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cognitivetriad t1_jeaew0u wrote

The hate runs deep


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_jee15k1 wrote

Theres a pretty insane twitter thread of Orangemens Day bonfires. Every year the NI gather around to burn thousands of pallets adorned with Irish flags and politicians.


Throwaway08080909070 t1_jeagoe2 wrote

My hope is that instead of degenerating into violence, the "loyalist" s$%m head back to Scotland and leave Ireland in peace.


Vostok-aregreat-710 OP t1_jeai1gr wrote

I think a lot of Scottish do not want them


Throwaway08080909070 t1_jeaigf7 wrote

No one really does, but they have to go somewhere, and "where they came from" seems like a fair choice.


suckmaroot t1_jebat6g wrote

Bugger that, England can bleeding well have them.


Chard069 t1_jecpd1n wrote

They'll only pee on the relics at Stonehenge and elsewhere. No, send-em to Cuba for some nice warm times. Confessio: Me mate's family are Scots Irish, and persnickety.

Meanwhile, I recall an Irish-American guy saying he was 14 years old before he learned that FuckingEnglish wasn't one word. 8-)


IamtheWalrus53 t1_jec5xrr wrote

If they're anything like the English here in Québec, they will never leave because they are superior and have a god given right - no, obligation - to civilise the natives until they no longer exist as a distinct nation.