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chasonreddit t1_isbvw0z wrote

I had to have sex with a porn star for the public good.

What a hero.


patman3030 t1_isbrxhs wrote

In an unprecedented turn of events, a politician claimed to hold a set of beliefs and then actually backed up said claims with his actions. Politics will never be the same.


Meztere t1_isbhiqi wrote

You know what, I respect it. It's a little weird yeah, but he's at least trying to prove he's got integrity.


malonkey1 t1_iscn3le wrote

Yeah, it's good to see a politician who's willing to put his moneyshot where her mouth is.


cancerousiguana t1_isco6a4 wrote

Plus he's running as a third party and has no chance of winning. All he can do realistically is use his platform to get his point across and hope people listen. Not a bad way to do it.


Naughtai t1_ise7jm2 wrote

Well now I'm curious who funded the tape. Was that the whole purpose of running, to get a free lay and recording of it?


assjackal t1_isf97tb wrote

I doubt they will get voted in, but solidarity and dignity for sex workers is something that needs to be widespread. It's literally a vocation older than recorded history, puritan christian bullshit ruins everything natural about society.


MetricVeil t1_isb79ru wrote

Is this the epitome of 'putting your balls on the line' by putting your balls online? :D


resorcinarene t1_isbd41r wrote

> “I’m very much an introvert,” the “very liberal” registered Democrat said. “I’m kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it. But I thought the issues I’m trying to address are so important… I wanted to have my issues talked about in some way.”

Dude put out a sex tape and is running for a congressional seat and has the gall to say he's an introvert lmao


OppositionComp t1_isc69mc wrote

You forgot "but I have this exhibitionist kink so see my freak flag fly."


QuePasaCasa t1_isc9g0u wrote

This reads like someone getting in front of blackmail.


funnyfaceguy t1_isdb0ni wrote

he's campaigning on legalizing prostitution and so I would say he's way ahead of it if someone was trying to blackmail him


Ahelex t1_isbghtd wrote

This issue could be a breaking point for him.


timojenbin t1_isbe1q5 wrote

I believe you're sex positive, I don't have to positively see you having sex.


MolniyaSokol t1_isbogl7 wrote

The most outrageous thing here is a politician claiming to normalize something then actually following through with their claim.


Gerdione t1_iscbpp7 wrote

I mean, he really started his campaign off with a bang.


infamous2k t1_isb5jor wrote

So where the video at though?


DirtStarWars t1_isb9gnp wrote


[deleted] t1_isbbi2l wrote



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Alaishana t1_isc9pas wrote

Pornhub of course. The girl is kinda sexy, but the scene is lame, also, he lets her do all the work. Hmmm, not angling for the women's vote, I guess.

Saved you a click, maybe.


Tellywozzle t1_isghhy9 wrote

are you seriously reviewing a porn video like it's a fucking blockbuster movie


Alaishana t1_isicxwx wrote

Now you have a go-to person for all your porn flic critique needs.

As Sturgeon's revelation also applies to porn, just ask about the other 10% and I'll give you a helping hand.


throneismelting t1_isbk6ig wrote

I meant to vote for this dude but I pulled my ballot out of the ballot box at the last second and threw it in a poll worker’s face.


Leiryn t1_isbowab wrote



Fuhdawin t1_isc475e wrote

Hell yeah, actions speak louder under than words. I would vote for him.


iamunknowntoo t1_isecr74 wrote

If you've read his policy platform, idk what to think.

He seems weirdly adamant on redefining abortion as "the right to not become a parent". He also randomly puts under "Abortion rights for women" that "Men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement", which is a really strange thing to say in the context of supporting abortion rights.


MonkeyAlpha t1_isc1gc6 wrote

If I lived there he would get my vote!


SomebodyInNevada t1_isdc2nx wrote

I would want to check out the rest of his platform but this certainly would go a long way towards getting my vote if I lived there.

Honest politicians do exist--they just don't get elected.


Commercial-Amount344 t1_isew3ye wrote

I mean we had a president named tricky dick, one who got a blowy in the OG office and another who executed his pedo pimp in prison. I am really not surprised.


MrMycroft t1_isc2pi1 wrote

Honestly, low production value, but not the worst sextape I've fapped too.


ijeanofdreammie t1_isc3b0z wrote

Let’s hope Jerry Nadler doesn’t reciprocate, because there are things you just can’t unsee.


monkeyhind t1_isc3wj9 wrote

I wouldn't mind seeing him naked. I mean, he's no Chris Meloni, but...


borkamork t1_iscfjww wrote

That's a bold move, Cotton.


alwaysgambling t1_iscssbm wrote

Did he get to pay her with campaign funds?


SticksDiesel t1_ise0ngp wrote

When I see this title all I think of is Jerry from Rick and Morty saying "we're sex positive" a number of times.


Northwindlowlander t1_isf9l6a wrote

I cannot believe how few headlines are saying "sex position"


TuliBean t1_isfbazt wrote

" “I’m kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it..." the irony of a 'politicaian' feel that way doesn't make any sense since that's literally all they actually do, also all this does the same because he could focus on actual sex workers, not pretend to be one for an afternoon. That's all before you get his pro dead beat dad bit.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_isbysfd wrote

I think politics should be sex and religion neutral, but, I do find the candor refreshing and if we can get rid of this distraction and get onto the real issues we have -- that isn't a bad thing.


OldBob10 t1_isc2rh1 wrote

Maybe I should send in a mail-in vote for this guy.

Full disclosure: don’t live in this guys district so would have to commit a crime to vote for him. Don’t agree with much of anything he apparently stands for. Obviously I’m a registered Republican, because I think I can post about this on Reddit and get away with it! 🤪


Jacuul t1_isc320i wrote

One step closer to the actual plot of Idiocracy (the president in the movie was a former pornstar)


owjfaigs222 t1_isc7cl9 wrote

Hopefully we will design AI that will figure out that brawndo isn't that good for crops.


Jacuul t1_ism1fsm wrote

I have no idea why both of us are being downvoted, but I chuckled at your comment


BazilBroketail t1_isbflbi wrote

I'm all for legalizing sex work, but this dude just wanted people to watch him bang a porn star. I'm betting he paid her so, he's putting his money where his mouth is, but, this don't help the cause.