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Mecharonin t1_it55r6l wrote

I'm starting to suspect that "sports builds character" is the second biggest lie I was told growing up.


squirt619 t1_it6bhcu wrote

What was the biggest lie?


dragonship t1_it70e3c wrote

That the icecream van plays a jingle when it has run out of icecream.🍦


BearItChooChoo t1_it5cpna wrote

I hope the case is a slam dunk.


willzmath t1_it5g03e wrote

This guy took things too personal, foul example of a human being.


whiterac00n t1_it52bxj wrote

His “masculinity” is certainly going to be threatened in prison with some bigger stakes. That’s about the only way this seems oniony


explosivelydehiscent t1_it556ct wrote

I think OP is implying that not everyday a man gets beat at basketball by a woman and after that small chance he shoots her. That's oniony. Based on some Reddit AMAs and askreddits, I don't think prison sex happens as much as people like to think it does.


infamousj012 t1_it588yu wrote

like; i was in for two years and the only ones i heard about getting it were the ones offering; take that how you will.. they did 😅


ChickenXing t1_it63f8q wrote

Taking sudden death elimination too literally


jezz555 t1_itix4dg wrote

Biggest L in history


aaron4mvp t1_it693q6 wrote

Did the police do their job and arrest him? Or did a hostage negotiator take care of this piece of shit?


TrainingDismal172 t1_it6n73a wrote

It's always violent or violence related shit that happens near my birthday. Last year the zodiac killer was found and in my hometown 1 of the meth dealers was beaten to death in the extremely haunted forest.


[deleted] t1_it6w49j wrote



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