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hung_out_to_lie t1_iuigzei wrote

The USPS isn't a business that's loses money. It's a public service. The point of it was never to turn a profit.


dragons_tree t1_iuirbri wrote

Try telling that to the postmaster Trump assigned. DeJoy made changes to the service looking to increase profits that caused mass chaos to the mail right before the 2020 election (election fraud who?). No idea if all of his changes are implemented practically but I remember much of his shit would fuck a lot of people over, like people out in the country or who get medication by mail. Kudos to the service that somehow, despite having a trump cronie in charge actively trying to screw things, they're still operating really well.


trucorsair t1_iuil1ju wrote

What they leave out of this “article?”, is that the USPS essentially uses the same key for EVERY blue mailbox called an “arrow key”. These keys are available, cough, China, cough


zorbathegrate t1_iuifynv wrote

There are a few people who need to be locked up


RufusCranium t1_iuij5ri wrote

I could swear it was a federal crime to tamper with mail. Oh, but I guess it's also a federal crime to defraud via email, and I never seem to hear about anyone getting arrested on those charges, either, but always see those shifty messages. Lol


Harryisharry50 t1_iuix6q1 wrote

Damn I work as a contractor for usps delivering mail from processing center to local post office . I haven’t about this.


JoanNoir t1_iuiz4vv wrote

Postal boxes are insecure and dangerous. What's worse, is that you can use them to vote almost any time or place!