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Infynis t1_itcx700 wrote

That's one hell of a way to make the point that your railway needs more funding


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_itd6lj4 wrote

They get plenty government funding, however its mostly used to subsidise the profits of the operating companies. And they tend to relegate their oldest rolling stock to North of England. And the government recently canceled plans to upgrade the railway network in the North. The operating companies need to be renationalised and the government needs to update and expand the infrastructure, particularly in the North.


WAJGK t1_itdv8yf wrote

Northern Trains has already been renationalised though.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_itdwe09 wrote

Only because the operating company failed even more spectacularly than Virgin East Coast did. And unlike LNER the government doesn't even seem to be doing the bare minimum to keep it running.

ed spellin


user2021883 t1_itfu8qh wrote

The whole thing needs re-nationalising. They already receive billions of tax payers money. Most of which is funnelled straight to the shareholders. It’s just one of the many ways the UK is being bled dry


Nazamroth t1_itd8l8p wrote

The ultimate chad move is being late for your job interview at the railway, and saying it was because you came by train.


SaltedGreenMilk1987 t1_itcxqec wrote

What will this even lead to?


crucible t1_itdt9fk wrote

They want more funding for railway lines in the North of England - London just got a new Β£19 billion metro line, for example.