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Bwitm1 t1_iur00to wrote

Qatar murdered thousands of slaves so the world could play kickball. Won’t watch a minute. IOC isn’t much better.


Crusty_Nostrils t1_iurkwym wrote

6500 what the fuck? I know Qatar is a slave trading backwater but 6500 seems unlikely


It's real and the figures are from credible sources. The mainstream media not widely reporting on this while covering Qatar is malpractice imo


nonamebcb t1_iuvd38q wrote

IIRC this is the total number of deaths in the construction business in Qatar over a period of ten years across the important immigrant groups. It doesn't include all workers that died, but it also includes things that have nothing to do with the world cup. The number is not directly connected to the world cup, though it does say something about the conditions your average migrant worker in Qatar works in.

Several organisations report different numbers. The Qatar government reports up to 40 deaths, FIFA claims three deaths (an earlier number from the Qatar government), the International Labour Organisation claims a number around 50 per year but doesn't count COVID and heat related deaths (and working in the desert makes the latter cause of death quite relevant), so there's no real way of knowing how big the problem really is. People who speak out will at least lose their job, though their fate is probably worse in many cases, so there's no reason for any of them to keep track of any real numbers.

The slavery and abuse situation is probably much worse than whatever the actual amount of deaths for the world cup adds up to, especially compared to the death toll in the construction industry for the third world countries these workers come from. People's passwords get taken and only given back after they've done whatever bullshit "contact" they signed, or sometimes there's not even a contract at all. It's not just construction, though; countries in that region of the world are known to employ all kinds of slavery when it comes to immigrants, ranging from maids to store employees to hard labour.

The mainstream media over here has been reporting about this for months and they keep repeating that 6500 number even though there's no good source to back it up. The original source is more nuanced than the media that copied the number make it seem: it's merely the amount of deaths since Qatar got picked as the host, based on data from the countries these workers came from.


okayish_guy1 t1_ius278p wrote

Clickbait is not a credible source.


Crusty_Nostrils t1_ius2lml wrote

lol the BBC and The Guardian are not clickbait


okayish_guy1 t1_ius3dwo wrote

Their headlines are.


Crusty_Nostrils t1_ius4205 wrote

>World Cup 2022: How has Qatar treated foreign workers?

Doesn't look like clickbait to me


okayish_guy1 t1_ius765j wrote

If you read the Guardian article "There have been 37 deaths among workers directly linked to construction of World Cup stadiums"


funwithdesign t1_iuqyrnr wrote


The World: 6500 workers have died building World Cup stadiums

Qatar: Naw bro, there were just 3


aishik-10x t1_iuv7qkf wrote

But how did they manage to have 6500 worker deaths? Were they gunning them down en masse inside the stands or something, that number is mind boggling for a single World Cup stadium.


nonamebcb t1_iuvdbo9 wrote

> More than 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar since it won the right to host the World Cup 10 years ago, the Guardian can reveal.

This number contains all migrant deaths from these important migrant countries over a ten year span. This includes road work, seven stadiums, and all kinds of other infrastructure across the country. There's no direct correlation with the world cup, though the demand for construction work has significantly increased since then. The number doesn't include the deaths of migrants from other countries.

In other words, the number could be ten times lower or ten times higher. We simply don't know.


gamb82 t1_iur084b wrote

I'd hope European nations did, but no... There goes for the "great defenders of human rights"... 🙄


keyboardstatic t1_iur0kwt wrote

I don't watch soccer. The bare face corruption is present in many many aspects of government and business all over the world. Which I often rail against and oppose. But the good boys, the blokes the lads the Christians and Muslims all keep supporting the corruption.

Greed stupidity ignorance all continue to combine to keep the world a fucked up backward exploited and dying situation.

The other way of looking at the entire picture is that we as a species have improved we have grown generation by generation into better systems.

The next big step beyond education is identifying right wing narcissistic tendencies as a brain illness. Finding a solution to that world wide problem which is a lack of empathy, and that lack of empathy is what enables the harmful hurtful destruction by humans.


deez_treez t1_iurnnrf wrote

I'm going to watch illegal streams and buy unauthorized merch.


AurumArgenteus t1_iut88w6 wrote

Does it count as a boycott if I wasn't going to watch it anyways?


FleraAnkor t1_iur1tw6 wrote

I never watched football in general so me not watching it this time won’t change a thing. The thing that is disgraceful is that my government is still sending representatives there.


FerrumDeficiency t1_iur7gb0 wrote

Until China is in the same political and economical isolation as Iran or Lebanon this is all just a hypocrisy.


shastadakota t1_ius8kao wrote

I will boycott for sure. World Cup of what?


LenTheListener t1_iutzf13 wrote

It's not like they're playing the MLB All Star game in Georgia...


Msfracture t1_iuv0ub6 wrote

Their gov is obviously lying and covering up the deaths.


PlantedinCA t1_iuv685w wrote

Qatar had been practicing modern day slavery for their whole construction industry for ages. Why would this be different?

A friend mine was an archaeologist in Qatar for years. They just imported brown and black (Africans, south Asians…) people to process all the sites. Her contract was with the government because they want to preserve as they built. All of the workers were nicer and protective of her because she was “brown” like them - as she is South East Asian and all the other “in charge” folks were white.


byandbuy t1_iuri12h wrote

No boycott for me.

Don't give a hoot.