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FunkyTown313 t1_je5neef wrote

Big bang theory's whole joke structure is "hurrr durr smart people don't function in society, now laugh". Nothing said should be surprising.


_Abe_Froman_SKOC t1_je5ri93 wrote

Go on YouTube and watch videos where people remove the laugh track. It's super awkward and weird.


IveDunGoofedUp t1_je9m31e wrote

To be fair you can do that with any sit-com with a baked in laugh track. It's always awkward because it's never meant to be played without that track behind it.


_Abe_Froman_SKOC t1_je9pptk wrote

True. But it also illustrates if the jokes are funny or not. And a lot of BBTs jokes fell pretty flat.


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tinainthebar t1_je91oee wrote

That's the same with any show with a laugh track. The pauses for the laughs make them sound very unnatural if you remove them, but if you didn't have laugh tracks you wouldn't have those pauses.


Zorothegallade t1_je6ajcq wrote

"Look at how awkward this genius is because he has to put up with so many dumb people, cause he's a genius and everyone else is dumb"