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Bubbagumpredditor t1_iu5rzdq wrote

I'm sure someone is eagerly trying to replace you with a pill dispenser that won't notice the new med conflicts with the other one you're on and kills you.


Ryimax t1_iu5uw7j wrote

I'm gonna be honest, a machine would be more likely to notice that


Lysandren t1_iu6kolg wrote

You would be surprised how often a million+ dollar pharmacy dispenser can break down. >.>


Ryimax t1_iu71yoe wrote

Whether or not it checks to see if medications conflict would have negligible effect on how often it breaks


Bubbagumpredditor t1_iu5wxc3 wrote

Not with the amount the pharmacies will be willing to spend on it.


Ryimax t1_iu5xdpg wrote

... do you know how computers work?

It would require checks notes the same amount of processing power as like a low end computer tops. They landed on the moon with a calculator, I think a phone can read some lists


shinobipopcorn t1_iu6kard wrote

Your headache pill bad for fetuses. You can grow fetuses. Therefore you can't have headache pill. Problem solved by good computer. What, complaint? Computer no take complaint, appeal to bean counter, receive reply in six months.

With headache. Hope you don't take that drug for epilepsy like some do!


Ryimax t1_iu73ccn wrote

A human could determine if you're pregnant or not the same way they already do, and the machine could just have access to it. If it's something you're not supposed to take If you can get pregnant, then a human doctor shouldn't give you it either.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_iu6391l wrote

Oh, and who's going to pay for the monthly updates and programming for those lists Mr smarty pants.

You make it sound like computers don't fuck ahit up all the time


GuetschMan t1_iu63xa2 wrote

Would also have to make the program perfect. Lots of false flags needing manual review or missed flags meaning lawsuits.


Ryimax t1_iu72xwi wrote

False flags or missed flags would not occur if it follows whatever rules doctors do. A doctor doesn't have to determine if it's a stoplight or stop sign. The determination for whether or not medications conflict is a set of variables that are few enough to be programmed with as much relative ease as any other program


GetlostMaps t1_iu64zhy wrote

A pharmacist on the end of a video link from India. Problem solved.


GuetschMan t1_iu672nf wrote

Sure they could. Would need diplomas from accredited schools, licensure in whatever states they are remotely working in. Maybe someday, would take a long time to change probably.


Ryimax t1_iu73l3w wrote

You do realize that if enough places have the machines from the same company then that's not really a problem. This system only works if enough places have the same machine


CuteCatBoy69 t1_iu7sa3j wrote

Drug interactions have been automatically checked by pharmacy software since like the 90s. Pill counting machines have also existed. The trouble with automating a pharmacy technician's job is how dynamic it is. Pharmacy techs do like 20 different things all throughout the day to keep the pharmacy going. Putting pills into bottles is just one part of the equation, and even that's not always cut and dry.

It'll be a good few decades before pharmacy techs start getting replaced I'd wager. Pharmacists are probably in the same boat. In a retail setting anyway. You could definitely run a mail order pharmacy without techs, assuming you had people to maintain the machines and stock the pills.