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[deleted] t1_iudqgaq wrote

How about we don’t give Bezos and Musk any more power?


bright_shiny_objects t1_iudwe1f wrote

So, Boeing? Northrop? Who would you like to send things into space?


[deleted] t1_iuf4iv9 wrote

I think we should figure out how to not fill space with a bunch of trash (aw hell, let’s include not adding more trash to earth, too) before we continue to send things/people into the universe to explore.


bright_shiny_objects t1_iuf5cxt wrote

Hard disagree. You should look up all the stuff they research on the ISS. Also there’s a lot of “junk” that helps us here on the ground.


[deleted] t1_iuf730p wrote

Lol, I’m not against scientific exploration and advancement. I’m against pollution. But it’s fine to disagree… my opinion is my own, and yours is yours.


Nokneemouse t1_iuf6xw8 wrote

Oh good god. Starlink is a very worthwhile service to have


[deleted] t1_iug8ffc wrote

Never said it wasn’t.


spider-bro t1_iugaxnl wrote

Well everything we do causes pollution so the more valuable something is the less reasonable it is to target it with pollution complaints.

The only way to stop pollution entirely is to self destruct our civilization. So barring that it’s all about which endeavors are worth the pollution.