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Graega t1_jdxg8lv wrote

The Mormons are too uneducated to realize there are more Chinese than Mormons in the world.


danceswithtree t1_jdxhl6e wrote

But what if the Mormons start baptizing dead Chinese like they do with dead Jews? That could even out the numbers real quick!

And in case you were wondering if baptizing dead Jews is a thing, sadly it is.


FullOfStarships t1_jdzg1z3 wrote

Some cultures have "1, 2, many" as their counting system.

I think the Mormon version might be 1, 2, 3,... 144000, many. 😊


SelectiveSanity t1_jdxosoj wrote

They also don't realize their are more Asian American's in the US then their are Mormons either.


Iamthekingoftheecho t1_jdy0iem wrote

I was researching the house I grew up in in Utah and the previous owners had six children. One of the sons obituaries stated that he had sixteen children, 186 grandchildren, 137 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren… it is mind boggling how many humans can result from two people wanting to get down.