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TheReapingFields t1_je1ekqa wrote

Oh for fucks sake. Look, there's only one good reason (and a bunch that just aren't) to go to Amsterdam, and that is to smoke some herb, openly, without threat of arrest.

How the HELL are my fellow Brits getting this wrong? How does one fuck this up? It is SUPER simple, right? You book a hotel near a good coffee shop, you go to the coffee shop, get a drink, a snack and a big fat spliff, you go to space, float back to the hotel and trip your nuts off, you get munchy, you eat, you pass out, and do the whole fucking thing again tomorrow, causing trouble for no one. WHY IS THIS SO APPARENTLY COMPLICATED?


ChewyRib t1_je1jtm2 wrote

I started going to Amerstam in the 80s and it has always been my favorite destination..but...the damn young male Brits always roam the streets in herds and can be major assholes trying to fight and general hooliganism.

never fails


TheReapingFields t1_je1k3bh wrote


Sometimes, increasingly in this age of farce, I find it difficult to enjoy being a citizen of the United Klusterfuck of Great Britain.


[deleted] t1_je1f2a3 wrote

It’s the fookers who only drink and love causing trouble…


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LilG1984 t1_je8x7xq wrote

Just don't serve any decent tea, biscuits or British beer. That'll keep them away.

A brit.


synthjunkie t1_je394ye wrote

Party poppers in the government I see