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Jamie___May t1_jdw3j13 wrote

“After chilling in town for some time, the couple hired a motorcycle and headed home to rest. However, after alighting at Got Rateng, a village a few metres from home, they could not control their libido until they got home, so they decided to hide in a nearby bush to have sex.”

A few … meters?


Meanderingversion t1_jdwh52r wrote

The meters confounded you? Not the bush?


TryJenkems t1_jdxff19 wrote

Nothin more primal than pounding some bush meat


Shot-Spray5935 t1_jdziifx wrote

>The suspect inherited the deceased, identified as Milca

Looks like he wanted to take his newly acquired inheritance out for a spin

>a 37-year-old Kenyan man was arrested after a 48-year-old woman he inherited following the death of her husband, died while they were having sexual intercourse in the bush.

But unfortunately Milca proved not to be very durable.

>Milca died mysteriously and the suspect carried her body and partially buried it in the sand.