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[deleted] t1_iuhygn0 wrote



jjnefx t1_iuic0rc wrote

No jury in the world would convict you


peensteen t1_iujuv13 wrote

I wanted to stab a friend of mine who once brought Dollar Tree steaks to a cookout, cheap bastard. I spent almost $200 on brisket, everyone else splurged on craft beer, and this motherfucker had the unmitigated gall to bust out fucking $1 ribeyes.


TheBluestMan t1_iui0gn1 wrote

You know what I don't condone her actions, but I understand it.


mailboxfacehugs t1_iuis762 wrote

$6000 bond for marijuana possession.

The system is broken


chocobrobobo t1_iujljqb wrote

35,000 for pointing a BB gun at your lover in a parking lot. I mean shit, state getting that much money, I expect to have a cop sitting in my bushes waiting for me to point a squirt gun at my kids.

We all know it's not lethal, but really, the suggestion of a threat of using a weapon in a public environment? You owe the state 5K son.


killaho69 t1_iuk0n89 wrote

Bond money gets refunded. That's why a bail bondsman will bail you out for 10%. Your bond is $30k, so you give them 3k, they front the 30k. They get the 30k, and keep your 3k.

Sure, you're out 3k, but you didn't have to put up 30k either.


chocobrobobo t1_iuk23mn wrote

-_- up to this moment I didn't understand how bails work, nor bail bonds. Thanks for the response. Yeah, putting a 30k bond on someone in this situation is surely going to cost them more money than will be comfortable for them, even if it's just the 3k to a bondsman. Guess the government doesn't make any money on bail, at least in theory. Unless people don't show. In which case, bummer for that loved one that paid, or for the bondsman.


killaho69 t1_iuk2e2l wrote

Lol yeah if I got a 30k bond, there would be no loved ones bailing me out. I’d have to direct the bail bondsman to my own savings account or credit card.


fuzzybat23 t1_iuif9ru wrote

A bb gun is hardly a deadly weapon. Unless it's one of those German made ones. Those things are lethal.


peensteen t1_iujw2gr wrote

We make them in the US as well. They are legal for deer in a lot of states. I bought one at Walmart years ago. It was only $100, and shoots pellets at 1200 FPS. I don't use it for hunting, though.


DrugsArentAlwaysBad t1_iui8j1f wrote

I knew exactly what happened just by seeing the girls face and reading the first word of the title


obsertaries t1_iuiukcy wrote

At times like this we’re just looking through a tiny pinhole into an entire world of domestic problems.


isbashko t1_iuiux58 wrote

There has to be an iceberg under this story though


coyote-1 t1_iuivxti wrote

Seems a perfectly reasonable 2nd Amendment application to me LOL


Vardeegs1 t1_iujl33o wrote

Ever go to hobby lobby? My kids would rather kill me and I as well would rather never ever go back to that dump again. “Stupid hob lob”


natephant t1_iuivrdo wrote

You ever have someone call you up to hang out but it turns into you driving them around town to do their errands?


Rude_Dragonfruit154 t1_iuiv1hf wrote

Oh she should have had a real gun and shot him dead. Then he couldn't talk about it. And she couldve said anything. /s

God in Texas marijuana is still illegal. What a great state to live in. NOT.