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King_Ofroad t1_iuqiqg8 wrote

This article does a good job summing it up

He used Tesla and SpaceX stock to back his purchase. If Twitter loses money, he loses power at his companies.

Over the last couple years Twitter has operated at a major (read billions of dollars) loss.

Musk is almost certainly not smart enough to figure out a way to make Twitter operate at a profit and as it becomes more of a cesspit, advertisers (the only source of income) will continue to bail.


Khemith t1_iuquq7f wrote

Once Twitter becomes Twittler again, the investors and the ad revenue will evaporate.


Shorty604 t1_iut7of1 wrote

lol not smart enough...

Stephen King one of the richest most successful writer is bitching about $20 for a platform he's been using for free. I don't care for cheap ass rich people.


King_Ofroad t1_iut7z9l wrote

I'm sure musk will come and personally thank you for your valiant defense of his dipshit decisions any day now