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Wear-Fluid t1_je2b9cj wrote

Defending? Weren't they killing gay people not to long ago and now he's involved in the war with ukraine. This is definitely the proper sub to post this.I am still trying to figure out the mental gymnastics


Snowfie_ t1_je3i2fg wrote

The mental gymnastics are simple. As far as they're concerned, if they aren't: straight, cis, sufficiently "russian" putin supporter, etc. They ain't human.


thehim t1_je2b7na wrote

Putin’s regime is giving the Nazi’s a run for their money on the pure evil front


Formal_Basket4157 t1_je61yq0 wrote

Not really the Holocaust was significantly more horrific not to down play the war in Ukraine but as far as im concerned Nazi Germany is the closest one can get to literal satan


supercyberlurker t1_je2wftr wrote

I only clicked the article because I couldn't tell from the thumbnail, if Kadyrov's eyeglasses were real or a photoshopped parody someone had put on him.

See, that's always the problem with that guy. It's like he's parodying himself all the time.


GlobalTravelR t1_je2kh0p wrote

Man looks like a walking cartoon villain.


Lingua_Blanca t1_je2dwnk wrote

Hilary Swank's buddy. Are they sure it wasn't for defeating human rights?


Tar-Nuine t1_je36v2h wrote

What's next? A posthumous award to Pavlov for "Upholding animal rights and welfare"?


Astro493 t1_je4rnbc wrote

*As awarded by the Mugabe Institute for Good Governance


PrinceTwoTonCowman t1_je4xypi wrote

I'm surprised that he hasn't been a keynote speaker at CPAC.


joaosturza t1_je624td wrote

by being so cartoonishly evil and incompetent he saved countless Ukrainian lives


peensteen t1_je5w9wn wrote

Ramzan son of Abitch son of Groin son of Gimli son of Gloin. Durin's folk have fallen far indeed. Nice Prada boots, though. My GFs mom has a pair.