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Doodle_Brush t1_is2i1rv wrote

The UK is a "Country" made up of four seperate countries.

Sincerely, A Scotsman.


brendonmilligan t1_is2nsl3 wrote

No. It’s a country made up of four separate “countries”.

Sincerely a Briton.

A country isn’t a country if it’s government isn’t sovereign. The Scottish government and others are not sovereign as the U.K. government is above them hence why the U.K. is a country and Scotland, England, wales and Northern Ireland arent.


grammarpolice__ t1_is2w3r5 wrote

A country is a country if its government isn’t sovereign, next time, fact check before making your fucking stupid claims


brendonmilligan t1_is2wfwy wrote

Cool, what country has a government that isn’t sovereign?


grammarpolice__ t1_is2wplg wrote

Literally the 4 countries in the UK


brendonmilligan t1_is2x7yq wrote

Cool, except they aren’t by the very definition of country.

Is California a country? They also have a “devolved” government, including their own judicial system, this also expands to include every other US state, it also includes Germany who also have devolved governments, it also includes Italy and it includes Netherlands who like the U.K. also have “constituent countries”.