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JimC29 t1_iuaqrvt wrote

Stolen bag of Milky Ways and a trail of wrappers leading through the woods straight to a trailer park. Really brilliant criminals here.

Edit. That's what you deserve for littering

Edit2. I hate thieves and littering equally.


Meanderingversion t1_iuavr0w wrote

You should put that to music.

Call it, Milky Ways in the Woods.


venterol t1_iuddq53 wrote

I can hear Kid Cudi making this into an absolute banger


ak_sys t1_iubszdq wrote

"Fuck, Ricky! You're leaving a goddamned trail of wrappers!"


rainedrop87 t1_iuc2sfl wrote

It would absolutely be a Ricky thing to leave a trail of pepperoni and chicken chips wrappers as the boys are on the run.


fukitol- t1_iubrpki wrote

No amount of investigative skill or luck will ever trump criminals being stupid.


Klai8 t1_iuc2msv wrote

I’m gonna take a wild guess that this article is just a scapegoat for “anonymous tips” from one of our lovely fed agencies.


weakhamstrings t1_iud1gsz wrote

This is almost certainly the answer. A family member or close friend or neighbor turned them in and they are protecting the tipper and their anonymity with this.


Sahqon t1_iucrrum wrote

About two decades ago, mum worked in a small shop and they got robbed (in the night, nobody there), thieves stole some washing powder. Which was leaking and the powder line led the cops straight into the nearest apartment building, then to the exact door...


pichael288 t1_iud1wmc wrote

Is "washing powder" what British people call laundry detergent?


Sahqon t1_iud29gs wrote

Yeah, the old version in powder form. Which doesn't get used much nowadays, what with the capsules.

Edit: but I did a direct translation, I had to specify it was the white powder/granules thing cause otherwise it would not make much sense.


TheDieselTastesFire t1_iud2y3a wrote

>robbed (in the night, nobody there)

Remember that robbery is a crime of force committed against a person. I really don't mean to be a pedant, but depending on the state maybe they got burglarized or someone broke and entered and committed theft. Also maybe someone pooped in their toilet tank. Anything is possible.


xfxmorpheus t1_iuc68vr wrote

That's what they get for eating Milky Ways tbh


venterol t1_iudfmbk wrote

Slow down, whatchu got against Milky Ways? Best candy bar IMO next to Payday.


pacificule t1_iue5yn5 wrote

If your Mt Olympus of candy bars starts w Payday I'm sorry but you're not qualified to be ranking candy bars


venterol t1_iuhf9yi wrote

Sorry if peanuts give you gas but not all of us are debilitated by IBS.


Thepowerisreal t1_iud4yn8 wrote

I mean, if they were smart they wouldn't be criminals in the first place. Or they would be white collar criminals instead.


[deleted] t1_iucapsm wrote



Chode36 t1_iucpzqh wrote

No it's due to craving sugar. One of opiates side effects. Ain't no food gonna ruin a junkies high


SpartacusVII t1_iub1eyp wrote

"Oh, piece of candy"


50MillionYearTrip t1_iubfa7r wrote

Literally just watched that rerun last night


MajKetchup347 t1_iudaes6 wrote

Might I enquire what the reference is?

Please and thank you.


commissar-bawkses t1_iudbiol wrote

James Woods on Family Guy


MajKetchup347 t1_iudbrgz wrote

Thanks! I haven't seen too much of this show, but always find it funny when I catch it. Guess I've missed that episode.


ThaMenacer t1_iublyxz wrote

Ooh, piece of candy


JCSmootherThanJB t1_iuc2045 wrote

Ooh, a piece of candy


thatswherethedevilis t1_iuc3c6i wrote

Ooh, a piece of 🍬


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iuc4h8r wrote

in Pokemon Go to the polls, I have my Jigglypuff named "OH SHIT! You".

Doesn't make sense normally... until you walk with her for a kilometer:

OH SHIT! You found a piece of candy!

I'm glad I was smart enough to come up with that early on, because you can't have "shit" in your name after like the second or third patch. Unless your pokemon was already named that. :D


MadDany94 t1_iucd0rx wrote

Oh. I wonder encountering names from other plays is like this is now like finding a shiny


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_iuafmke wrote

Is it just me, or is that just (mumbles, counting fingers) six people?


beyondlesea OP t1_iuag86m wrote

It can't be. Try counting with your toes.


unsupported t1_iuaz8z1 wrote

>Coweta County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gerald Bennett, Ryan Murrow, Amber Brooks, Kevin Atkins, Alan Caswell, Brooke Fields and Tracy Hendrix.

>Heard County Sheriff’s Office arrested Marvin Rachalla. One juvenile was also arrested.

I only have 9 toes, this should be easy.


apeonline18 t1_iuc17zu wrote

“You only have 9 toes?”

  • “I have the toes I have.”

delvach t1_iuc8jim wrote

The ones in your freezer don't count


Joe4o2 t1_iubmv4y wrote

Still confused. Now I count 6 people and 10 toes.


diuturnal t1_iubp7v3 wrote

Just multiply and add the weird give or take sign.


Joe4o2 t1_iubpgzh wrote

I did the math. That’s still 6 people, and a Thumb-Thumb from Spy Kids.


RoadsideCookie t1_iubw37d wrote

Use 0 somewhere in there, somehow that always seems to work in those social media quizzes.


TaliesinMerlin t1_iuat05e wrote

Seven were arrested in one county; six of them are visible in the image in the thumbnail. Two were arrested by sheriffs from another county, including one juvenile.


special_reddit t1_iucfpc5 wrote

Even if you were right, that would be 1+1+2+1, not 1+2+1+1...


Commie_EntSniper t1_iuaqp9n wrote

"Lieutenant! Over here! Another Snickers wrapper. Fun-sized."

"Good eye, kid. Hm... looks fresh. "

"Lieutenant! Got another one... Twizzler."

"And a KitKat over here. FULL SIZED!"

LIEUTENANT looks off into outer or inner space and takes a deep breath through his nose as he closes his eyes.

"This is the work of more than one person. Fan out! We're getting close.... I can smell it."


woahdude12321 t1_iub55sl wrote

“Is it a left twix or a right twix?”


Advanced_Basic t1_iubit5f wrote

It's actually a well known fact that twixes always self orient. So if the right side of a twix is facing right, its a right twix. If the left is facing left then it's left.


osmiumdev t1_iubxkqk wrote

If I put an unopened twix bar into a box and shake it around, do they both become Schrodinger's Twix bars?


AgentTin t1_iubzlng wrote

Actually, no, Twix can't exist in superposition. They compress to antimatter when unobserved.


miaolongbao t1_iucnpu3 wrote

I believe the proper pluralization for Twix is “Twex”


3-DMan t1_iubhowf wrote

I totally read this in Chief Quimby Wiggum and his cohorts' voices


JeebusBuiltMyHotRod t1_iuarkmi wrote

"The trail led them to the Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park where the suspects lived." - the story writes itself.


beyondlesea OP t1_iuask3n wrote

"The suspects also stole food, like orange juice, from several of the victims." I would say this important fact is the sprinkle on top.


PM_ME_PARR0TS t1_iubschc wrote

> When the victim went inside his home, he found a maroon Carhartt beanie on the kitchen counter that wasn’t his

Let's round it out with the guy who straight up forgot his hat there.

Don't you hate when your head gets kinda sweaty during big master criminal stuff?


beyondlesea OP t1_iubvat2 wrote

"The victim also said that he noticed someone tried to pull his dining room A/C unit out."

Note to self: Take hat off before the A/C unit so you don't break a sweat.


FauxReal t1_iucsww6 wrote

My place got broken into and one of the thieves left a glove in my room. Another left a cigarette butt on the living room floor. They ended up getting caught.


PM_ME_PARR0TS t1_iue7jkp wrote

I'm currently taking a thief to court who has stolen many things - and broken various laws - while she used to live for free on part of my property.

(Her responsibility was maintaining fences and pastures, and paying her own utilities. She did none of that.)

She went out of her way to sabotage things, steal furniture, etc.

You know what she left behind?

  • A full set of cleaning supplies.

  • A full set of gardening supplies.

  • Tons of great dog stuff.

  • Cattle equipment. It wasn't hers, but she stole a few pieces...and left the rest? One of them was an entire structure, so it's not like she was just trying to be sneaky and not push her luck.

  • Cookware. Including a big ol pot that probably cost a bit.

  • Tools. A bunch.

  • Their $90 modem.

  • Various other things that are in complete working condition?

She spent a month doing dumb shit like pulling the wires out of the water heater. Then left half her shit here instead of taking it to her own property.

She's also posting videos on social media that completely give away her baby daddy's workers comp fraud. Lol.

Thieves don't seem to be the brightest bunch. Glad the ones on your end got caught.


susanne-o t1_iud0pb9 wrote

Hansel and Gretel also were simply hungry.


[deleted] t1_iucjs6a wrote



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Kangar t1_iuahptw wrote

Your dentist is right, candy can be bad for you.


Theory_Unusual t1_iuaf52r wrote

I know one of them. Couldn't happen to a better person


shahooster t1_iuasydt wrote

Welp there goes the big Payday.


dgtlfnk t1_iucodey wrote

Did they think they’re were getting a 100 Grand?


CobaltSpellsword t1_iuev2m5 wrote

Wouldn't have been caught if they'd just held onto the wrappers. Too bad one had Butterfingers.


UrbanGM t1_iuape0k wrote

What in the Scooby-Doo Adventures?! 😂


rwmullis79 t1_iubhfp8 wrote

Would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.


TookThatUserName t1_iubcgkh wrote

Littering and.........


Mindless_conclusions t1_iuax3js wrote

Not my hometown showing up here. Oh goodness this sounds about right


slartzy t1_iuao4mo wrote

Milky ways led the


wolfie379 t1_iubncdn wrote

Too bad the loot didn’t include a jumbo bag of sugar-free gummi bears, as reviewed on Amazon.


Zen_Diesel t1_iubqrct wrote

This reads like the plot to a Scooby Doo episode.


Valianttheywere t1_iubvl5n wrote

Because these Meth heads got the idea for it from a scooby doo episode?


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_iubf85k wrote

Ooh. Let’s play a game. Who do you think is the candy wrapper litterer?

I pick bottom middle


MnMAnemone t1_iuaxolb wrote

That’s what I call a “candy lineup”


rodewar t1_iubjei1 wrote

Trail of wrappers led to Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park. This whole story is brilliant.


DaveOJ12 t1_iuafynt wrote

That titled definitely piqued my interest.


beyondlesea OP t1_iuaglf9 wrote

I was a journalist for a very brief moment in college and I wish I was able to come with up one as good as this. edit: typo


oatmeal28 t1_iubo7kh wrote

Big Brain: they had planted a mole on the inside to lead them to the burglar headquarters, alias The Milkyway Mole


Zkenny13 t1_iuai7kn wrote

Ew piece of candy


likamd t1_iubqunu wrote

Apple dumpling gang.


C_Hawk14 t1_iubss20 wrote

I'm so stealing this (pun intended) for D&D


Gerdione t1_iuc2f0b wrote

Imagine being an investigator. Your weeks of stake outs, interrogations and connecting the dots brings you to these woods. You know they're up to something out here you just don't know where. Your work is cut out for you but you need to get this case wrapped up. You walk a few steps and find a candy wrapper... nothing out of the ordinary but then you notice another candy wrapper... same wrapper that's interesting, who's eating these? It's a long shot but you start looking for more. You find these wrappers are peppered about the ground as you continue following, thinking to yourself surely there's no way. You can't help but start smirking in disbelief, surely nobody is this stupid, it's like out of a children's TV show. You continue walking down the path until you stumble upon a trailer park with the people you're looking for in plain sight. You stand shocked, unsure if it was sheer luck that those milky way bars made their way to the hands of these dumbasses. You snap some pics and report back. It sounds so fucking comical it could very well be the plot of some PBS kids show.


PMUrAnus t1_iubmp3r wrote

How big is the ring if 9 people are leading it? At that level I’m wondering if they have HR and payroll department


randscott t1_iubpwo6 wrote

The real crime is there are at least two people in this story who like Milky Way bars.


Orcus424 t1_iubxixj wrote

Patrice O'Neal had a joke about how he always threw away his trash because he didn't want his candy wrapper to fall on some dead person so he would be known as the candy man killer. I tried to find a clip online but no luck.


InSearchOfMyRose t1_iucdxy8 wrote

>Once deputies arrived, the victim stated that he left his home around 6 a.m., and when he returned at 2 p.m., he noticed his truck was moved into the garage.

Wait... They parked his truck? Why?


NecroAssssin t1_iud6eb9 wrote

I mean, these fine gentlemen aren't being mocked because we envy their mental prowess.


Theory_Unusual t1_iud9l59 wrote

Probably planned to steal it later. Trust me, the guy I know of them would do that.


TricksterWolf t1_iubg28g wrote

It always worked for James Woods...


megamanxoxo t1_iubppbq wrote

oow piece of candy... ooow piece of candy


Valianttheywere t1_iubvco7 wrote

I was so hoping for a 3x3 image of felons you can put an alignment chart on.


OriginalGordol t1_iubvpyq wrote

I just heard of this on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.


taizzle71 t1_iuc4due wrote

This is some straight up cartoon shit lol


kanna172014 t1_iudtf8e wrote

This is like in The Stand where Larry and the others in his group followed the trail of chocolate Payday wrappers that Harold left lying around.


bookcreative t1_iuamler wrote

Ugh, I always knew we snickers people were right about milky wayites…damn sketchy!


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iuaw2vf wrote

If it doesn't have peanuts, it's a crazy person candy. Nasty ass boring nougat.


ScrapBrain t1_iubjqtr wrote

This is some scooby doo level tomfoolery


sir_mrej t1_iubygh4 wrote

The water bandits!


Raiden115X t1_iubyipg wrote

They had Milky ways, but needed a Snickers.


Heathen_Mushroom t1_iuc0u8l wrote

How could these clowns manage to break into this guy's gun safe and steal four guns, but they couldn't even succeed at removing the A/C unit?



Petpati t1_iuc12dp wrote

Gravity Falls did it first


tree_basher t1_iucdv54 wrote

How’s that go? When you’re breaking the law, don’t break the law.


thomcrowe t1_iuczhpl wrote

These criminals Handel and Greteled themselves.


Vintage_Cosby t1_iud3syy wrote

This is some stupid LA Noir side quest, Im not convinced this is real


Buck_Thorn t1_iud5n70 wrote

From the NY Post article on the same story:

> The suspects were handed various charges including burglary and drug possession including for possession of marijuana.

Munchies can be problematic for burglars, apparently.


dboggia t1_iud9mmo wrote

This feels like an episode of scooby doo…


a_penguin t1_iudtbwi wrote

Ohh piece of candy....ohh piece of candy....ohh piece of candy!


Kbdiggity t1_iub70sp wrote

We're the Candy bandits. Get it? C-A-N-D...



jimberley t1_iub9uv2 wrote

It was duder on the bottom in the middle for sure.


TheDirtyFuture t1_iubbs2v wrote

Didn’t something with wrappers happen in the wire?


brfergua t1_iubj0cm wrote

This will make dumb people town podcast


VerbotenVerb t1_iuc277w wrote

Without telling them how they found them, they should interrogate each one individually, and leave a bowl of candy on the table. Then thank the person who eats all the candy.

My money is on one of the two in the lower right.


fotomoose t1_iuc5n38 wrote

How come these kinda folks always have money for neck tattoos but not food?


soda-jerk t1_iuc74km wrote

Well, they're accused of leading a burglary ring, not being smart.


DoneisDone45 t1_iucd24y wrote

most shocking thing is here cops actually investigate burglaries. since when did they start doing that? my friends got burglarized and one even had a home invasion and cops literally laughed in his fucking face. they asked why he opened the door for strangers.


Theory_Unusual t1_iud9y7k wrote

To be fair, this level of crime could be solved by the average reader of Highlights for children


skelecan t1_iucerz3 wrote

This is peak onion-y journalism


TheRatsMeow t1_iuciypj wrote

damnit I just realized I forgot to take candy from the party I was at


CoconutCavern t1_iucmnrx wrote

I've been told by Fox News that all the shoplifting is being done by black people. Please do not show all the white people's mug shots.


Mech-Waldo t1_iucuun6 wrote

Life is literally a cartoon these days


Area51Resident t1_iucz1mn wrote

First we had "Ocean's Eleven", coming to theaters this Christmas is "GutterPuddle's Nine"


-Redstoneboi- t1_iud32v4 wrote

candy wrappers. damn, now that is an onion title.


[deleted] t1_iudezyy wrote



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Stratos9229738 t1_iudhkwk wrote

Seems that this group of upstanding citizens managed to check all the diversity boxes too.


DaddyGamerYT t1_iudim7o wrote

Candy trail, candy trail, can deee trail!


Sandpaper_Pants t1_iudlyfn wrote

"A burglary ring"? Come.........on........


Beaneroo t1_iudtxqg wrote

Good, I hate littering


Gebling65 t1_iuecnf9 wrote

If you were a criminal, would it take a smart cop to catch you? Clearly, for these 3 it's a no.


UselessAndUnused t1_iud47sl wrote

What's Ga.? I mean seriously, American defaultism much?


zennyc001 t1_iudium0 wrote

The story is from WSBTV which is a local Georgia news station based in Atlanta.


UselessAndUnused t1_iudkaqa wrote

Fair enough, thank you. Still feel like if you'll post it on Reddit, you should at least write Georgia in full. Thanks though.