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FriesWithThat t1_iv4t5l1 wrote

>“This victim told us that this suspect drugged him and then carried him into her car up to the lodge where she stripped and robbed him. He claims his three million Shillings was stolen, ATM cards pin codes were cracked and they withdrew 10 million Shillings,” Enanga explained.

13 million Ugandan shillings is about $3400. Not only does this women have alluring nipples but she apparently is very strong.


8-36 t1_iv4w3sz wrote

And has a shit ton of money also


GrandmaPoses t1_iv5ga2r wrote

Think of all the nipples she can buy!


Sea_Math4 t1_iv4x8bj wrote

Also cracks atm codes


supercyberlurker t1_iv5yfm2 wrote

Yeah I want to hear a bit more about that.

How does one 'crack atm codes'. This isn't actually a hollywood movie.


xrufus7x t1_iv6h33e wrote

Most people use easy to remember numbers so if he used like his bday she could have gotten the info from his wallet or maybe he wrote it down on a piece of paper and kept it in there. Its also possible Ugandan ATMs have shit security and she just brute forced it.


StarCitizenIsGood t1_iv7hg7i wrote

They are too embarrassed to admit they told her the pin codes under threat of being bent over the balcony and fucked by her strapon


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iv6eyfo wrote

"ay yu, I let suck vagene if gib EhTM meshen pin."

"Wan two thee foh"

"Fool, I don't really give vagene"

"Bamboozled! I will say you crack."


ajver19 t1_iv54630 wrote

I mean a fireman's carry is all about a way to carry heavy weight that you normally wouldn't be able to.

Walking with someone on your shoulders isn't the same as holding them like you just got married.


Misabi t1_iv7a3in wrote

Just gotta practice the Ranger roll to get them up there.


gamerdude69 t1_iv8r8pj wrote

Shilling? Like what Scrooge gave the boy to fetch the fattest turkey? Wtf


Vradlock t1_iv5ng7x wrote

And is a good hacker unless he had his pins written on the back of each card.