how were raised, and taught what’s wrong and right. The cartel has people who deny the empathy part due to being raised by murderers or experiencing horrible things in their childhood. It fucks up their brains and how they perceive reality. Just like how animals do horrible shit, kinda like how cats play with their victims, they do the same thing. It’s fucked up indeed.

Nothing to do with “hell” or whatever made up shit people made thousands of years ago. It’s easier to control people when you say they’ll go to hell if they don’t do x or etc.

Another reason might be uncontrolled psychopathy or sociopathy. Mental illness doesn’t inherently mean you’ll have the urge to skin people alive. Depending on the environment you’re raised in, you’re most likely to do it. And kids born around cartel are easily persuaded as they’re kids.


Hassan_99 t1_je0txxs wrote

If we are taught what is right and what is wrong and have morals due to our intelligence, then those people can indeed say what is good and what is evil. look around you evil is everywhere and good is everywhere. Interpret it how you want. Devil vs god, good vs bad. I don’t care. Hell is here on Earth and you know it.


Ract0r4561 t1_je0ufty wrote

Interesting thought. Isn’t that literally wrong? According to your religious book, which is most likely Quran due to your name. Isn’t hell the farthest place from God, with fire and darkness? So not only you don’t real your own holy book, you’re also ignoring what I literally said before. Way to go.


Hassan_99 t1_je0ulf2 wrote

Wow didn’t know I was muslim. Way to go champ


Ract0r4561 t1_je0vhem wrote

Assuming you’re in a different religion that has hell, I don’t think those books say hell is on earth either. And if you don’t believe in any religion, you’re making up your own definition of hell.


Hassan_99 t1_je0yfer wrote

I’m not religious but I am very interested in religions and superstitions. I 100% agree with your first reply. My point I was trying to make but failed at is this: Hell is here on Earth.

The Holy books state that the devil roams free on earth tormenting people and luring them to do bad things. There are many stories, urban legends, superstities about devils demons etc. Now many people believe it as a entity or being or whatsoever.

I interpret it as an idea. There are moments in life where one has to make a choice or act upon a situation. Those choices or acts can be and will be interpreted as good choices or bad choices by the social construct we live in OR personal preference an individual has.

Lets take this to the cartel example. For the normal human being it is just fucking insane. Some will call it bad, some will call it psychotic and some will call it the Devil’s work.

See where I’m going? There is no right answer. You have to take into account the culture, religions and mindset the people THERE have. Yes ofcourse the murderous cartel are out of their minds and must have multiple sorts of mental issues. But in the eyes of religious people or even spiritual people they are just plain evil.

I have seen too many dark shit in real life but even more on the internet. For me the religious notion of Hell is here on Earth. Many people on Earth have and are suffering on a scale I can’t imagine. And to think the religious notion of Hell is worse ? No I do not think so.


Machiavelli1480 t1_jdz7ktu wrote

If you had to see what the cartels do everyday, in person, you might think differently.


Mod_Accountability t1_je0056z wrote

I doubt it. One can believe in the sheer inhumanity and heinousness of certain people without having to blame it on a fairy tale.


Grapeanger47_ t1_jdy6gh3 wrote

But, you do need God to combat the problem. You can explain it all day, but what can you do?


4-Aneurysm t1_jdy7vt4 wrote

Really? I'm so sick and tired of"sending thoughts and prayers" responses to tragedy. Just tell me you don't care enough to actually do something and move on.


Ract0r4561 t1_je0sc4e wrote

Let me ask you this. If god is almighty and powerful and can see everything, why does he let these horrible things happen? Why do we have to ask for it’s help? And don’t say that “god can’t interfere”. That doesn’t do well in your argument since you literally can’t get god’s help if he can’t interfere.


SupportLeather1851 t1_jdwfsbz wrote

While that’s true (I want to preface this by saying I’m not religious), don’t you still feel like it’s hard to wrap your head around how people are able to commit awful acts? Like for example child beaters. I work in a school, and I work with kids for a living, because I care about them. I can’t imagine lifting a hand against one. Like it’s just baffling to me that people CAN do these things. I don’t think calling someone possessed by the devil is the answer, and it’s rooted in deep psychological science, but even hearing the reason it happens doesn’t make it any more believable. Even after studying psychology to work here, it still baffles me, no matter your environment you were raised in or what you experienced.


Allaun t1_jdwp0lg wrote

It's simple really. You BELIEVE you are in the right. The same way you believe the sun rises and the sky is blue. It's a FACT. A law of your existence, Everyone else just doesn't get it. They are wrong and refuse to listen to you. You try to explain to them but they don't listen. YOU are the one under attack, not the person you are hurting.


4-Aneurysm t1_jdy7ljv wrote

Some humans are broken. Don't need supernatural help to do the wrong thing.


SupportLeather1851 t1_jdy7pji wrote

People seem to have taken what I said the wrong way. I said it’s hard to wrap my head around, not that it’s the devil… I literally prefaced that I DONT believe in all that


Mod_Accountability t1_jdzzwal wrote

Still not a reason to blame it on a non-existent supernatural being.


SupportLeather1851 t1_je001a1 wrote

Well it’s a good reason I specifically said I don’t believe in the supernatural. But apparently reading comprehension is hard.


Mod_Accountability t1_je0diuk wrote

You personally being irreligious isn't stopping you from providing religious-based cover for these actions.


SupportLeather1851 t1_je0rmnp wrote

Where did I say it’s the devil? All I said was it’s crazy to me how far gone some people can be.