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Arthur__Dunger t1_is9xmqs wrote

Man, that really is too much…


MillerLitesaber t1_isa5354 wrote

A bit of spark can start a prairie fire


Dull_Wasabi_5610 t1_isa8un2 wrote

R/sino doesn't believe so.


HazardIsFunny t1_isf7a2k wrote

That place is intense. The only entertaining part is when two shills start trying to out do each other.


[deleted] t1_isab0g7 wrote

Protest? In China?


Warpzit t1_isdy8a7 wrote

Locked of until starvation and bank and savings collapse.


provocative_bear t1_isacpj1 wrote

Bunch of hysterical b****** censoring the word B******.


RobotPirateMoses t1_isaiyrz wrote

>Teng Biao, a New Jersey-based Chinese lawyer and human-rights activist, called the protest an act of “extreme bravery.” 

Today, in news that are definitely 100% true.

Gotta love an article with no sources, no named author, that asks a person in New Jersey for comment about something that supposedly happened in mainland China and ends in "(Bloomberg)" (which I assume is the actual "source" of this "news").


hiimsubclavian t1_isbptw1 wrote

The article showed the actual picture. Unless you're suggesting the whole thing was staged somewhere outside of China (the location match images I found on google map), there's no reason to be cynical.


NessaMagick t1_iscabxc wrote


InEnduringGrowStrong t1_iscd5nr wrote

Wow, that's... quite a bunch of deleted, super aggressive comments that are all shilling extra hard for the CCP.
They must be going for employee of the month or something.
Looks exhausting.


NessaMagick t1_isfsyaw wrote

I'm not even on the China hate train like a lot of people - and heck, I'd even agree that there are a lot of claims made about China that are just bullshit that people believe out of blind spite.

But this? This fervent defense of everything that country does, no matter how fucking awful? I hope he is getting something out of it...


Bailaron t1_isaw7za wrote

Any first hand source? What are they protesting?


Whatwillwebe t1_iscjlfj wrote

> "We want food, not PCR tests. We want freedom, not lockdowns and controls. We want respect, not lies,” one banner said. It also called for elections instead of having a “lingxiu,” a title meaning “leader” that was previously reserved for Mao Zedong but has recently also been associated with Xi. The second banner called for a boycott of schools and strikes.


Ulyks t1_ise5yno wrote

The second banner called Xi Jinping a dictator and a traitor.


Zolo49 t1_isba94p wrote

So do they have to change the name of the city now? I vote for Big Happy Panda City.


jasmin710 t1_isafihp wrote

This is crazy, I never thought I would have seen the Chinese protest. Good for them. Keep it up guys


TattooHelpPlease2 t1_isaojnj wrote



jasmin710 t1_isbe8e1 wrote

Hmm what? Did I miss something?


LateralEntry t1_isdqrn3 wrote

Tienanmen square


jasmin710 t1_isfr4a4 wrote

Oh right, of course. That was tragic and I can imagine how hard it is for them to make their voices heard. But still it is cool that someone had the courage to do it again


HG1998 t1_isavux9 wrote

The Zero Covid strategy may turn out to be a very notable point in history.

So far, pretty much all of my Chinese friends and acquaintances are upset in some way about the strategy, not to mention the further implications this already has.


Queen_Cheetah t1_isdpmu3 wrote

...they censored 'Tiananmen Square,' and now they've censored 'Beijing.' What are they going to do when protests hit every city? Just start renaming them or something??

(And at what point do you start to think, 'gee, maybe the protestors have a point or two?')


ConferenceHelpful556 t1_isdmpll wrote

Holy shit something that’s actually oniony got posted! Hats off OP. It’s about fuckin time.


Confusedandreticent t1_ise50ji wrote

Hm, that’s funny. I thought I had family in Beijing, now it doesn’t exist. Strange.


ramriot t1_isccbbs wrote

Sorry, what word was censored?


dyxlesic_fa t1_isd9811 wrote

"Don't need nucleic acid, you need to eat, don't be banned, you need freedom, don't lie, you need dignity, you don't need the Cultural Revolution, you need reform, you don't need a leader, you need votes, and you don't need to be a slave to be a citizen."

A little wordy for a slogan but I'm sure they can do better with practice.


WackSparrow t1_isdr7ni wrote

I’ll still say Beijing if I go there. They poisoned me before


k1300 t1_isehl9c wrote

There is no war in B******.


Sargash t1_iseh59q wrote

I love the amount of chinese brainwashing happening that almost every post is downvoted like made here.


andio76 t1_isfy8np wrote

So when the snake starts to eat its own tail......


Standgeblasen t1_ishzm33 wrote

B****, this censoring of B*****, BY B*****, is a load of B*******. Can’t these B****** get anything right?


Logical-Name-9407 t1_itgbzwh wrote

"Welcome to REDACTED, we hope you enjoy your stay and fly with us again sometime soon"


Nictel t1_isc0lk8 wrote

Is there a city called Xi? I mean if they ban words around protests.


DrSpitzvogel t1_isdwt1y wrote

And? Not worse than using "Parent1" and "Parent2" in the Progressive™ West


Khemith t1_iscsso5 wrote

Not oniony.


gamehawk0704 t1_isdmubv wrote

Yes it is, "country bans thr name of one of its biggest cities" is definetly oniony


FollowYourLeader1945 t1_isd39ue wrote

Imagine being stupid enough to believe this


TTBrandyThief t1_isdz6jg wrote

There are news stories about this on every reputable source of journalism from Bloomberg to Al Jazeera.

On my way home from work today I was listening to NPR and their reporter based in Shanghai said that there was a point in the day when she searched Beijing on Weibo there were only 900 results from all time.


ezprodigy t1_isb75wz wrote

what the actual fuck are you talking about?

screenshot of searching beijing on baidu and weibo china's biggest search engine and social media, how is this censored? Man you dumbasses will believe anything, those are public websites, how hard it is to just use it?

its insane how badly americans fell for propaganda and dont realize it

this is actually fucking insane, Americans will literally have proof they are being lied to shoved in their face and still believe their propaganda


SirCutRy t1_isbd0qx wrote

Is this searched within the Great Firewall?


ezprodigy t1_isbez5h wrote

you literally get the same search results


SirCutRy t1_isbizka wrote

Show me


ezprodigy t1_isbkx62 wrote

how dumb are you?


LoR_RalphRoberts t1_isbodz1 wrote

Why you being such a dick?


ezprodigy t1_isbuq3d wrote

because in the real world, the burden of proof is on the people making the accusations, not on the people already showing proof refuting it


TheDonaldQuarantine t1_iscz31x wrote

You proved that the search results show that beijing exists, what is wrong with you, you must be hilarious to be around


ZeusTKP t1_isbmn34 wrote

Why are you so hostile? What are you trying to say, there's no censorship in China, or this particular word is not censored?


CommonMan15 t1_isbzh5l wrote

He's just a CCP apologist. Look at his comment history.


ezprodigy t1_isbuvwh wrote

> What are you trying to say

That this shit, similar to so many other piece of 'news' is bullshit and people who believe this crap are idiots?


TheDonaldQuarantine t1_isczjci wrote

You are right, if the word beijing was censored then searching for it would show a black screen


TheDonaldQuarantine t1_isczxdc wrote

I love people like you, you are so entertaining, and my sadness goes away when i realize how much better my brain works because of real education

Winnie the pooh isnt censored, look at all of these results which do not compare him to Xi