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Anastariana t1_iqz2cuk wrote

>"What he's telling everybody, I guess, is … if you're fixing up your house and you sell it, and you make any profit at all, that you should be taxed,"

Yes....taxes happen on PROFITS. That is how taxes work...


gatsu01 t1_ir1z1kv wrote

But taxes are for thee and not for me...


AurumArgenteus t1_ir2i23y wrote

"I wish to stay in the inn for the night." said the peasant.

After paying his five copper pieces for entry, the guard ushered him in. After some time a simple trader with a small cart approached.

"I wish to trade my wares before being on my way."

After giving the guards 20% of his merchandise, he was given a badge to prove he'd paid the toll and was sent on his way. It was a typical afternoon with a small line of people seeking entry when the merchant caravan approached.

The guards ordered everyone to clear the way and stood respectfully as more wealth rolled in than during the rest of the day combined. Because after all, they were the affiliated merchants and they paid no tolls here.


AurumArgenteus t1_ir2im4g wrote

And isn't it great that with the toll, the trader may never threaten their market prices nor reach their profit margins? So no matter how hard he toils or cleverly he trades, he will never become an affiliated merchant through honest means. But if he can somehow bridge that gap, then he will never have to worry about upstarts threatening his business.

I wonder why corporate executives are sociopathic in far larger proportions than the overall population 🤔


Gebling65 t1_ir3kavc wrote

Taxation is theft


Anastariana t1_ir3qaqe wrote

Go live in a country without any taxes and let us know how it goes.

I hear Afghanistan is nice this time of year.


Gebling65 t1_ir3qfd8 wrote

The Taliban government taxes everyone and everything.


Anastariana t1_ir3qmru wrote

No they don't, they just rock up with guns and demand you give them stuff. If you have bigger guns, you don't pay them anything.

A libertarian's dream!


Gebling65 t1_ir4285g wrote

You just described why taxation is theft. Thank you.


Anastariana t1_ir4adbu wrote

That's not taxation you buffoon, that's called extortion.

You: tAxAtIoN iS tHeFt!!!111 Imma move somewhere with no taxes!!!!

Later: OMG why is the road full of potholes?? Why does my water have lead in it?? Why is the air full of pollution?? Why did I get food poisoning?????? Where are all the people who's job it is to prevent this!!!!??????


Gebling65 t1_irpgxxs wrote

How is taxation not extortion? What happens if you choose to not pay? The very definition of theft by extortion.


Anastariana t1_irpkxs4 wrote

Taxation is the social contract you engage in by living in a country. You don't get to live in a country and then not pay for its upkeep and defence. Only freeloading assholes would come to that conclusion.

Don't want to pay taxes? Fine, go and live in the woods. See how long you last.

You want to live in civilised society? Then pay your fucking share and stop being an entitled prick about it.


Gebling65 t1_irpmez9 wrote

Then pay for it voluntarily out of your pocket without committing extortion. The "social contract" is fiction.


Anastariana t1_irpnjpf wrote

>Then pay for it voluntarily

No, that's not how it works. Because then nobody would pay for things and anarchy descends. Greedy freeloaders like you romanticise that kind of thing because you've never gone a day in your life without clean water, food and toilet paper, but think you be a "rUgGeD sUrViOuR" whereas in reality you'd be dead within a week or two.

I don't have any kids, but I'm fine with my taxes funding schools because I don't want to live in a society of stupid, uneducated people. Sane people recognise this kind of thing, but go ahead and set up a political party based on zero taxes and see how many people vote for you. Many have tried and gotten nowhere; the free market has spoken.


Gebling65 t1_irpnvua wrote

I'm fine with paying for tuition for my own children to attend the school of my choice. I do not need to threaten my neighbors to pay for my children's schooling in a government education center. If you don't pay your own way and need to extort money from innocent victims, you are the greedy deadbeat criminal. Calling yourself a "government" doesn't make you any less of a criminal enterprise.


Anastariana t1_irpoqx1 wrote

Thats a lot of words for 'I'm a pseudointellectual moocher."

Good news is: you can't do shit about it. Enjoy your taxes.


Gebling65 t1_irpowjq wrote

Because your side has the guns. That is theft at gunpoint. Admit what you are, criminal.


Anastariana t1_irpppqu wrote

Nope, you're the criminal by wanting to take what isn't yours because you've not paid for it: a functioning society, safety net, military, education and medical system.

The guns are there to make sure you don't steal them. Like I've said, go walk the walk and see how long you last. You won't, because you know full well you'd suck at it.


Gebling65 t1_irpqlp1 wrote

I'm willing to bet you anything that I can live off grid far longer than you. 🤣🤣🤣


Anastariana t1_irpw5ff wrote

Geoff, we both know your pasty white ass would be lucky to survive 3 nights.


Gebling65 t1_irpytou wrote

You are speaking to a Colombian. You are a pirate and a jackass.


Anastariana t1_irq1clx wrote

I guess you have trouble with such a blue state as California though. Must be hard for you to not count at all. How about Tampa? Nice and red!....and underwater.


Gebling65 t1_irq252p wrote

You are a fascist bootlicker who loves stealing money from innocent victims so it can be used to lock brown people in cells for victimless "crimes." What flavor of boot polish is your favorite, or do you love them all equally?


Anastariana t1_irq2poj wrote

Hehe, the far-right, balding guy is accusing someone else of being a fascist, betraying the complete lack of knowledge about the term. I'm not surprised, armchair libertarians usually don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Go to bed, Geoffrey. You've got work tomorrow. Y'know, that place you go to you can pay your taxes. *guffaw*


Gebling65 t1_irq38gp wrote

"Far right?" Isn't that one of your favorite 2 flavors of boot? Statists gotta state. BTW, Tampa is not under water. You are misinformed across a wide spectrum of topics. Is it difficult being wilfully ignorant? I don't care if you are a Communist or a Maga hat, you are a statist worshipper of force to get what you want for yourself. Goodnight to you, thief.


galeej t1_iqyxcu3 wrote

For a couple of seconds i thought Canada wanted to put a tax on people for showing the middle finger.


Biannea t1_iqz1m87 wrote

Wow, that's not actually a satirical headline.


thefifeman t1_ir08bih wrote

Funny how is hard to tell the difference nowadays...


mmrrbbee t1_iqzelkv wrote

Last year they slap on a coat of paint and tack on 200% now they do nothing and tack on 300%. Fuck them


Hari___Seldon t1_iqz6gpe wrote

Two things happen with this proposal. First, this will dissuade many of the smallest, least prepared from attempting to flip properties. Overall, that's probably a good thing. Many of those (at least here in the US) are often in over their heads. They either end up in financial trouble beyond their means or their "improvement work" on the properties is substandard or even dangerous in some cases.

Secondly, this sort of change may lead to consolidation of properties into the hands of fewer, larger property companies who are more financially stable. That sort of consolidation (again, in the US) has led to situations where flippers/rehabbers/remodelers sit on properties longer and end up artificially inflating already elevated prices for properties. This seems to happen most noticably when one or two larger companies begin working through many properties in a neighborhood.

Overall, the intent behind the bill isn't a bad thing. I just hope they learn from their neighbors to the south and are prepared to counter some of the pitfalls that may come along in practice.


zachem62 t1_iqzfv58 wrote

This proposal is primarily targeted at Vancouver and its surrounding regions, which have one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the world. Imagine a scenario where you have Mississippi wages with San Francisco real estate prices. That's the situation Vancouver has been in for a while now. The speculation is so out of control that a lot of investors don't even have to renovate and can still turn a big profit by flipping a property in less than 2 years. And those who do renovations or tear-down for new construction reap profits that are substantially higher than that, to the point where real estate transactions are now the primary component of GDP. This insanity has been going on for a while in Vancouver and this is the first time there's been a proposal to tackle the issue head-on.


Sharkbits t1_iqznfh0 wrote

Yeah, living here kinda sucks. I’m only in university, and I realise that in all likelihood, I will never own a house here, or hell, even own an apartment. It’s kinda depressing that if I ever really want to strike out on my own it will mean abandoning the city I grew ip in.


zachem62 t1_iqzqozr wrote

If the status quo continues, you're right. But this, among other proposals that David Eby has included in his housing policy are a big step in the right direction, even though they don't go far enough IMO.

But the biggest impediment here are the city councils that decide the zoning. The current system is made to restrict supply to artificially inflate the price of houses to benefit investors and existing homeowners. The only way to change this is to make sure you vote in the upcoming municipal elections for candidates that support making housing affordable.


ash_274 t1_ir0fjuk wrote

I bought my first home because of that sort of person.

They bought at the highs of 2007, demo’ed, finished the kitchen but then 2008 happened and they ran out of money and out of marriage and sold it (in an uninhabitable state) to my wife and I. We finished it and lived there for years before buying a bigger home and now rent it out


Hari___Seldon t1_ir0wm3c wrote

I'm always happy to hear when good outcomes come from bad situations like that. I ended up taking over several rehabs in the 90s for friends who got in over their heads thanks to late night infomercials promising then untold riches from flipping. Hopefully your new home has been as welcoming as your first!


ash_274 t1_ir0y33h wrote

It was a short-sale hell and the contractor that finished the work could give Satan some tips, but it worked out in the end, and the lower cost to buy means that I can offer lower rent than market


wag3slav3 t1_ir10axe wrote

Must feel good to be able to force some other family to pay you to live in their own house and let you build equity while they get nothing because housing has become an investment vehicle.


ash_274 t1_ir1o7wt wrote

It would be an investment vehicle if I bought it to rent out. I bought it for my wife and me. I kept it for my daughter to live in some day. My tenant, who had shot credit from a divorce and was self-employed needed a place to live. Should he have to go to government housing? Would they have let his rent slide to over $18k behind when Covid hit and he lost his clients and couldn’t pay for months? I carried him and accepted the 20% cut from the eventual reimbursement

But yeah, I’m the bad guy


booch t1_ir9pcbk wrote

I have had several landlords over the years and the majority of them have been absolutely wonderful. I am grateful to them for taking on the risk, responsibility, and commitment that was not appropriate for me at the time. I know reddit hates landlords, but they serve a valuable role imo.


swisscriss t1_iqzad7n wrote

Luckily for me I'm legally classified as a small island near Barbados


dvdmaven t1_ir2785h wrote

I wouldn't mind seeing this in the US. When we put our previous house on the market the first five people that looked at it were flippers. Since I had spent a decade repairing and upgrading the place, the only thing they could have done was "update" the kitchen. Which is large and would have cost a small fortune. Ultimately, it sold to two nurses who had been traveling and doing temp work, but decided it was time to settle down and have some kids.


peensteen t1_ir2oz7r wrote

Good. People need to stop selling to those asshole Chinese multinational rent-rapists hell-bent on making every house into a rental.


bdc604 t1_iqz7pjr wrote

way to represent the ppl idiot


versebadger1 t1_ir2jdlk wrote

Imagine making money from society and having to give a bit back after your allowance of pure profit is fully used, gosh the scandal, won't somebody think of the wealthy people etc.


peensteen t1_ir2obmc wrote

Dude. That DIDN'T just say Dawson Creek. Has The Beek been notified about this asshole?


wholewheatscythe t1_ir8vjmi wrote

Now this is a headline that looks like it was written by the Onion! Have my upvote submitter.