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jayfeather31 t1_iqys3m0 wrote

...seems a bit late for that, isn't it?


MefasmVIII t1_ir0wtpr wrote

Its literally just publicity stunt because elections are coming


Tophatt69 t1_ir0zm2v wrote

To see who you shouldnt vote for because they're down right stupid?


MefasmVIII t1_ir132yx wrote

TVPis, the state televsion surely spinned it so everyone above 50loves this shit and they probably promised them even more "social help" with that cash, which they wont get if they lose the vote because everyone else bad


ThePeteEvans t1_ir2k5wu wrote

Honestly not really, there are still living people who were there, millions of lives are still being affected everyday. I imagine if my grandparents were killed or taken away from their jobs during wartime my life today would be drastically different.


CaptainHindsight92 t1_iqzpc9f wrote

Every white guy is on ancestry.,com with their fingers crossed. Edit: This wasn't meant to be racist, I meant I was hoping for so e polish ancestry to get some sweet reparations money.


nikolasxino1 t1_ir046n1 wrote

what nonsense


coleslawww307 t1_ir0n54b wrote

I’m pretty sure that’s a line from an episode of Atlanta where black people are given reparations to be paid directly by the slave owners ancestors. They pull aside a white man and tell him to check his ancestry


[deleted] t1_iqyrr4q wrote



InSanic13 t1_iqys75k wrote

What's that? Nine trillion dollars now?


[deleted] t1_iqystj0 wrote



Gruuuf t1_iqzvuve wrote

whats up with americans and this stein nonsense. I never heard that word in germany. Its always bierkrug or mass. Yet for americans its always stein. And always as if thats the most common thing in germany Oo. So weired.


[deleted] t1_ir0qguv wrote

Do you get upset when someone calls soda coke?

Are you actually whining that people don’t use the same words you do sometimes?


mdk2004 t1_iqzjaws wrote

If we are wishing for things that will never happen... can I have a pony....


Jace_Te_Ace t1_iqzyjyq wrote

I don't know. Can you?

"Ask a silly question, get a silly answer." ~ My Mum.


LazyBird55_X t1_iqyv5s5 wrote

If they give them a cent of that, imagine the countries that'll also be queuing for those sweet, sweet deutschmarks


SehIchKreativAus t1_iqzh5cr wrote

Best part is, there is a contract that says Germany has to pay more or less nothing and in exchange Poland is going to get all of Prussia's territory. And Germany revokes his claims on that territories. So if Poland wants to withdraw from that contract and get paid, Germany should get back all of Prussia. But they always remain remarkable silent on that part.


LucyRiversinker t1_iqz5mde wrote

They should pay them in deutschmarks, for sure.


Moepsii t1_iqzsr91 wrote

Don't worry i got 100 of trillions of Deutschmark at home I'll pay the debt personally


siedenburg2 t1_ir0nwj7 wrote

no, deutsche mark still has somewhat of a value (c&a still accepts them as currency), germany should pay it in reichsmark, that's also more fitting for the current political orientation in poland.


LucyRiversinker t1_ir2hiz0 wrote

Or Weimar Republic bills/banknotes.


Alaishana t1_ir3fgli wrote

1.3 Trillion Reichsmark from the inflation period?

NO PROBLEMO, my bucko.

Let's make it a round ten then, shall we?


BRXF1 t1_iqzsiss wrote

They have been, because they're owed.

Of course Germany is never going to acknowledge those claims or pay up, everyone knows this so it's just political theatre.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir03ice wrote

Well, I guess Denmark, Sweden, Livona, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, et all should be queuing up to accept reparations from Poland then right?


Dealiner t1_ir08sb7 wrote

Well, at least with Sweden and Russia if there was any agreement about the reparations, both of them would have much, much more to pay Poland than Poland them.

I don't recall any conflict with Denmark that could result in reparations from Poland. Similarly with Estonia and Latvia. Livonia isn't even a country.


BRXF1 t1_ir03pjy wrote

Can't speak to those as I don't know their situation or history.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir043hd wrote

I mean, the internet exists. However, just from the context of the discussion one could easily surmise that Poland invaded and destroyed at least part of the aforementioned nations.


BRXF1 t1_ir05dct wrote

I am not going to go researching Polish history just because someone said "YEAH BUT POLISH HISTORY" in a comment of mine that was not referring to Polish history.

Thanks for the suggestion though, this internet thing looks pretty wild.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir05tgw wrote

Seems like you should do at least some cursory research into a nation's history before commenting on said nation's history because it makes you look either lazy or stupid, but what do I know?


BRXF1 t1_ir07lqq wrote

>commenting on said nation's history


> in a comment of mine that was not referring to Polish history.

>but what do I know?

I'm sure you know a lot of things and that's very impressive considering reading was not an option for you.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir080ig wrote

"They have been, because they're owed."

Is literally a comment about the history of the nations represented in this discussion. Poland is the main topic of this discussion.


BRXF1 t1_ir08aob wrote

OK I'm sure more qualified teachers have tried this before but here it goes:

>If they give them a cent of that, imagine the countries that'll also be queuing for those sweet, sweet deutschmarks

Can you identify who is "them" in this sentence?

Can you determine whether "them" is included in "the countries that'll also be queuing"?

>They have been, because they're owed.

Can you identify what they "have been" doing, in this reply to the first sentence?

Best of luck.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir090ps wrote

I see the miscommunication. I read: They [the Germans] have been [giving them cents], because they're [the Polish] owed.

Is this why some people are so upset by pronouns?


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir0931g wrote

I call taksie backsies on my snark towards you.


BRXF1 t1_ir09rlt wrote

I do as well, I apologize for my disparaging comments and I see how the miscommunication occurred.


>Is this why some people are so upset by pronouns?

10/10, no notes.


Traevia t1_ir0315o wrote

Treaties and agreements were signed post-WW2 to end the conflict and deal with the resulting debt at a national level.

Poland gave up the claims to compensation in exchange for parts of Prussia.

If Poland wants to back out, I am sure they can calculate the profits from this region and subtract that away from what they are owed to get the payments. That being said, Poland might end up owing Germany money at that point.


[deleted] t1_ir03iad wrote

These is just propaganda for internal use before upcoming elections. The target demographic group for the extreme right wing party are old people who still live on WWII stories told by their parents and family. Fostering anti-German sentiments is a big part of their propaganda. Most younger Poles don't take it seriously and are not happy about damaging relations with the neighbor. Unfortunately the opposition is split so the ruling party is the largest with less than 30 percent of the vote.

Poland got screwed with the deal during Yalta conference but it's done. The Soviet Union, the occupier back then, represented the interests of Poland in the conference.


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Morasain t1_iqzum6k wrote

Hey, we already have a far right political party gaining traction. Add massive payments like this to that, put in the right light by said party, and they'll pop off like crazy.


CanuckFack t1_iqyvck8 wrote

Just Germany? Shouldn't they be asking Russia for reparations too since the Soviets took the eastern part of Poland after the Nazis invaded from the west as agreed in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?


jagdpanzer45 t1_iqywvmt wrote

Business before pleasure. They’re planning on extracting compensation from Russia personally.


Eldorian91 t1_iqzh91r wrote

Germany can pay in euros. Russia pays the blood price.


jaskij t1_ir09o2p wrote

  1. Because of the 19th century occupation, eastern parts of Poland are very underdeveloped compared to western.
  2. Russia wouldn't even engage the talks.
  3. Our current government is very anti EU (though not to the point of leaving, because of the sweet, sweet euros), and anti Germany specifically
  4. It's a political play, most likely aimed at diverting public opinion, especially their own voters'. All the people in my circles are opposing current government and no one talks about it except for short criticism or acknowledging it as a diversion.

GetlostMaps t1_iqz3t5x wrote

Why aren't they marching south to take Belarus Ukraine back into Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?


nielskut t1_iqzuhw6 wrote

Also Germany paid reparations to the Soviet Union. Not Germany's fault that they pocketed the money instead of giving it to Poland


9405t4r t1_iqyvmv6 wrote

I thought Germany already paid to all suffering sides


Hydroquake_Vortex t1_iqz1n9e wrote

They gave Poland land. Poland declined monetary reparations in the 50s


DrFoetusLtd t1_iqzd64f wrote

It's my understanding Poland does this every now and then to gain political leverage. Kinda like how Turkey acts up in order to pressure NATO. They don't actually expect to get it


CutthroatGigarape t1_iqzhbxv wrote

Political leverage? By constantly looking like a crying kid throwing a fit? Everyone is pointing and laughing, at best.


MaxBandit t1_iqzmvzo wrote

In Poland, the right wing gets to do this, get denied, and point at Europe and say "See? They won't even compensate us for WW2! Fuck Europe, and vote for us again!". It's just the usual election cycle


j4ck_0f_bl4des t1_iqzxi35 wrote

Right wing is right wing. Doesn't matter which country they're all fucking idiots. I think the Native American tribal councils should demand about 10 trillion from Poland and every other country that has anyone living in North America. Each. Back rent.


krisdaschwab912 t1_iqzt47q wrote

Well, that's the Polish government in a nutshell, but unfortunately about 35% of the country still supports PiS so we're stuck with them for now.


Speciou5 t1_ir1bhi0 wrote

It stirs up nationalism, the feeling of being a victim, and selfishness. All things that'd bring out more right-wing voters.


smartcool t1_iqyv0zr wrote

See also: Trump demands Mexico pay for wall.


[deleted] t1_iqz1evx wrote



GetlostMaps t1_iqz4gyd wrote

Tariffs are paid by your own population. They're taxes.


[deleted] t1_iqz6w9w wrote



Traevia t1_ir03ebh wrote

Tell me you don't know how economies work without directly telling me.


[deleted] t1_iqzbz62 wrote



versebadger1 t1_ir041v0 wrote

Literally the opposite because they made domestic manufacturing more expensive because the tariffs were on steel and aluminum and other raw materials. Domestic manufacturing becomes more expensive.

Tariffs are taxes on business, paid to the government by American businesses; business does not give away free money, they charge customers more. Tariffs become taxes on goods for everyday people. Every American lost in trump's idiotic trade war. China's market went from 8.8 billion people to 8.6 billion people, china didn't suffer.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir03xn8 wrote

I mean, I am against globalization almost without exception, but this is a disingenuous argument at best. Sure it makes domestic manufacturing more competitive, but it also makes exporting goods far less competitive, as the targeted countries will respond in kind. So really not a great improvement.


mileswilliams t1_iqzjurh wrote

UK wants the same from the Romans.


max122345677 t1_iqzvqb5 wrote

Yeah UK now needs every money they cant get


mileswilliams t1_iqzvwka wrote

Yes they are only the 6th largest economy in the world, how will they cope?!?


max122345677 t1_iqzwvnc wrote

Yes and even the IWF is concerned about their tax politics. Lets see how long they are on place 6 still.


mrobot_ t1_ir13nfq wrote

We need to go back FURTHER! Vengeance for the unga-bungas!!


mileswilliams t1_ir13u84 wrote

I say we should retake Gunwanaland, just because the tectonic plates have shifted doesn't mean the land is someone else's! Thieving gits.


RadioFreeAmerika t1_iqzfrja wrote

It's quite easy Poland, you either get the land, or you get the money, not both.


ExoticMeatDealer t1_iqyvhm8 wrote

Uh, Poland, I’m thinking that Europe may just have to open a tab for the next few years and we can split the check then.


AegorBlake t1_iqzh01o wrote

...I hope Germany doesn't give in to this. I has been decades upon decades and now their saying this. It's not because of the war that they are wanting this issue. It's also not like Germany hasn't suffered and changed for that transgression. That in all respects was predicted by the USA would happen after WW1 because the allies desc8ded to destroy their economy which led to a fascist taking power.


DoBe21 t1_ir04xk5 wrote

I was coming in to say that Poland *might* want to check out a book on the history of Europe leading up to WWII and rethink the whole "destroy Germany economically" thing. It usually doesn't turn out well for them.


AlexxTM t1_iqzq4vr wrote

>..I hope Germany doesn't give in to this.

no way. Poland asks for reparations like once a year. Or at least as soon as they have somewhat bad polls for their PISS party. Here in Germany it barely makes the news. Maybe for a day or two.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_iqz1etx wrote

They couldn't wait a few more years with all of the shit that's going on already?


ppanlama t1_iqzuwu5 wrote

They only doing this because in Poland there soon will be next parliamentary elections. They are doing this just to make people vote for them (and it's not the first time). So yeah, they can't wait.


PsychologicalTear899 t1_iqzqh0i wrote

Trust me, we need the money. I know it's unfair since we got paid by land but I get why whoever demanded that wants the money. Because of the war hospitals and schools are overfilled and some people can't get proper Healthcare or education.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_iqzs7dm wrote

Think about what you are dealing with exactly. You have an unhinged, land grabbing, delusional, power tripping Russkie that wants to reunite the Russian empire to what it looked like under Katherine the Great. That would include you as well, won't it? Poland would be best to hold off until the Ukraine bullshit blows over. A strong ally would be of the greater importance at the moment. Shit may possibly get much worse. Not to mention your borders are also packed with those fleeing Russia now too. Watch for moles, they may try to Russianize areas and try that sovereign secession stunt they pulled in Ukraine.


PsychologicalTear899 t1_iqztgyw wrote

Yeah but like... That doesn't make it okay for people not to get Healthcare? It's sorta like America right now except instead of it being expensive, you have to pay by waiting, waiting months or years while your disease or illness or whatever progresses and there just isn't space for you. You cant just tell random innocent civilians to "hold off", everyone deserves basic education and healthcare. There needs to be more schools and hospitals, and for that you need money.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_iqzvpd0 wrote

We don't have money for that shit either. Medical in the US is mind boggling expensive and the waits get worse every year. The whole world is largely in the same boat. Excessive debt is crushing every nation under foot. Too many people for too finite resources. Add in a generation or 2 that you can't get to move out of the basement at 40, much less work, or if they do they all want to do is sit on their asses and be youtubers, not carpenters, plumbers, or medical personnel. It may be soup lines for all of us here soon.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir058qp wrote

There is more wealth than ever. It is simply that the rich are leaching everything.


ScarySkeleton24 t1_iqzk2qg wrote

While we are at it, how about France pays back 560 million to Haiti for that ridiculous indemnity they demanded after the Haitian revolution. The money they had to give France still has impacts on the Haitian economy


DennisHakkie t1_iqzklml wrote

This shit is every few years. Time to stop crying, if you ask me


00firefist00 t1_iqzmy23 wrote

If British paid reparations to all nations they colonized and tortured, they would go bankrupt.


The_Seeker2017 t1_iqzro6k wrote

Reminds of this Polish guy who wrote The Witcher books who, many years later after he was paid, demanded even more payment because he didn't think The Witcher was going to be a big hit. Is this just a Polish thing?


versebadger1 t1_ir04ulv wrote

And the US must give back all the mainland to First Nation tribes, and Hawaii back to Pacific Islanders.

France must give back its territory to the neanderthals, china renounces china so the Australopithecus descendents can have it back, and literally everybody in the world gives the 6 continents outside of Africa back to the Kenyans, because that's who got to everywhere else first.

The middle east especially must become a new Kenyan state and all the crazy religious people there must leave, it was Africans who were there first. All other are invaders, all of them.

Let's get right back to it in fact and work out which proto-mammal ancestors of the ape family evolved whereabouts on Pangea or Gondwanaland.

Territorys just can't be undone or given back because it simply becomes madness, Poland was "taken" by the current polish people from previous occupants like everywhere else, the Rus or Bulgars or Huns or Mongols could make the same claims against the theatrical tarts currently pretending this is real in Poland. Probably some extremist right-wing agitators sponsored by Russia to distract from the failing invasion of Ukraine.


VacuousWording t1_ir08540 wrote

Italy should also ask for war damages from Germany - after all, it kinda was the Germanic tribes that sacked Rome, right?

Russia could deman war damages from France - albeit they themselves burned Moscow when France invaded.


Flat-Scar-40462 t1_ir0dvsf wrote

Poland demands every now and then, especially before elections. It's hot air.


Cayfish t1_ir0jgfu wrote

Has Poland not learned from the Treaty of Versailles? Punishing Germany isn’t the best move, especially now since the last alive Nazis are about to die anyways. Germany has a new governance and its democratic.


aafenlared t1_ir0oe9o wrote

Chill Poland. Germany could use 1.3 trillion to occupy you again.


jimi15 t1_ir17f4t wrote

Note the Polish government tends to demand that now and then. Usually during election years.


NimrodvanHall t1_ir1fxo4 wrote

If I were Germany I’d place a counter demand for all the territory Germany lost to Poland after WWII and demand about 1.4 trillion in compensation for all the ethnic Germans that were cleansed from said territories. That cleansing might even be labelled as a genocide by some historians.


BlueJDMSW20 t1_iqzm0qt wrote

Just grab a continent destroying Q-Bomb and hold it hostage against a much more powerful country if they don't pay up.


Pyrollusion t1_iqzobr8 wrote

Again? Haven't they been making demands like this every other year?


parag0n101 t1_iqzrr96 wrote

This will be great for cross European relationships, just at the time when there is a war being conducted on European soil.


No_Match1529 t1_iqzs08l wrote

Ah poland the pathetic punching bag of the world


Flaky_Opportunity479 t1_ir01sts wrote

I think Poland has met their onus to establish that they have suffered a loss, it now moves to Germany to respond and do so with honesty and humility.


Lagiar t1_ir02a5d wrote

Again ? Didn't they do that before covid too ?


marsnz t1_ir0b7dz wrote

I guess the deal they signed after ww2 is over. Germany can pay reparations and Poland can give back all that land Germany handed over.


Countcristo42 t1_ir0c531 wrote

What's the value of the huge chunk of land Poland got at the end of the war do you think?


KeaboUltra t1_ir0gkmf wrote

The fuck is up with Poland right now.


[deleted] t1_ir0kz69 wrote



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karsh36 t1_ir0nyuj wrote

Odd move - the last time countries were demanding reparations from Germany an Austrian rose to power and invaded Poland


Oscar-Wilde-1854 t1_ir16m7g wrote

Wonder where Poland will land on reparations from Russia after their done getting their asses handed to them in Ukraine?


patman3030 t1_ir1bqm8 wrote

Sending Germany into massive debt over losing a war is why they became a problem in the first place. Not to mention that without Germany on their good side the only thing protecting them from getting buttfucked by Russia is whatever's going to be left of Ukraine in a decade.


xfuneralxthirstx t1_ir1cq3j wrote

My gran was Polish and was in a concentration camp during WW2. Can I get a cut?


Lokarin t1_ir1cu0b wrote

What's the statute of limitations on cultural annihilation? sweets profusely while looking at First Nations people


hiko7819 t1_ir1iqtk wrote

Germany: “Why you gotta bring up old shit?”


delirio91 t1_iqz2rrh wrote

Past the statute of limitations I believe.


Glittering_Brief8477 t1_iqzz3c5 wrote

There is no statue of limitations on war crimes.


delirio91 t1_ir05563 wrote

Tis a little joke. Just because of how long it's been.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir05ipx wrote

"In July 1610, the outnumbered Polish force comprising winged hussars defeated the Russians at the Battle of Klushino, which enabled the Poles to take and occupy Moscow for the next two years. The disgraced Vasili IV of Russia was transported in a cage to Warsaw where he paid a tribute to Sigismund; Vasili was later murdered in captivity."

Do you mean like this?


So_spoke_the_wizard t1_iqzgk7t wrote

"What, now? I thought we had put that put that behind us and were getting along fine."


Linavar t1_iqzh9mt wrote

Good take their frigging money


wecycleme t1_iqys36j wrote

What is the basis for saying that it is absurd? The dollar figure?


kevinds t1_iqyvozx wrote

>What is the basis for saying that it is absurd? The dollar figure?

That WWII was nearly 100 years ago.


wecycleme t1_iqyxiwk wrote

I genuinely don’t understand reparations, or if there are statues of limitations to them. Americans still talk about reparations for slavery. My understanding is that the reparations claims are that historical wrongs affect outcomes today. Poland only regained political autonomy in 1991, lost ~20% of its population about 6 million people during the war, was ruled by foreigners for 50 years, and had its development significantly slowed by a chain of events that started with the German invasion in 1939. I don’t know how I feel, nor do I understand where the $1.3T number came from. I’m just trying to understand why this allegedly sounds like an Onion article.


igetasticker t1_iqz298p wrote

Maybe because the current government of Germany isn't Nazi? If you moved into a house and 7 years later I sued you because the last tenant was an asshole, that wouldn't make much sense.


wecycleme t1_iqz2m6m wrote

Lol. I’m very old and often confused. Like right now, I’m not sure if you are trolling or very thick. That’s a complete non sequitur. If you killed someone when you were driving drunk, you wouldn’t just get out when you sobered up because you aren’t drunk anymore.


YakInner4303 t1_iqzc0w1 wrote

You've substituted punitive (prison) for compensatory(money), but I'll go with your analogy. It's like if I drunk drove and ran you over and I spent 20 years in prison for my actions and then 80 years later along comes your great grandson and tries to jail my granddaughter's cousin's wife for my actions.


wecycleme t1_ir2s5nf wrote

It's Germany though. The Nazis who did it are not being held personally responsible in the financial penalty. It is the country.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir05241 wrote

Well, Poland destroyed the Baltic kingdoms to the point where several no longer exist at the height of Polish power. Hmm... I calculate that debt to be $100 trillion. Pay up Poland.


eranamenom t1_ir0747i wrote

Do you even know what kingdom is? There has never been such thing as a "Baltic kingdoms" and the tribes who got eradicated from the world (Prussians and Yotvingians) were conquered by german Teutonic Knights! I will only briefly mention Polabians and Pomeranians slaughtered and germanised by other germanic duchies.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir08fzr wrote

In 1600, the Polish–Swedish War broke out, causing further devastation. The protracted war ended in 1629 with Sweden gaining Livonia, including the regions of Southern Estonia and Northern Latvia.[65] Danish Saaremaa was transferred to Sweden in 1645.[66] The wars had halved the population of Estonia from about 250–270,000 people in the mid 16th century to 115–120,000 in the 1630s.[


Wiley_Applebottom t1_ir08jqd wrote

Sounds pretty genocidal to me. They wiped out more than 8 independent polities and nearly half of the Baltic population in their bloodlust.


eranamenom t1_ir0d8oc wrote

Swedish - PLC war broke out after Sigismund III Vasa annexed Estonia (he was both Swedish and Polish King). Sieges and pillaging villages was part of every war back then and it was Sweden who invaded lol. They also spreaded conflict to lands that was belonging for centuries to PLC, Lithuania or theirs vassals. 20 years later Swedes invaded again and slaughtered 1/3 of entire population of the kingdom!