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CthuluTheGrand t1_iuaomr5 wrote

Honestly what happened to him? Going on these hateful rants seem rather new. What triggered it?


Xaero_Hour t1_iub6zzp wrote

Not treating his bipolar disorder, unchecked ego tripping for decades, a messy public divorce, and charlatans taking advantage of him to parrot things he very clearly doesn't understand.


Edit: Wow. Some of y'all need to read more than 5 words before you jump down my throat over something I never said. At no point did I say bipolar disorder was the cause of his antisemitism. It just made his handling of stressors and life-changing traumas worse. And when you're in that state, that's when the conspiracy theorists get you.


n3ws4cc t1_iubc4gi wrote

And surrounded by yes-men


RandyB1 t1_iubcngu wrote



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ATempestSinister t1_iubvi75 wrote

Must be from all those fish dicks.


ImmoralityPet t1_iucajiz wrote

He never got over that joke. I mean, he never understood it either, which would probably be a good first step.


FuckThisPostTruthEra t1_iud2nyd wrote

Lord, SP really called it on Kanye and a handful of other celebs. I’m still not unconvinced they’re from the future lol


throwaway15642578 t1_iuce747 wrote

The reactions to this comment are pissing me off. Mental illness can be a factor without being an excuse and you very succinctly made that point


Sir-Kevly t1_iudbd5x wrote

It's like the mental illness argument with school shooters. Yeah, they're obviously mentally ill. But they're not doing it BECAUSE they're mentally ill, they're doing it because they didn't get the help they needed and their mental illness causes them to continue getting worse until they snap and act out on those feelings.

Mental illness isn't the direct cause of any of his behaviour, but it's definitely exacerbating his paranoid delusions and self-aggrandizing behaviour.


GreeneWithEnvy420 t1_iudf5fm wrote

He has millions of dollars to be able to get himself help. He is a fucking clown and I have no sympathy for him. Hopefully he reaches the end here soon and we don't have to hear anything about him anymore once he is in the ground.


Richizzle439 t1_iudisl2 wrote

They didn’t excuse him over the mental illness they said it was a factor because it was unchecked.


throwaway15642578 t1_iuene0c wrote

My point was that others were accusing this commenter of using mental illness as an excuse when they werent


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Xaero_Hour t1_iubjcdu wrote

None of those are excuses. They're what happened.


boogerfact OP t1_iubmdy4 wrote

Seriously. It's like saying "Charles Manson is a psychopath" is making excuses for him.


Moist-Diarrhea t1_iubo0gx wrote

Also, “a messy public divorce”? He was the one who made it “messy”.


v8dreaming t1_iubr24q wrote

No one said he didn't.


Moist-Diarrhea t1_iuc51ab wrote

What I meant was, the person said his messy divorce caused him to act out - when he was the one who caused the divorce in the first place.


throwaway15642578 t1_iucdr7l wrote

It’s like a feedback loop. His fault but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make it worse


Richizzle439 t1_iudj2ps wrote

When did they remove blame from the messy divorce? They said it was a factor in these episodic rants he’s been having not that the divorce was someone else’s fault.


Sir-Kevly t1_iudbr88 wrote

Divorces are messy for everyone involved, especially when kids are part of the picture.


Picasso5 t1_iubsy6d wrote

Well, in his defense, it WAS a Kardashian.


ChickenNuggetator t1_iubmwyy wrote

Mental health issues going untreated combined with being rich enough that people blow smoke up your ass all the time is definitely part of the reason. No one's saying it makes it any more acceptable, but he could likely improve with treatment.


LimeMime565 t1_iubdg5r wrote

Regardless of him being a bad person he definitely has some mental issues like bipolar disorder. Just being a bad person doesn't mean you suddenly don't have a mental health disorder.


countryyoga t1_iube74p wrote

Great, but I also have bipolar disorder and I'm not a bigot or a mean person. Mental health issues DO NOT give people the right to be assholes. Mental health issues certainly can make it easy to be an asshole, but if anything it puts a greater responsibility on them to keep themselves in check.


Dark_Styx t1_iubfk4p wrote

An explanation is not an excuse, even if it often sounds like one.


Willingo t1_iubpcvh wrote

He's not at fault for his disorder, but he is responsible to have it treated. If he were poor you might excuse not being treated, but he clearly had the means.


snjwffl t1_iubs9l6 wrote

Reasons are not always excuses.

"I got drunk last night and overslept today" is a clear reason you missed work. As an excuse? Not so much.


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sexybimbogf t1_iudtlqy wrote

I hardly give a damn about his music, I'm more pissed about the antisemitism.


cone10 t1_iucj8lc wrote

Maybe he was already terribly anti-semitic earlier, but couldn't say it out because of the consequences. Maybe now that the political climate supports saying horrible things out loud, he is in his element. Perhaps being bipolar helps remove some filters.


Therealladyboneyard t1_iuc46bx wrote

I hate to say this, but I’m wondering if he’s going to blame his actions on his bipolar. Bipolar doesn’t make someone change their core belief system. If he’s not antisemitic, neither mania or depression cycle would change that. And the reverse is true as well. He either is suffering from another mental health issue, or he’s trying to use it as justification.


Xaero_Hour t1_iucdsvr wrote

Wouldn't be the first time he's tried to buy back public favor by saying exactly that. I'd say it won't work again, but I have far too little faith in the public for that. Also, he's got a lot of people with money that are using him as a flashy idiot so we don't start asking, "hey, where DID he get that whole idea from? Doesn't it sound a lot like that one guy on TV? Why is he still on TV saying the same stuff that cost this guy his shoe deal if it's so bad?"


Therealladyboneyard t1_iuce0tu wrote

Isn’t it interesting that despite KK and Co claiming they don’t support him since that rant that the family continues to publicly wear the shoes? Odd


ElAutismobombismo t1_iud8faj wrote

All these things -and- the dangerous precedent that the political goalposts have slid so far that people are starting to get away with saying the quiet part out loud.


hritikroshankareena t1_iucwabr wrote

How about just a terrible guy finally spiting out his hate because he thinks he can't fall.


Jon29go t1_iucuj2z wrote

File under Trump as well. Ego grows faster than cancer.


79r100 t1_iubz3qw wrote

Don't forget talentless.


asjonesy99 t1_iuc21hp wrote

He’s hardly talentless. Being a massive asshole doesn’t mean he isn’t a talented musician


79r100 t1_iug9pu3 wrote

Sorry, he is talented at making shitty music. I misspoke.


Xaero_Hour t1_iuc3ukg wrote

I didn't forget shit. He had talent for making music. I'm not going to act like some wannabe-hate-hipster and ignore that he had a successful music career before things went off the rails. He was always an asshole, but that doesn't take away him having a talent.


RamenTheory t1_iuc02pv wrote

With all due respect, how does bipolar disorder factor into this? Being bipolar doesn't make somebody a hateful, vile, narcissistic person. Plenty of people live with mental illness and manage to not spew hate speech. Maybe he's just a shit person


Xaero_Hour t1_iuc3c5j wrote

How does an untreated mental illness factor into erratic behavior? Really? That's a pretty straight line right there. But it's not the sole source of his crap or even what caused his current spree of bad decisions; that's the other stuff I listed, none of which, you'll notice help.


RamenTheory t1_iuc3zky wrote

You're changing your statement a little bit. "Untreated mental illness" is much broader and more vague than pointing to BPD in particular, and likewise, "bad decisions" is also a pretty forgiving label to place on actively believing hateful things about a racial minority. What you specifically suggested was that BPD can contribute to someone holding racist beliefs, which, unless you have some kind of legitimate research on that, is a little bit of a stretch and potentially infantilizing to those who live with BPD. West is most certainly a mentally ill person divorced from reality, but suggesting that that's what BPD does to a person sounds... not true


DylanHate t1_iuc5xjb wrote

My sister is bipolar and she’s not an antisemite. It doesn't turn you into a racist lol, he was always that way.


FuckThisPostTruthEra t1_iud38it wrote

Why y’all think this is rocket science is beyond me.

No one said his BP made him hate Jewish people.


sexybimbogf t1_iubjkbq wrote

> Not treating his bipolar disorder

TIL antisemitism is a symptom of BP.


n3ws4cc t1_iubjzsz wrote

It's not, obviously, but susceptibility to bullshit in manic episodes can be i guess. But it's like public information that he has the diagnosis anyway.


Xaero_Hour t1_iuce6n9 wrote

That's pretty close to it. Conspiracy theorists strike at people when they're feeling frustrated, ignored, and confused and present them with something that answers all their questions about the lack of control they feel and promises them they can get it back. Then once they've convinced you that it all makes sense, BAM, here comes the antisemitism. The number of popular conspiracy theories that are based in antisemitism is frankly staggering.


RamenTheory t1_iuc07wk wrote

Do you have a source on this? That sounds pretty infantilizing to BPD people if it isn't true


sexybimbogf t1_iubrdmv wrote

Attributing hated and ignorance to bipolar is honestly pretty dubious.


TheShishkabob t1_iubuqna wrote

Saying this shit out loud when it's costing him hundreds of millions could be attributed to it theoretically. It wouldn't change the opinion but could change the expression.


sexybimbogf t1_iubwfdl wrote

or he's an idiot and just hates Jewish people?


TheShishkabob t1_iuc0blk wrote

It's possible, but he's been allegedly fawning over Hitler privately for 4+ years and yet the public antisemitism (to this degree) is new.

Mental illness doesn't need to be an excuse to factor into the conversation. Pretending it's impossible that it's a factor is as stupid as saying bipolar is the reason he's antisemitic.


Xaero_Hour t1_iuc44sb wrote

Don't just stop reading after 5 words. There's more to it.


AlfieOwens t1_iubkr9c wrote

CNN recently reported that he’s been telling friends about his admiration of Hitler for years. Evidently he said something similar to a TMZ reporter in 2018 (the “slavery is a choice” interview) but editors cut it out of the story.


throwreddit666 t1_iuc59te wrote

I come from a country which has problems with adulation for toxic celebrities (India), but the USA takes it to a new level with rationalising the bullshit celebrities do. This guy released a good album almost 2 decades ago. He's released some decent music since then as well. But somehow he is regarded as some great thinker when he's always been a shallow, angry little moron. But you will have so called liberals celebrating him because he's apparently a black man who made it big. Only goes to show how shallow those people are.


seeUinValencia t1_iucztfz wrote

Idk if you live in the USA, bc if you do, you’re being either blind or want to stir shit up. Trump loves himself some Kanye. As they say: conservative monkey see, conservative monkey do. Conservatives love Kanye


throwreddit666 t1_iud08wd wrote

Conservatives have now started liking Kanye and that's because they like anyone who spews vile hateful shit. But up until now, he was also covered very sympathetically by liberal media. And a lot of people justified his bullshit. Always thought he's an overrated asshole. His above average music doesn't justify his obnoxious attitude.


seeUinValencia t1_iud0srl wrote

Meh, you’re right. Liberal corporate media here is a complete joke as well.


wolfie379 t1_iubo3dt wrote

Not new. He’s the asshole who, at the 2009 VMA awards, took the mic from Taylor Swift and went on a rant when she was supposed to be giving her acceptance speech.


ShaiHallud24 t1_iud0upq wrote

But also I think that Pete Davidson being of Jewish descent might have triggered it.

For those out of the loop, Pete Davidson dated Kim after the divorce.


pineapple_bandit t1_iudaw3u wrote

Only antisemites are triggered by their ex dating a jew.


OtterProper t1_iueee3q wrote

> Only antisemites are triggered by their ex dating a jew.

There, FTFY.


omegashadow t1_iubl02a wrote

He's right wing and came out swinging extra hard. People talk about mental illness a lot but bipolar disorder does not make you an anti semite.

He's been like this since at least 2016 but finally he broke the camels back.


ChickenNuggetator t1_iubncjp wrote

That's true but if you think of it like a susceptibility to crazy conspiracy theories rather than being an antisemite alone it makes a little more sense. I met a guy who proclaimed himself to be God at the end of a rant about snakes keeping on sneaking into his house at night to slither over him. There really is no limit sometimes when something is off in the brain.


carolinaindian02 t1_iuaqavk wrote

Kanye had been going through a lot of mental health issues.


sexybimbogf t1_iubjn8c wrote

which disorder is antisemitism a symptom of?


ChickenNuggetator t1_iubn3j3 wrote

I mean susceptibility to conspiracy theories is definitely a thing for those who may have certain untreated mental health probs


sexybimbogf t1_iubr9pi wrote

I feel like ascribing hate and ignorance to bipolar is pretty dubious to be honest.


fanboi_central t1_iubquih wrote

It isn't, he's been showing this type of behavior since 2007. This rant is making a lot of the news because it's anti-Semitic, but if you've paid attention to him then you'd know this is very much in line with him.


Tussca t1_iuc2ytl wrote

You don't even have to pay attention, just not turn a blind eye to it.

People are acting so surprised but like you said, it's being going on for years...


litnu12 t1_iuatq2k wrote

Kardashians probably hold him back.


dukie33066 t1_iubyujz wrote

Nothing, it's just finally getting publicized.


mumako t1_iubbila wrote

The Jews got to him of course



Groomsi t1_iuco57t wrote

Kim was keeping him in check? But 2015, and onwards just made it worse and she finally gave up?


NotAReal_Person_ t1_iudl0y3 wrote

It’s not really new. According to Van Lathan, the TMZ guy that argued with kanya at TMZ, said that Kanye was also saying a bunch of antisemitic stuff the same day. Saying he loved Hitler and the nazis and TMZ decided to not air any of that stuff, just the “slavery is a choice” shit. Not sure why they wanted to protect him on that front, but it’s been happening for a while now


DrSpitzvogel t1_iucb0oo wrote

Media hack. These days if you really want to stir up things, you have to do extraordinary things


Miffernator t1_iudcbah wrote

Actually no. He has been like this since 2018. After homie divorce, he’s gotten worse m.


Mr_Abobo t1_iueb1mf wrote

I think people forget—he was in a very serious car crash that nearly killed him and likely gave him pretty severe brain damage. It’s probable he already had some diseases, but massive brain trauma changes a person for life, and we need to accept that these people will be touched.


monkeyhind t1_iuag1xf wrote

>Ye has sparked widespread condemnation, been temporarily banned from leading social media platforms

Only banned "temporarily?" That's too bad.


HarryHacker42 t1_iuajb8r wrote

With Musk in charge, we're going to Make Twitter Hate Again!


Fluffy-Impression190 t1_iub7s5i wrote

It never really stopped. They banned a few key figures but I’d hardly say that they cleaned it up before they sold it.


JebryathHS t1_iubgss0 wrote

It was a similar approach to Reddit admins. Ignore the myriad pockets of hate speech until someone makes an article on them that goes viral, then ban everyone mentioned in the article. Surprised /r/conspiracy hasn't made it there given, you know, the constant racism and lunacy.


WayeeCool t1_iubjk83 wrote

That's fk'd up. There are entire thriving communities centered around people-watching the users of r conspiracy steadily lose their minds. Wtf would r/TopMindsOfReddit do with themselves if r conspiracy was banned?

/s obviously


HarryHacker42 t1_iuaj1ge wrote

I wish he'd buy Parler and rename it Twatter so we had billionaires running Twitter, Twatter, and Truther


tdempsey33 t1_iub0xdr wrote

There is no billionaire running truth social.


JebryathHS t1_iubh2e1 wrote

Last I heard, Kanye's net worth plummeted after the Adidas thing and he's not a billionaire any more anyways


jjjam t1_iubbnds wrote

Ye already did agree to buy Parler, more than 2 weeks ago. Doesn't seem like it will go through, but I thought the same about Twitter.


sensitivepistachenut t1_iua0f7f wrote

He's an antisemitist gayfish, so lqbtq+ matters were taken account too


JebryathHS t1_iubh8i3 wrote

My favorite part of that was watching the interview where the writer explains that they went around the table, trying to figure out which celebrity wouldn't get that the joke wasn't a personal attack... Then watching Kanye interviews from more than a decade after the episode aired where he's still trying to figure out why they called him a gay fish.


zxcoblex t1_iuaisno wrote

Reminds me of the black guy who said Trump had done more for black people than anyone else because he caused the veil of racism to be lifted.

Can’t fix the problems until you understand exactly where they are and how deep they go.


The_Alkemizt t1_iualbu6 wrote

that was a white hit from australia. Nick adams i believe is his name.


i-might-do-that t1_iub5apn wrote

Stop keeping stupid people famous. Next time he releases an album that nobody actually likes, then mention him. But to see his dumbass bloated countenance around every five minutes is only helping keep him relevant for some reason.


rikkirikkiparmparm t1_iubfpgm wrote

> Next time he releases an album that nobody actually likes

Even Jesus Is King has fans, when has he ever released something nobody liked?


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_iuanboj wrote

Best way to raise awareness is to be the problem


TPDS_throwaway t1_iubjb5a wrote

No one demonstrated how visceral antisemitism could be, better than Hitler.

Technically accurate statement


Twerks4Jesus t1_iub0qtr wrote

The same NYT columnist that said markets will solve climate change? 🤡 I’m shocked he’s not on the Wall Street Journal editorial board.


TheStephenKingest t1_iubttix wrote

Yes, and I would like to thank cancer for bringing awareness to cancer. So brave.


Pezonito t1_iudiiwy wrote

To be fair, Kanye's rants prompted me to see a doctor and get my ego checked. It turns out my ego was not super, but id was fine.

The doctor I went to was Oz though, so the scale might be a bit off.


Octopus_Tenderloin t1_iubec60 wrote

If you can't be an example for others, you can at least be a warning


grootdoos1 t1_iuaub8a wrote

What this moron doesn't understand is that one they are done with the Jews they will come for the blacks and there is no way around the fact that no matter what he says he will always be black.


mahabraja t1_iuaygxr wrote

There are about 15 million jews on earth. He doesn't realize what a substantial minority that is. I don't think he understands very much to be honest.


etorres4u t1_iubci5a wrote

They already go after blacks and latinos. Unfortunately this society tolerates it to a certain degree. Hell publicly being a white nationalist who hates blacks and latinos is what git Donald Trump elected president and is the reason why the Republican base loves him to this day. White nationalism and racism are pretty much a prerequisite to be elected in the Republican primaries today.


canhasdiy t1_iudaq9d wrote

Question: was Donald Trump a white nationalist when he was registered as a Democrat from 1999 to 2015?


etorres4u t1_iuf2s4t wrote

What makes you think many Democrats aren’t racist? You right wingers love to assume a lot of shit about democrats that is wrong and ignorant. There many racist fucks who happen to be democrats for other reasons. Did you even know there are democrats who are pro life conservatives? Senator Joe Manchin is an example. In fact before the civil rights democrats were considered the conservative southern party who supported racist dogma and Republicans were considered the “liberal” party.

The only difference here is that Republicans as a party support candidates who openly believe in white nationalism, christian theocracy and actively push policies that actively seek to disenfranchise and harm minorities.

As for Trump, there is a lot of DOCUMENTED evidence of the man’s racism that go back to the 70’s and 80’s. The real estate company he and his father owned back in the 70’s was found guilty of malicious racial discriminating against black people back in 1973. Add to that the many, many racist documented comments the man has made over the decades, including the ones made about the infamous “central park five” rape case in the mid 80’s.

The fact that so many right wingers assume so much based only on labels instead of their actions is downright ignorant.


finegameofnil_ t1_iublduk wrote

My god... Ok, gotta ask, who is the "they"? Where do the whites fit on this list?


grootdoos1 t1_iubuhvq wrote

Really? I have to explain that to you.


canhasdiy t1_iudai85 wrote

That is generally what's expected when someone asks for clarifying a vague term like "They," so yes.


grootdoos1 t1_iudpebd wrote

So you may not know this but if someone tells you a racist joke that may be offensive, the best way to address the situation is it ask them to explain the joke thereby making them realize how racist the joke is. So kind of the same thing. If I need to explain who the "they" maybe you should keep scanning reddit.


canhasdiy t1_iudsxq3 wrote

So you're being racist?

So you may not know this but when someone makes a claim and someone else asks for proof or clarification, the onus of responsibility is generally considered to be on the person making the claim, as there's no reason to believe said claim without evidence, and saying stupid shit like "look it up yourself" just tells the world that you're talking out of your ass.


grootdoos1 t1_iudtkl1 wrote

Yeah I pretty much saying you can't argue with stupid.


big_juice01 t1_iuay0uh wrote

He’s considered black in the same way Candace Owens is considered black.


grootdoos1 t1_iuayawu wrote

When the racists show up they don't care who you are they just will see another black person.


big_juice01 t1_iuaz8xe wrote

No one can hate them more than they already hate themselves.


cristeal t1_iubuveg wrote

Yeah, thanks Ye. You made passive antisemitism more acceptable, but at least you reminded the goyem that antisemitism happens.


fanboi_central t1_iubqo0n wrote

Why does the NYT have employees with terrible takes. I'm pretty far left, but why the fuck do you have people who think racism against whites isn't real and that Ye is somehow helping Jews with his awareness. Want to thank Hitler next for creating Israel?


kenxzero t1_iubs1dj wrote

I hate it when himself and other refer to him as "ye", I call him "CON". For balance.


i_should_be_coding t1_iucntfz wrote

I remember hearing people tell me "The Holocaust was the best thing that ever happened to Jews. Now they have their own country. That wouldn't have happened without it." This opinion is just as moronic.

Jews are just people. Some of us are nice, some of us are assholes, a lot of us are idiots. Please stop trying to invent reasons why the few millions of us on the planet are somehow a threat to you.

Also, please leave Kanye alone. The man is not well. Making a huge news item about everything he says is pretty grotesque, sort of like videotaping a person with broken legs trying to walk and then making news articles about that. Stop pretending like this is a normal person with important opinions.

As someone with my own mental issues, I can tell you that the only person who can truly help Kanye is Kanye, and he has to understand that things aren't all right. As long as the media keeps stroking his ego to see what comes out of his mouth next, that's just not going to happen.


darkhawkabove t1_iuarpc9 wrote

Is it yee or yay? I can see both sides...


digitalacid t1_iub3gfz wrote

Time to get your Summit Ice gear


Paddlesons t1_iuc10at wrote

Well, I guess you can always be a bad example.


SonofBeckett t1_iud56fu wrote

And in other breezy news, Czar Nicholas I was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valorous actions during the Crimean War.


Fomentor t1_iudrg67 wrote

Using that logic we should be thankful for Hitler, who clearly did the most to raise awareness if antisemitism. Thank you, Hitler!


seriousbangs t1_iue1mz9 wrote

This is how they smuggle antisemitism back into the mainstream discussion.

Thanks to Muskrat he's back on Twitter. Contact your favorite brands and tell them to pull their advert dollars.


[deleted] t1_iuaaip4 wrote



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winter_whale t1_iuas19h wrote

Oh hey I teach that guys kid LOL


MassiveStallion t1_iuctdqd wrote

I think the fact is Ye has been antisemitic for years and the music industry has been hiding it or at least managing him to keep it quiet.

But then the right wingers came out and enabled him to say these opinions in the bright light of day and turned him into their puppet. So he's chosen to go the Trump route because he thinks he can be the next president


Then-One7628 t1_iuctnk0 wrote

Mf can't raise his own awareness.


dtseng123 t1_iuctqa7 wrote

He’s great at music and he’s absolutely batshit. The fact that the media is entertaining his ideas and publicizing them is only feeding his mental illness and going to ruin his life even further.


Ok_Mycologist_5569 t1_iucuuf8 wrote

NYT: this is what a Semite looks like..

Interesting that he’s going down the toilet financially and still no conservatorship. Kim would be doing him a favour if she stepped in. I think she helped keep him balanced


pugs-and-kisses t1_iudcqkt wrote

I always find it weird how minorities especially can’t support other minorities.


H0vis t1_iudq4ev wrote

Bret Stephens has shit for brains and it boggles my mind that the NYT would hire him for anything more complicated than sweeping the floor.


And I don't mean that as a sleight against the cleaning staff, who are almost certainly better informed and more rational than he is. I just mean that with some training and support, he could eventually do their job almost as well as they do.


TFserver t1_iudq0fj wrote

The amount of hatred here, it is sad.


Minerboiii t1_iub8a9l wrote

I mean, I feel like most people didn’t even know antisemitism was a word til he said something anti Semitic


sexybimbogf t1_iubk05a wrote

honestly I've been quite frightened about antisemitism for awhile now.


slappy_mcslapenstein t1_iudj90g wrote

Just because you were unfamiliar with the word doesn't mean the rest of us were unfamiliar with it.


Fourty9 t1_iuae5pt wrote

Did he say anything antiemetic or say that he could and get away with it?

Edit: gotta love Reddit where if you ask a question you get downvoted


ringobob t1_iuafjji wrote

He said antisemitic stuff, and he said he could say antisemitic stuff without Adidas dropping him.