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monkeyhind t1_is24zx6 wrote

"Shawn Carney, the CEO of the 40 Days for Life campaign – which coordinates 40-day, non-stop prayer vigils outside abortion facilities across the globe – ... "

Where's a good lightning storm when you need it?


RSwordsman t1_is26m6n wrote

Or just someone to say "Hey if you're praying and nothing bad happened to abortion facilities, either you're not praying well enough or God has made his ruling."


[deleted] t1_is2gpmz wrote



RSwordsman t1_is2hccv wrote

It would be ridiculous to suggest that any amount of people praying will take the wind out of Putin's sails faster, but one thing's for sure, I wouldn't want to be him already.


MonkeyDKev t1_is338u0 wrote

Pretty sure they’re saying their version of god isn’t listening or there’s nobody on the receiving end.


Malachorn t1_is3btog wrote

I believe the poster you are responding to would in fact say thoughts and prayers are always the same amount of ineffective, whatever example you wanna run with.


BlueRajasmyk2 t1_is3ezyv wrote

I don't even understand what point you think you're making


sneakyplanner t1_is3gob5 wrote

There is no line, it's clear that a god that hates Putin and would intervene to keep him out of power doesn't exist.


awesomesauce1030 t1_is5dkck wrote

What an insane thing to respond with. What are you even trying to say? Are you having a stroke?


AlexRenquist t1_is1x3ku wrote

“It is easier to do a 40 Days for Life in China and work with the Chinese government than it is the Government of Scotland"

Go there then, you mad fuck. Scotland doesnae have time for your pish. Cannae imagine China wants you either, though.


RRC_driver t1_is26wrw wrote

China, famous for its strict one-child policy, is now pro--life?


soldforaspaceship t1_is2jt9q wrote

China no longer has a one child policy. It's now two (or three in some cases). They are starting to look at abortion rights too now that they need more children. Worrying for the women there as abortion has always been very available and sex Ed isn't comprehensive.


i_love_dragon_dick t1_is3300f wrote

Yeah, the policy finally caught up to them. Since parents were getting rid of their first-born girls there's a mass swath of men without partners (so that fuels a huge sex slave trade) :(


will221996 t1_is3ucis wrote

Okay, hold up, let's stop spreading disinformation here.

>policy finally caught up to them

The generation where the gap was the largest, after the introduction of the one child policy(50ish years ago) and before massive rapid orderly urbanisation which decreased the relative economic advantage of having boys(30ish years ago), has already "passed". You do not see sex number gaps in Chinese cities anymore than you see them in western european cities. Where the gap is present is in impoverished rural areas, but even then the bulk of that has "passed"; especially in those areas, the expectation is marriage at 25ish for men, men who are now 40ish.

>so that fuels a huge sex slave trade

China does not have a huge sex slavery problem. According to the walk free foundation, focused on modern slavery, less than 0.1 percent of the Chinese population is enslaved. That number is comparable to or better than Eastern European EU members, who generally are the best of the middle income developing countries in most things human rights. Compared to other developing middle income countries, China is actually very good at combating modern day slavery.

What China does have is a prostitution "problem". Prostitution is illegal in China, but tolerated. That system means that sex workers don't have the legal protections they should have. That is a million miles away from the situation you suggest is present.


SkivvySkidmarks t1_is43zbq wrote

Friends were in Beijing just prior to the pandemic. They were surprised by the number of flyers slipped under their hotel room door for various "services".


will221996 t1_is459jt wrote

Everyone has seen those flyers. Prostitution is very prevalent, but it's not "huge sex slavery".

There are "China experts" everywhere you look. The qualification required to be one on Reddit or in a social circle is very low.


soldforaspaceship t1_is3a2ot wrote

Yeah. I lived there for over a decade. Was interesting seeing the shift.


Girugamesshu t1_is2duks wrote

To some extent unironically yes, ironically.

(It's not like they've actually gone anti-abortion, but they did realize that the policy was too successful and that their society, like ours, is basically based on a generational pyramid scheme, and have been trying to encourage there being a few more children these days.)


SitInCorner_Yo2 t1_is37axx wrote

Actually,because they fucked up their population structure so badly from one-child policy ,now they are pushing for people to have 2or 3 children,even block divorce in some of most outrageous cases,like husband literally went to kill domestic violence victims (mother and child) after judge rule they need to “calm down and think of the children “.

They don’t give a shit about life,human population are livestock to that gov.


Nivekian13 t1_is3rjc6 wrote

You folks need to be specific WHY China has a sudden Population stagnation.


They kept the male babies. Now they'll have no women to couple with.


SitInCorner_Yo2 t1_is3sjxv wrote

They keep male baby and kill/throw away so many girls to a absurd extent that some of these baby girl who survive and got adopted by foreigner became fucking Olympic medal winner , Statistically this sounds ridiculous and insane ,but also knowing these girls will never get a chance like that in life if their family keeps them ,they probably won’t even have a basic education (family will forced daughter to get married or work early to earn money to support her brother).

If we’re going to dig deeper about all these,this will be a very depressing story and it will takes years to cover the basic,last generation only keeping boy also created a huge human trafficking problem too.


Nivekian13 t1_is3taw5 wrote

Yup, generations of women that China will never have. All those adopted to foreign countries, are citizens of those countries now, no roots to China.


Their loss, they were warned. Decades ago when they started this.


lygerzero0zero t1_is4qu1p wrote

“Their loss” meaning whose? The average people who just wanted to have a family, or the authoritarian government that forced such a ridiculous policy on them?


Nivekian13 t1_is5a731 wrote

The people that didn’t rise up 30 years ago and make sure their government heard them loud and clear. This is what happens when you have decades of submission to bad public policy. It literally destroys the country, and leads to things like human trafficking/ sex slavery of women from other countries to “fill the gap”


lygerzero0zero t1_is5d3aq wrote

Oh so it’s that easy then? You wanna say that about every oppressive regime in history? It’s the people’s fault, they should have just risen up?

Good luck with that line of logic.


Nivekian13 t1_is5ddco wrote

Yeah it is that easy, especially when the population dwarfs any military response they can come up with. People have said this about China for decades it’s a Sleeping Giant as long as the people do not rise against the government. The day that happens it will be fast, and the world will be knocked off its feet that China finally collected itself to expel failed leaders.


lygerzero0zero t1_is5do4m wrote

So Putin is the Russian people’s fault, you’re saying. Blame the Italians for not ousting Mussolini. Okay got it.


Nivekian13 t1_is5ec13 wrote

Also you may want to read up on what happened to Mussolini, and your attempt to mock me mentioning his name. Especially given what happened to him and how he ended up dead, laying in a ditch, smelling like piss from passers by.


Nivekian13 t1_is5e4xy wrote

You are almost there, keep thinking this through, eventually you will get it. Welcome to the world of Geo politics, where bad leaders can’t lead a country they cannot control.


Wiley_Applebottom t1_is529mo wrote

I mean, not instituting reasonable population controls is going to be all of our loss.


Nivekian13 t1_is5b4ax wrote

Not if it’s bad policy like with China instituted with this one child policy. We are talking decades of damage to their culture and population, because some communist party Chump decided that this would make things more efficient and give them more men for an army. It’s like they have an army with a lot of people at it, but what are they trained for? China would find out power numbers doesn’t mean squat if most of them are scared to death to fire a rifle at somebody. Russia is learning that now with their “alpha male” conscripts who drive tanks over obvious mines.


Mouthtuom t1_is1ypjn wrote

The American fascists want to spread their disease.


Frogman1480 t1_is1qn2t wrote

Dude is a fruitcake


SelectiveSanity t1_is24iby wrote

I mean he is an outspoken conservative. If he attacks the LGBTQ community it pretty much confirms it.


Schneetmacher t1_is2kezy wrote

I think OP meant r/religiousfruitcake, which is a bit of a different animal. But you could be right.


CoolmanWilkins t1_is26y2o wrote

Ah yes the Chinese government that has carried out forcible abortions in the past. The government definitely respects "life" over there.

Funny thing is, the American version of "freedom" he is talking about does translate well in some ways to the Chinese government. It is why Chinese prison administrators come to the US to learn from the likes Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This dark side of "freedom" to ignore people's right to be protected for who they are has always been here in America.


sp8yboy t1_is3z4gs wrote

China still forciily sterlises its population: millions of muslim women.


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_is1yq5r wrote

If humans were a bunch of antelope on the plains, these are the ones slowing down the herd you would let the lions eat.

But no, apparently every human is special and we protect these idiots, letting them fester in our midst like cancer.


Fr33_Lax t1_is2pmw6 wrote

Worse, they would walk up to the lions and ask if they could hang out.


walkerintheworld t1_is24ekb wrote

I don't think you can take the moral high grounds while endorsing eugenics.


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_is25pvs wrote

Tell that to the millions of lives that have been harmed by right wing religious nutcases.


walkerintheworld t1_is33roy wrote

This Social Darwinist reasoning and dehumanizing language you're espousing has killed millions of people and hurt millions more besides. Two wrongs don't make a right. You can't claim to love individual rights/freedoms while lamenting that we can't purge undesirable people like they are a disease. I don't know what that is but it's not pro-choice.


DamnBunny t1_is2294r wrote

O uO Helmet Laws, Seatbelt Laws, Warning: Harmful if swallowed, CAUTION WET FLOOR, BIOHAZARD MATERIAL, KEEP OUT. too many things protect stupid.


RRC_driver t1_is26ohd wrote

Freedom of speech. Seems to think that the US Constitution applies to everywhere in the world.


saintbad t1_is2fs6b wrote

Why the fuck does he care about the pregnancies of women he does not know and will never meet? How could it possibly be LESS his business?


EdgeOfWetness t1_is1yoh1 wrote

It's none of his fucking business what she thinks. She doesn't represent him, both regionally or in any meaningful way


CaIamitea t1_is3g06w wrote

"We may take high-risk-pregnancy women's lives, but we'll also take... their FREEDOM!!"


Viper67857 t1_is46fu1 wrote

>It comes as Green MSP Gillian Mackay prepares to introduce legislation to the Scottish Parliament that would impose 150-metre safe access zones around health facilities that provide abortion or give other sexual health and care advice.

>These zones would put an end to the protests that regularly occur directly outside of healthcare facilities in Scotland, which campaigners say cause intimidation and distress to those receiving care.

I wish we had leadership like that in the US

>He went on: “They’re supposed to be doing their job and instead they’re so blinded by their bigotry they’re targeting those they don’t agree with.”

Take a look in the mirror, asshole.


ICLazeru t1_is32ngt wrote

So he wants to quote a movie about freedom, in a bid to restrict freedom.



Fake_William_Shatner t1_is1y6dx wrote

Those of us who believe women should control their own bodies just don't have the most colorful characters.

You can tell they've got ALL the sanity on their side of the discussion, right?



DamnBunny t1_is21x75 wrote

Don't remember any quote starting with, "I hate women and ending the sentence with Sugar Tits."


pandybong t1_is2rz77 wrote

For all the hate Mel gets, “sugar tits” is the stuff of legends.


DamnBunny t1_is4p3yd wrote

I ain't gonna lie, that was pretty funny that he said it to a cop. Everything after that, Not so good. Hard to forget a statement like that and causes another problem in his life.

Its sorta like the analogy or something close to it about a Troll who wanted to be human, so he stole some clothes and helped the village build their town, and when he was elected Mayor, and wanted to finally hear him speak, They found out he was a troll. Moral of the story is "keep your mouth shut and no one has to know how dumb you really sound." Sorta like Herschel Walker.


Fabulous_Ad5052 t1_is2raft wrote

What an embarrassment. Will y’all keep him? Please?


TheGrayBox t1_is3sa77 wrote

Wait until someone tells this guy about the one child policy.


Majestic_Electric t1_is3seb3 wrote

Would be nice if the U.S adopted what Scotland plans to do.


ResettisReplicas t1_is43djg wrote

Anti choicer doesn’t know shit, sounds about right.


danimal6000 t1_is2mxii wrote

Braveheart is on Hbo right now. Probably just watched it.


Rosebunse t1_is2s24i wrote

What drugs are these people on?


Naughtai t1_is2wjk7 wrote

This isn't oniony


hitemlow t1_is5kbk1 wrote

It also isn't the title of the article.


Khemith t1_is2xwd2 wrote

These idiots hate "hollyweird" but all of their culture and reality come from movies and TV shows.


OlFrosty t1_is3gov6 wrote

God dammit Mel Gibson, whyd you have to make that bloody movie.


Queen_Cheetah t1_is3n8zy wrote

"Aye. Your women will be forced to give birth, and they may die. A bun in the oven, unwanted... but it'll least a while. And crying in their beds, many years from now, those abused and unsought children bore of your foolishness will pray for once chance- just one chance- to come back here and tell you dumb*sses that you may have given them their lives, but you'll never give them freedom... from abuse!!!"


Nivekian13 t1_is3r9wh wrote

Quoting a notoriously inaccurate historical drama.


BillyQz t1_is3x1qn wrote

Gather the clans we have a new leader :)


Material-Committee40 t1_is1rcb2 wrote

Scotland is not a real country


DamnBunny t1_is22i2n wrote

And I thought I repulse people with that kind of statement. Wow. Would you also like to sponsor CLONE HITLER Fundmepage? If you act now, you can get 10% off your gas bill :3


TheGrayBox t1_is3t9z3 wrote

Calm down. Scotland is a country but not a sovereign one. OP’s comment was ignorant but also not entirely off-base as a response to this guy’s rant. The UK historically has overridden abortion policy in the constituent countries despite devolution, such as in Northern Ireland. Many of his complaints apply to all of the UK, not just Scotland.


AnAquaticOwl t1_is28muv wrote

While it's definitely a non sequitur, I think their point is that Scotland isn't a country as per the UN. It's a part of the United Kingdom.


Doodle_Brush t1_is2i1rv wrote

The UK is a "Country" made up of four seperate countries.

Sincerely, A Scotsman.


brendonmilligan t1_is2nsl3 wrote

No. It’s a country made up of four separate “countries”.

Sincerely a Briton.

A country isn’t a country if it’s government isn’t sovereign. The Scottish government and others are not sovereign as the U.K. government is above them hence why the U.K. is a country and Scotland, England, wales and Northern Ireland arent.


grammarpolice__ t1_is2w3r5 wrote

A country is a country if its government isn’t sovereign, next time, fact check before making your fucking stupid claims


brendonmilligan t1_is2wfwy wrote

Cool, what country has a government that isn’t sovereign?


grammarpolice__ t1_is2wplg wrote

Literally the 4 countries in the UK


brendonmilligan t1_is2x7yq wrote

Cool, except they aren’t by the very definition of country.

Is California a country? They also have a “devolved” government, including their own judicial system, this also expands to include every other US state, it also includes Germany who also have devolved governments, it also includes Italy and it includes Netherlands who like the U.K. also have “constituent countries”.