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bobkmertz t1_je7rimq wrote

> The Surf Lifesaving Australia Policy on change rooms states members should "not shower or change at the same time as supervising groups of children."

> It also states that members should "not undress and avoid using a changing room with a child unless there are other people present."

I think the headline is a bit misleading. This doesn't seem completely unreasonable.


jewsif91 OP t1_je7si6f wrote

>> It also states that members should "not undress and avoid using a changing room with a child unless there are other people present.

So if a 13 - 15 year old child was in there getting dressed after a swim, you're suppose to wait for them to leave?

Or you are a parent of a child getting your own child dressed? Better not change yourself unless there is another adult present.


i_will_let_you_know t1_je9rtjy wrote

They need to get over themselves. Nudity in a changing room is completely normal and not sexual regardless of age. If they really care that much they can always provide curtains or private booths.

It's weird that ultra violent massacres are perfectly fine but any amount of nudity is verboten.


OldSarge02 t1_jebrehg wrote

Can you direct me to the policy saying ultra violent massacres are perfectly fine?


junulee t1_jebc1co wrote

That policy doesn’t seem unreasonable, but the sign posted doesn’t say anything about children. It reads:

No Nudity in Change Rooms

Shower in your Swimming Costume / Change with a towel around you

If you are caught breaching the Rule you will be called before the clubs disciplinary committee

Report all breaches to a Board member, MP or the Patrol


Say10sadvocate t1_je965g4 wrote

We're gonna end up with a generation of fucking weird kids who think seeing a naked adult in a changing room is child abuse.


Anonophile t1_je7oy76 wrote

So what, just wear your wet clothes under your dry clothes after you shower in them?


ChimpBrisket t1_je7sex8 wrote

Nah you have to wear the dry clothes under the wet ones


Jeditard t1_je7qffa wrote

Wow, no point in showering if you can't take your suit offf. So asinine it's unbelievable


cheap_walmart_art t1_je7y0b9 wrote

Why is everybody obsessed with pedophilia now?


0x1e t1_je8nomr wrote

Because every accusation is a confession.


vibesandcrimes t1_je9bymq wrote

Because everyone agrees pedophiles are awful and if they don't hate the person you say is a pedophile then they are one


Yeti_MD t1_je7s8co wrote

There are dozens of us!


ledfrisby t1_je7redq wrote

> A row has erupted...

Such a good hook. We need to adopt "row" into American English.


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_je7w4h5 wrote

Is it safe to assume it's nottheonion because of the policy, not because of the members' response?

Reddit consensus is very fickle


Nteagan t1_je8r8xe wrote

Yeah me thinks someone's been swinging their schlong around.