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Singular_Thought t1_je76y1p wrote

>The practice was halted briefly in January 2015, when the control system was being upgraded to a new system known as Storm Unity, and the DUMY call sign was no longer available.

>But staff at Bilton Glen "lobbied" senior management to re-introduce it to the new system, and this was approved by a senior person whose name and title has been redacted on the documents.

Wow. I read the article expecting to find that DUMY was a test object setup by developers and QA people to test the system while being developed… and then end users found it and started using it to suff away work.

Instead it turns out that the end users demanded the DUMY object be created so they could use it… and someone approved this.


ivthreadp110 t1_jea8uz9 wrote

I have the same thought like perhaps it was the development environment that accidentally was being used in production