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Dicios t1_irb3qt0 wrote

Actually interesting what would happen.

Sellers would secretly hike prices? As in cut the portions or add other hidden fees?

Like are the medium/small companies going to go bust due to not being able to make a profit? Has this been done before?

Seems like a fun experiment I wish no country did in practice.


kreankorm t1_irb8asc wrote

Venezuela tried it.

To say it went poorly would be an understatement. I recommend jumping down that research rabbit hole if this is a topic that interests you.


Newish_Username t1_irbfqje wrote

If I recall correctly, it ended up people eating ZOO animals, and WoW currency become more lucrative to farm, than actually work for Venezuelan currency.


This4ChanHacker t1_irc1naz wrote

There's still hordes of Venezuelan bot farms on Runescape.


Newish_Username t1_ircy5oj wrote

That is sad, and hilarious. But I'm glad that Venezuela did what it did, to show the world what happens when you go full state-sponsored socialism and business takeover.

Zoo animals, Frank. They ate the Zoo animals!


BraethanMusic t1_irdeocm wrote

What happened in Venezuela had very little to do with the socialist nature of their economy and much more to do with extremely poor economic decisions by those in power.


altrussia t1_ireh0m4 wrote

It's like those people making poor decision don't learn from people making the exact same poor decisions thinking it will work for them when it didn't work for those..


Newish_Username t1_ireib6f wrote



BraethanMusic t1_irepbau wrote

What about them?


Newish_Username t1_irersip wrote

They ate them. The arguments in favor of socialism are therefore invalid.

People are dense on these forums, I tell you.


BraethanMusic t1_irf1gks wrote

The irony of calling others "dense" while simultaneously misunderstanding the point of my comment is fucking top-tier. You are awful at forming strawman arguments.


Newish_Username t1_irf7cbk wrote

Just because I disagree doesn't mean I misunderstood. When you're older and wiser, you'll understand that.


BraethanMusic t1_irf7x36 wrote

Imagine disagreeing with a point that you very clearly did not understand. My point wasn't "socialism good", it was the indisputable fact that Venezuela's situation was caused by massive political mismanagement. It had nothing to do with their system of governance. Put the same people in the same positions in a capitalist or any other variation economy, and the same things happen. By the way, animals being eaten because of the crisis caused by said mismanagement is by far the most absolutely asinine argument you could possibly try to use against socialism, regardless if "socialism good" is my stance or not.

Maybe you'll understand that when you stop correlating age with comparative political and economic understanding.


versebadger1 t1_ire3339 wrote

The ideals of socialism are the opposite of the ideals of business, they're diametrically opposed, even. If Venezuela's industries had been owned by the public and benefits shared a la socialism they wouldn't have had any of the internal problems at all, they would have had a ton of external ones later, but they could easily have fed and kept safe their population, if it had been truly socialist.

It was the lack of money and assets for the people and the hoarding of them by private individuals that caused that part of their whole mess, not the concept of sharing and public ownership. Plenty more as well obvs, but the wealth was never spread out to actual venezuelans en masse.


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ddejong42 t1_irbkxko wrote

The legal market says "fuck this, I'm not selling rice for half of what it costs me to buy it". There is no longer any rice on the shelves. But the guy selling rice out of the back of a van for 5 times the legally allowed price (that some store probably reported as "stolen" and wrote it off) has some.


Trickity t1_irb937w wrote

People stop selling. People stop working. People stop buying.


P0L1Z1STENS0HN t1_irbumc6 wrote

People stop eating.

Are caskets affected by the price hike ban?


ash_274 t1_irbvrsn wrote

No need for caskets when you get hungry enough to look for "alternative" meat


mmrrbbee t1_ird2b14 wrote

Save some spices, because this holiday we’re making cured ham!


Round_Ad8947 t1_irek263 wrote

Like the mathematician’s bird: Polly no meal. Polly gone.


Hadren-Blackwater t1_irbv4ny wrote

>Seems like a fun experiment I wish no country did in practice.

Google the soviet union.


mmrrbbee t1_ird3k7v wrote

The ussr did have beer along side soda fountains in arcades. Doesn’t quite make up for the death sentence gulags.


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mmrrbbee t1_ird2h6e wrote

Sri Lanka got screwed by the top making them go organic because the leaders stole all their money and couldn’t afford fertilizer and tried to cover it up with spin.


hesh582 t1_ireobe9 wrote

Maybe it was interesting at one point, but this has been tried so many goddamn times and we know what happens.

It works a bit, at first. Then the local real economy becomes more and more black market, while the "official" economy grows more and more fucked.

Eventually, if it's taken far enough everything dependent on imports breaks down. Which, today, generally means "everything".


Forever_Ambergris t1_irc5mgk wrote

Belarus has already done this at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Not sure what the end result was economy-wise, but people stoped buying as much and small business owners definetely weren't happy


supershotmd t1_irf5ezm wrote

In Venezuela what happened is that people started to only accept bartering. Nobody accepted currency anymore. You want a loaf of bread? Well what do you have to trade for it (because I sure as shit aren't giving it to you for the official government price).