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Elsecaller_17-5 t1_iuj9eva wrote

This actually brings me a measure of comfort. I don't want the two guys flying my plane bickering.


PM_ur_Rump t1_iuj6dtq wrote

Better to not fly than to fly with someone you aren't comfortable with.


icefire555 t1_iujat5s wrote

This!!! The pilot and co-pilot have to work together and catch each other if they make a mistake. A hostile environment could lead to situations where they don't listen to each other and larger issues happen. This is a big cause of plane crashes. Not saying they would likely crash. But it's an added risk for no good reason.


RudeRepair5616 t1_iuk08v7 wrote

Great but maybe they should determine who was most responsible and fire him and if the other guy has further inter-personal issues then fire him too.


Deximo13 t1_iuj8ejl wrote

Better that than, "Junior pilot refuses to take control as senior pilot ignores protocol and shorts the runway. Cultural hierarchy to blame."


Talrey t1_iujgkdw wrote

I've read enough Admiral Cloudberg to know that I'll take good CRM and a delay over bad CRM and "on time", any day of the year.


lifesoidot t1_iujz23k wrote

Good call to cancel. High emotions and interpersonal conflict are a safety issue.


ExternalUserError t1_iuj6r77 wrote

“We should keep the seatbelt sign on in gentle air for 50 minutes after liftoff!”

“No! We should sit on the tarmac for 90 minutes without saying a word!”

… if only they realized, with Spirit Airlines, they could both be right. 🚫🚽🛩️


the_clash_is_back t1_iuk15p8 wrote

This is good, bad communication can lead to fatal errors. Having the crew be professional enough to realize they do not get along and would not be a good pair to fly is very responsible. I respect the crew for choosing not to fly.


Nigredo78 t1_iuj7dci wrote

how this is a story is beyond me but hey.. given the other news.. must be a slow day


FakeBarbi t1_iujttku wrote

They did the right thing


justforthearticles20 t1_iuj7op7 wrote

The Old Left Twix vs. Right Twix dilemma.


hxn42 t1_iujcmie wrote

What a dumb argument to have, we all know right twix is the only twix worth having.


MaddNurse t1_iujg96o wrote

I feel there is more to this story.


isbashko t1_iuje0js wrote

Tldr; One of them didn’t want to kiss the homies goodnight. His loss. Weirdo.


Olleyu t1_iuj6gi5 wrote

Sorry about your liver transplant, Timmy, but until Chuck reimburses me for the golf we played on Sunday this plane isn't going to take off


jay22022 t1_iujnoli wrote

Two hours of rock, paper, scissors ties over who gets to taxi to the run way today.


BoyEatsDrumMachine t1_iukb5zk wrote

For those too lazy to read the article: their names are not “Paul” and “John”.


agonypants t1_iujwu79 wrote

It's not quite on-topic, but I'm reminded of a headline I saw earlier today that Kyle Rittenhouse wants to be a pilot for UPS or FedEx. I had a very similar thought when I read it - NO farking WAY I would pilot/co-pilot with that waste of oxygen.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_iuk1uyv wrote

When you can't agree whether pulling on the stick is up or down...


[deleted] t1_iuj5gbh wrote



ash_274 t1_iujampo wrote

Toilet paper over vs under the roll

Hard-G gif vs soft-G gif

Oxford comma usage

Blue/black dress vs white/gold dress


aescobar32 t1_iujaqm5 wrote

I mean any job is simple if you describe it like that!


Batbuckleyourpants t1_iujceqc wrote

It was the middle of a storm, and the pilot did not feel comfortable taking off. Copilot wanted to take off.


bearsheperd t1_iujqmg7 wrote

“No! I wanna sit in the right chair you get the left one!”


shurfire t1_iujhha3 wrote

Samir, you're breaking the plane.


doinggood9 t1_iujm59h wrote

Sounds more like a very unprofessional disagreement to me.


sghokie t1_iujx3uw wrote

I am not a fan of Alaska airlines. They canceled my flight because of crew scheduling issues. Seems like they could have figured that out sooner.


anotherone23ag t1_iujxnsy wrote

There’s Pilot shortage look it up. maybe help us fill the gap and go to flight school. :)


sghokie t1_iujz9xq wrote

Maybe don’t schedule flights when there’s no pilots available.


cc69 t1_iujx1u2 wrote

Bitches please. Fire these morons. Delay is not Professional.


Lieutenant_0bvious t1_iujc9ox wrote

Legend has it that it was two lefties who both wanted to sit in the same seat.


isekai-cheeese t1_iujw4ef wrote

just fly the fucking plane. theres no philosophy of flying. you go to point A then B. but of course theres a pilot shortage so fuck it.


KmartQuality t1_iujx2mu wrote

I know, right? Just press the takeoff button and let's go!