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4Blu t1_iv63xsu wrote

I'd be so pissed if I had to give up a second Saturday to take that godforsaken test.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_iv6pa2m wrote

Good grief, agreed. Took the ACT and was told theres another test. Im like nah ill just goto the ACT only skools. No thanks. Graduated college and was told the next step is a 5 hr exam. Nope. No way. I could barely do 3 hr labs. Bachelors it was.


aKnightWh0SaysNi t1_iv6vlo5 wrote

That’s not exactly great cost/benefit analysis for taking a long test or not.


throw4jklfj t1_iv7ke5s wrote

The great thing about life is that if you don't wanna do something, in general you don't have to do it. Regardless of what anybody else may think. And you don't even have to explain yourself to others or give a shit what snarky comments they reply with.


jay9e t1_iv7op53 wrote

Doesn't change anything about it not being a smart move though.


throw4jklfj t1_iv7t3ox wrote

See my comment above.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_iv7u28j wrote

I'll stand by your side on this one, random internet man.

I value my free time so much I'll intentionally take a lower paying job if it means dealing with less nonsense.

Life is short and I'm not wasting it at an office.


GenoThyme t1_iv8bonh wrote

Yeah but taking a few tests can lead to much more free time down the road. I took 3 tests that were a combined 8 hours to become a teacher and now I don’t work in the summer. I have a friend with a bunch of advanced degrees that required tests to get and they’re on pace to retire around 50.


Mehmoregames t1_ivane8l wrote

I took no tests and have spent the last 5 years working three days a week, 12 days a month, on weeks I clock out with more than 23 hours I think "damn I worked a lot this week"


The_Dankinator t1_iv9nto1 wrote

That wasn't a smart move though. It's an SAT. It ain't that bad. A few hours of studying and 6 hours taken out of a single day off could improve your chances of getting into a decent school and getting scholarships.


PermanentTrainDamage t1_iv95km5 wrote

You had to give up a saturday? My school scheduled the test on friday and then test takers got the rest of the day off.


letitsnow18 t1_iv9934x wrote

That's not legal. Legally they're all done on the same day throughout the country.


Mayor__Defacto t1_iv9d3nw wrote

Err? What? Lol. The SAT test is not endorsed by or required by any government agency. There is no law that says it must be administered on the same day everywhere in the nation. There is no law that says it must be administered at all. There is also not even a law that says the score must be used as part of university admissions.

It is, however, typically offered on Saturdays.


Minuted t1_iv9iup1 wrote

In the UK SATs are more like final tests of a student's time in one of two "key stages" in primary school, and previously also in year 9 (age 13 or 14 or so, "key stage 3"). They're mandated by the curriculum and used to assess a student's progress.

Why they'd think we were discussing UK education I don't know, but I think what they said would be correct in regards to UK SATS. Maybe they saw "SAT", thought of the only SATs they knew of and jumped the gun a bit?


SuspectNo7354 t1_iv6xxea wrote

Halfway through one of the SATs I took the fire alarm went off. We were all outside discussing the test and various questions when something occurred to me.

I started thinking this test is going to be bogus since we're all sharing answers to the test. Then it hit me, we ain't finishing this test. A minute later they sent us all home to come back next weekend for a new test.


HolyHypodermics t1_iveo030 wrote

Had a similar thing happen when I did the HSC in 2020 (Australia, New South Wales version of SAT I think? Big exam in your final year that gives you a score for universities).

I was halfway through my legal studies HSC exam when our school got a bomb threat called in, so the exam had to be cut short and the entire school evacuated to our oval. We couldn't continue with our exam since it'd had already been interrupted and the entire state does it at the same time, nor could we redo it cos it wouldn't be fair to us.

I was told the markers would give us a score based upon the exam answers and essays we wrote so far, and our assignments and exam grades during the year. Worked out for me, I got a 96 for that exam!


RustyShackleford543 t1_iv5z2j9 wrote

This would've never happened if they were transferred via USPS


Data_shade t1_iv61p28 wrote

USPS is the only mail service with a 100% on time delivery track record with me. FedEx and UPS can suck it.


notFidelCastro2019 t1_iv6mygm wrote

FedEx tried to deliver me a letter last week. I have a mailbox outside, but they somehow got into my apartment complex, got all the way to my door. They didn’t knock, they just left a note saying I wasn’t there.

I was most definitely there…


mlorusso4 t1_iv6os9n wrote

Fedex and ups aren’t allowed to use mailboxes


Little_Winge t1_iv94jbk wrote

They do anyway at most places I've lived, unless it's a package (regardless of size).


[deleted] t1_iv7u9zw wrote



Deadofnight109 t1_iv7w7wp wrote

It's 100% true. We're not allowed to use mailboxes. But then again there's plenty of lazy drivers out there that cut corners wherever they can. Depending on how much the local post office cares, they will collect any packages ups/fedex puts in a mailbox and call them to come get them.


Diosco t1_iv8gs4s wrote

I work for USPS and it is absolutely true.


supersecretaqua t1_iv8x49o wrote

"my personal experience translates to everyone everywhere always"

Really impressive amount of ignorance


Bubbagumpredditor t1_ivadd57 wrote

They NEVER knock. You can be sitting there 5 feet from the open door waiting for the package and they will put an entry in that you were not home.


fdxrobot t1_iv7inhl wrote

There’s no benefit for them to do all that work and lie that you weren’t home. It creates more work for them.


xnarphigle t1_iv9q6gd wrote

And yet it happens all the time. When I lived in an apartment in college, more than once I would be expecting a package and be home prepared to receive it. But they would just leave a note, no knocking, and leave. I'd have to go to the shipping depot to receive my package.

FEDEX was the worst for it.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_ivadhug wrote

Bullficking shit. Fed ex does it all the time. I just assume I have to go to the depot to get anything from fed ex


RustyShackleford543 t1_iv645sj wrote

They're Government-owned so it makes sense, their motto in NYC says a lot, same goes for them having a dang Fraud and Forensics group


mart1373 t1_iv89pam wrote

Lol, I had to submit tax returns for my employer via certified mail with electronic return receipt. Out of about 30, I’ve gotten about 25 actual delivery confirmations.

Don’t exactly have the highest hopes for USPS after this…


Hazelberry t1_iv8rqkd wrote

HEAVILY depends on the quality of your local post office. My local post office for example is always late, regularly loses packages, and will pull shit like claiming they delivered something when they never even drove within a mile of the destination.


moonbunnychan t1_iv9hbc8 wrote

I have a video doorbell and proof of them sticking that sorry we missed you tag on the door without even attempting to alert me. Showed the post office the video and they don't care. Another time they said they couldn't deliver because "the business was closed"...when the delivery address was my house. Every time stuff has gotten lost or destroyed its been USPS.


Vickytvmc t1_iv8z78z wrote

I’m not from US!! But can someone please clarify why the government supported public schools are not using public postal services??


RustyShackleford543 t1_iv91vmc wrote

That's something were completely perplexed about too, they should be using them for important stuff like this


Vickytvmc t1_iv929ye wrote

Indian Postal services are at last fumes as there is a lot of competition from private sector!! But it’s mandatory’s for all government offices to send their documents must be sent via Post!!


RustyShackleford543 t1_iv92ftk wrote

It's very likely whoever was in charge that chose UPS over USPS will be forced to resign over this


jaydec02 t1_ivp73ql wrote

The SAT is ran by a private company. They probably have a deal with UPS where they get a cut down price on shipping if they use only UPS


Vickytvmc t1_ivstg2g wrote

Oh!! Thanks for clarifying!! Now it makes sense!


EitherEtherCat t1_iv6mdxm wrote

Maybe it’s time for SATs to be on those computer thingies


mlorusso4 t1_iv6p6f5 wrote

Only thing I could think of is computer access since they are always taken in school. But I took the GRE this past summer which is basically the same thing. Everything was done on the computer, but you had the option to take the paper version if you wanted to.


SuperCarbideBros t1_iv87it6 wrote

Shit, TOEFL (the English test for going to US colleges and universities for us int'l students) has been computer based since at least 10 years ago; I'm surprised SAT is still paper based.


OceansCarraway t1_iva8oqt wrote

How did that go? I'm considering taking it, and I'm curious. Never had a really important computer test before.


vondafkossum t1_iv92ygm wrote

Computer based standardized tests suuuuuck. I would not want to take the SAT on a computer, but that’s the direction they’re heading.


Wolfabc t1_iva3vrj wrote

College Board did that at least for AP exams during covid. If it's the same level of quality, it'll flop. They're an absolute garbage monopoly of a company that if had more competition would go out of business


ph16053 t1_iv7xp18 wrote

Jesus that sounds worse. My eyeballs would melt from staring at a computer screen for so long


Pyrhan t1_iv7ptzq wrote

I know someone who once had to re-take a university exam because the teacher forgot the bag with the exam copies in the train.

She said was quite happy about it, because she knew she had flunked it the first time, and she got a little extra time to work that subject before taking the test for the second time.

Others were obviously pissed...


CrawlerSiegfriend t1_iv6gxu7 wrote

I'd probably end up suspended from school after all of the vitriol that would come out of my mouth if I was forced to take that thing twice.


RisingPhoenix92 t1_iv6ktaj wrote

Usually score higher the next time you take the test so it sucks but this is going to benefit them. But also they should find a way to make this up to those that have to retake it.


SextroDepresso t1_iv6ehts wrote

UPS putting the “oops” in their name

Should’ve used USPS instead of a private courier, dumbass school.


dreamcastfanboy34 t1_iv6cbnn wrote

You know one of those kids who didn't study prayed really hard the day of the test and then this happened lol


KingParity t1_iv7403l wrote

just don't require the sat


SamOnTheeLam t1_iv8jxv7 wrote

That's actually kinda tight if you don't mind taking it again. Scores usually go up when you take it again, so this was pretty much free practice.


truethatson t1_iv9tfwl wrote

Dude I definitely got a 1600. Trust me.


disaster_n_doom t1_iva5vvt wrote

That reminds me of the girl in my class that did actually score a 1600 on her SATs. Then she got knocked up first semester of college and dropped out.


uno-slick-willy t1_iv7r85g wrote

THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID HAPPENED TO MINE... then I was told to join the army.


WhiskeyNicks t1_iv87udv wrote

I'd retake the test to prove to UPS that I'd be a better employee than the one we know.


baseballdnd t1_iv8pyzk wrote

Texas is making waves for all the wrong reasons


nunpizza t1_iv8t6vu wrote

they need to come up with some sort of reparations for those kids


HackerDaGreat57 t1_iv8yfn7 wrote

Well, ah, at least you know what to study now?


Earth_Normal t1_iv8yh0z wrote

They used UPS?

Why is a school not using USPS?


Alycorb t1_iv92536 wrote

That is just wrong. Do you know how hard kids have to study and how hard those tests are.. they shouldn’t be faulted for that!


LokiNinja t1_iv9buug wrote

Angels to some, demons to others


Medcait t1_ivabqbr wrote

Needs to be electronic? Even the GRE and MCAT were electronic back in 2000 and 2006


SalamanderNo3872 t1_ivahdjk wrote

I never took SAT or ACT, I have a bachelor's degree and a 6 figure job. Those teats are not necessary for a successful future.


peensteen t1_ivcgwtc wrote

Brown can fuck right off for me, after that.


Klastermon t1_ivd20z7 wrote

So… I have a similar story. Quite some time ago,while driving on a large boulevard in Reno, Nevada, I passed a UPS truck going down the street with it’s back door open. I waved at the driver, and yelled at him to let him know about the situation. To this day, I don’t know how he found me, but he actually called me ( this is before the days of cell phones). He asked me if I had seen anything fall out… It turned out he was missing a package with the entire payroll (checks) for Harrah’s Club.


[deleted] t1_iv6tdpe wrote

Rip to the people that cheated 🙏


Amielda t1_iv92ryz wrote

Lol just give them a refund... Save time and money and just go to a trade school