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[deleted] t1_iuydu3u wrote


CowFckerReloaded t1_iuygysh wrote

Paintballs hit hard enough to leave welts, not great to be hit by one unsuspectedly like these wolves.


Drusgar t1_iuz4rrx wrote

>they will just dislike humans

That's the idea.


FrozeItOff t1_iuz6fnk wrote

No, dislike as in, "Bite when see." not "Run away because I'm afraid of them."


halisme t1_iv05doa wrote

Yes, that is part of the idea.


Helixranger t1_iv2fl48 wrote

To prevent wolves from being a danger to humans, we potentially provoke them to attack humans instead?

Idk about how effective that plan is.


newbikesong t1_iv0bcno wrote

Most animals would not understand that humans are the ones who throw paintballs.

Can wolves understand that?


CatHammerz t1_iv0lovh wrote

You may be underestimating the intelligence of animals :P

If they wont learn about it, they will for sure connect seeing humans and pain.


newbikesong t1_iv0miyp wrote

Dogs fail mirror test though.

There was actually a very similar topic of discussion.

Dogs seem to fail it unless trained. Though I see no experimentation like mirror test.


CatHammerz t1_iv0of75 wrote

If they don't understand the concept of it, dogs are still able to associate humans with security and food. And I guess shooting paintballs can be considered as teaching, although it sounds brutal.

We still know very little about how brains work, and determining how intelligent an animal is can be a bit difficult.

And keep in mind, these results can vary wildly in the same group. A common example is crows and ravens. I think studies have even concluded that they are actually semi conscious, although we dont know to which extent. Some unfortunate people have even found themselves harassed by groups of them for years after hurting one of them.

Dont fuck with them, I guess.


Severe-Cookie693 t1_iv2czud wrote

What does the mirror test actually test?

I've made eye contact with my pets in the mirror, they didn't get freaked out that there where 2 of me.

Dogs also don't go by vision as much as smell.

The test is also based on ego, which is not the same thing as intelligence.


newbikesong t1_iv2f1ft wrote

You put a paint or some other patch onto the animal's forehead and show them a mirror. If they realize themselves in the mirror, they will touch themselves in that spot.

Very few animals seem to notice themselves in mirrors. Great apes including humans, elephants, dolphins, some birds and very few fish.

Dogs never pass the test. We tend to humanize them but they are not really smart animals. They seem to have no capacity of conceptualization.


Hetterter t1_iv0ki79 wrote

They can learn to associate humans with the pain yes


evillman t1_iv0f47l wrote

Isn't disliking humans good for nature?