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Meztere t1_isbhiqi wrote

You know what, I respect it. It's a little weird yeah, but he's at least trying to prove he's got integrity.


malonkey1 t1_iscn3le wrote

Yeah, it's good to see a politician who's willing to put his moneyshot where her mouth is.


cancerousiguana t1_isco6a4 wrote

Plus he's running as a third party and has no chance of winning. All he can do realistically is use his platform to get his point across and hope people listen. Not a bad way to do it.


Naughtai t1_ise7jm2 wrote

Well now I'm curious who funded the tape. Was that the whole purpose of running, to get a free lay and recording of it?


assjackal t1_isf97tb wrote

I doubt they will get voted in, but solidarity and dignity for sex workers is something that needs to be widespread. It's literally a vocation older than recorded history, puritan christian bullshit ruins everything natural about society.