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TricksterWolf OP t1_iurx87k wrote

Before you think, "aww, that's cute", it's because they're hiding criminal evidence in their fur.

I think we all knew this would be the case.


yax51 t1_ius3ypy wrote

Cat: knows who the perpetrator is Also cat: Not going to tell because cats are assholes.


HailTheCatOverlords t1_iuucuf5 wrote

Cats wouldnt talk to the cops even if they could simply because snitching goes against the cat code.


sanjsrik t1_ius09l8 wrote

Problem is, they're a bunch of assholes and won't.


DrewidN t1_iurzclt wrote

But they won't, because they can't be arsed.


NoWayNotThisAgain t1_iutncd1 wrote

Sure… they can… but do they want to?


TricksterWolf OP t1_iuu5qzc wrote

Follow-up article: "Apparently Cats Always Could Have Helped but Chose to Watch in Knowing Silence"


Venkman_P t1_iuuzixb wrote

cat: The can opener murder weapon is in that drawer.


Cocoyabee t1_ius5i2j wrote


Deathisnear24 t1_iuu1xxq wrote

I'm really confused about this story. It says they used compared the DNA of the fur on the jacket and it matched the cat the two had. How does that prove that Beamish killed her? I'd always have 1 or 2 cat hairs on my clothes when I had them.

edit: NVM, saw they were estranged, so presumably not living together, which would mean he transfered the cat fur to her clothes when he murdered her.


LilG1984 t1_iuw0mva wrote

So Turner & Hooch but with a cat instead ?


TricksterWolf OP t1_iv4dzsq wrote

when Tom Hanks recently said he's only made about four good movies I'm sure that one made the cut


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AttractivestDuckwing t1_iusy5jf wrote

This has to be one of the worst, overinflated articles I've ever read.


TricksterWolf OP t1_iuu55m3 wrote

Wait, you read the articles here?


AttractivestDuckwing t1_iuvsaof wrote

Every once in a while I make a valiant attempt. At least it tried to relate real world information and wasn't an editorial.