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LucyRiversinker t1_iqz5mde wrote

They should pay them in deutschmarks, for sure.


Moepsii t1_iqzsr91 wrote

Don't worry i got 100 of trillions of Deutschmark at home I'll pay the debt personally


siedenburg2 t1_ir0nwj7 wrote

no, deutsche mark still has somewhat of a value (c&a still accepts them as currency), germany should pay it in reichsmark, that's also more fitting for the current political orientation in poland.


LucyRiversinker t1_ir2hiz0 wrote

Or Weimar Republic bills/banknotes.


Alaishana t1_ir3fgli wrote

1.3 Trillion Reichsmark from the inflation period?

NO PROBLEMO, my bucko.

Let's make it a round ten then, shall we?