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Maxfunky t1_it3nhmr wrote

I bet a lot of teachers have a kill list, they just don't write it down.


SirFancyPantsBrock t1_it3v3pk wrote

Rule one of having a hit list, you never write it down


Majesty1985 t1_it5iotf wrote

You need to be able to cross off names though. Especially if your old high school bully reaches out to apologize before entering an academic decathlon


MacaroniEast t1_it5xszt wrote

A lot of people*

I think everyone, no matter what, have one person they would put their morals aside for.


SenpaiPingu t1_ita9h1p wrote

During my gr 12 year, our french immersion (im canadian) teacher who we were with for 4 years told us that teacher DO talk mad shit about students and gossip the fuck out of us.

So they know exactly who the idiots and delinquents are and will know how to deal with their shit.


LylesDanceParty t1_it4pqjh wrote

What's the point of writing it down?

You somehow hate certain people enough to want to kill them, but you can't remember which ones you hate that much?


Randomcommenter550 t1_it43v2v wrote

"East" Chicago? That's gotta be a suburb SOUTHEAST of Chicago, right? Pretty sure the only thing directly east of Chicago is a big lake.


Sir_Snugglekins t1_it4ce9p wrote

I like to think it's a boat village sprawling out into the lake complete with markets, schools, and a post office. In the winter the children play hockey out on the ice, a game the unlucky and the heavy occasionally do not survive


SelenaQueso t1_it4r4vq wrote

Yeah, East Chicago is actually in Indiana. So is New Chicago. It’s like a Kansas City situation.


4Blu t1_itfdxvr wrote

It's right next to South Detroit.


bluebook21 t1_it5xl0s wrote

Why was she not hospitalized? She literally uttered the hold criterion multiple times and is now suicidal/homicidal and disgruntled. Plus, she has a plan and a hearse, apparently.


Solo_is_dead t1_it3zgvn wrote

The worst part is after the school found out they allowed the teacher to go home but didn't tell the kids or the kids parents what had happened.


blueyork t1_it446wf wrote

I thought midwesterners are so nice


Unhappy_College t1_it4mt1z wrote

Not in Chicago.


shastadakota t1_it6zqe6 wrote

This is not in Chicago, this is not even in Illinois. This is in the red state next door, and not a very nice place if you ever have to visit.


Mecharonin t1_it4s4h4 wrote

Of course it's a Catholic school.

Killing people for not listening to him is God's favorite activity.


Aliteracy t1_it3vbpp wrote

It's just a ranking of kids I thought were most likely to be murdered in the future, Officer, I swear.


afedyuki t1_it48i5m wrote

Teachers drive kids they don't like to suicide all the time. :(


Separate-Owl369 t1_it654mo wrote

I have a list of people I’d pay to punch in the face. Some of those people, I’d pay for my wife to punch in the face.


Zwets t1_it7e32p wrote

Would you pay your wife, or would you pay the person to let your wife punch them?

...This is such a confusing statement.


datagirl60 t1_it7y5ke wrote

Kudos to the the kids that listened and reported! I bet many adults had heard her talk about it and brushed it off like they did to many school shooters.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_it85b3c wrote

When I was in High School a history teacher was fired for throttling a student in his seat in front of 20 or so other students. Shortly afterward he was an armed guard at a Nuclear Power plant.


[deleted] t1_it3r5xq wrote



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