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Infernalism t1_irjlwpv wrote


That's so perfect, considering the background on the jackasses doing this scam.


TBSchemer t1_irkmchb wrote

I had to close like 5 different pop ups and overlays before finally giving up on trying to read this article.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_is51dv1 wrote

Some of these things go from risky clicks to catfishing. “Hey, this content is free so we’ll play this game of tricked your click and see if you don’t accidentally install an app that says it will solve your malware problem and of course install malware— but that’s free as well.”


Teddy642 t1_is1xaz6 wrote

Where is David Letterman's "Will it Float"


Standgeblasen t1_isi549d wrote

Will it Boat? Rhett and Link say “no floats with house boats, and that totes-mcgotes sinks our hopes for future nautical coats!”


Fake_William_Shatner t1_is51168 wrote

“Other than the ; not stable on water part, pretty awesome, right? Hey — where is everyone going?”


Standgeblasen t1_isi4ebx wrote

Who can spend minimum $300k on a home, that I assume is uninsurable, to spend restless nights wondering if you will wake up swimming?