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wicklowdave t1_je85nun wrote

> From extracting teeth to attempting root canals

holy shit the pain


[deleted] t1_je871vy wrote



wycbhm t1_je880oi wrote

When you have a gamer seat, a kitchen island, and a leather makers drills.


fire_crotch_mafia t1_je9kt5u wrote

Ah ok so this is the 10th dentist that never recommends the tooth paste.


openly_gray t1_je8bofe wrote

Those must be some really tough motherfuckers


vector_ejector t1_je8ot9l wrote

Who are the Britons!?


suddenly_seymour t1_je9pdzs wrote

We all are! We are all Britons.


AurumArgenteus t1_je9c0f1 wrote

Briton, one of a people inhabiting Britain before the Anglo-Saxon invasions beginning in the 5th century AD. -Britannica


OneHundredEighty180 t1_je8sxj1 wrote

I tried to dig out one of my wisdom teeth with a bowie knife when I was drunk and 16... is that not normal behaviour?


Fe7n t1_je8xgba wrote

I dug out both myself, but sober and with a razorblade. How did you not get seriously injured with such a huge knife? 🤣


VoidHuntG03 t1_je97icu wrote

I had both taken out by a dentist with full anesthesia and demanding laughing gas on top of it despite going into the surgery high in the first place.

Terrible mix btw


Fe7n t1_jec5mbk wrote

I didn't remove them. Just the tissue on top of them that kept getting infected because the teeth were too sharp and the tissue would just eventually heal and enclose the teeth again


OneHundredEighty180 t1_je913h7 wrote

I honestly do not know how no real consequences came from this. My friend stopped me after about a half an hour as it was making his girlfriend uncomfortable.


magnumdongchad t1_je8xrdz wrote

At least we don’t half to dodge bullets in maffs clawss


cdiddy19 t1_jeaccr8 wrote

So true.

We have to dodge bullets and we can't afford dental stuff


_surewhyynot t1_je9t10q wrote

The pollsters were confused because they thought dentistry meant brushing your teeth


a1911Fan t1_jecqa4e wrote

The statistic is likely still applicable to Britons.


GetOffMyLawn1729 t1_je9wxrj wrote

It is not widely known, but woad is an effective local anesthetic.


Koumadin t1_jea9ndd wrote

Austin Powers tried this


VanDenBroeck t1_jeaj8a4 wrote

And the same survey reported that two out of ten reported brushing and flossing their teeth more than twice a year.


bubba7557 t1_jebi8tl wrote

I mean, wasn't that obvious already?


e-chem-nerd t1_jeahglh wrote

And yet British redditors are quick to shutdown Americans making fun of British teeth...


Roundaboutsix t1_jegadsc wrote

I worked with a woman who used to buy used dental tools on EBay so that she could work on herself. She had funny looking teeth, few friends and low self esteem, however, she claimed to have remarkable success with her experimental dentistry.


velocilfaptor t1_je8dnio wrote

1 in 10 half in the last 2 years, what the hell does that even mean?


Schneetmacher OP t1_je8fdnr wrote

It means half of the Brits polled who have performed dentistry on themselves have done it within the last two years.


tinainthebar t1_je91s4b wrote

6.8 million have performed dentistry on themselves (perhaps including giving a child a toffee so their tooth finally comes out). 3.4 million have done this in the "last 2 years" (presumably a lot when dentists were closed due to covid)


Durtly t1_je8s8ey wrote

They can't get access to dentists but at least it's free.


tinainthebar t1_je91ti8 wrote

  1. I have a dentist, in fact the 6 month family checkup is next week

  2. It's not free, costs something like £50


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_jedypn5 wrote

That's just for a basic stuff like extractions. Anything else covered falls into a more expensive band.


tinainthebar t1_jef9vtv wrote

£50 is checkup for the family. Fillings and crowns etc are extra - £65 for a filling, £280 for a crown/denture/etc


cdiddy19 t1_jeacq4d wrote

It's not free. They have universal medical "free at point of treatment", not universal dental...

You know kinda like the US doesn't have universal healthcare or dental


jh_2719 t1_jebjoiw wrote

You can get heavily subsidised dentistry on the NHS, most adults fall off that register and have to go private if they don't keep up the appointments, though.


66ChickenHens t1_je84oql wrote

Man- that free health care is really something


cdiddy19 t1_je8cr0z wrote

That isnt the comeback you think it is.

Dental isn't universal in the UK...

It's like people in the US without universal healthcare, they take matters into their own hands.


66ChickenHens t1_je8d8iw wrote

I don't have universal healthcare and I don't "take things into my own hands" (US citizen)


cdiddy19 t1_je8deaj wrote

You might not but many many Americans do. Or hold off care, or just suffer without care, or go into debt for medical care


66ChickenHens t1_je8e0jm wrote

I must not have read the fine print on the european free healthcare that is so highly touted in the US - I hope this isn't what the democrats are wanting me to sign up for when they tout that program.


cdiddy19 t1_je8edps wrote

That's the thing, the dental care isn't universal, or "free" their medical is though. And their medical ranks way better than the US.


DareDaDerrida t1_je8n5cv wrote

See, the whole issue is that these guys do not have universal dental care.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_jedxm83 wrote

Dentistry was always the red-headed stepchild of the NHS. You only get limited free dentistry if you are under 16 or on benefits. Otherwise NHS patients have to pay for that limited range of treatments. Often dentists finagle it so they and the NHS end up paying more than it would cost a private patient (dentists are contractors to the NHS, not employees).

And the Tories have been systematically destroying the NHS over the last 13 years. As a result most dental surgeries have stopped taking new NHS patients.