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throw4jklfj t1_iv7ke5s wrote

The great thing about life is that if you don't wanna do something, in general you don't have to do it. Regardless of what anybody else may think. And you don't even have to explain yourself to others or give a shit what snarky comments they reply with.


jay9e t1_iv7op53 wrote

Doesn't change anything about it not being a smart move though.


throw4jklfj t1_iv7t3ox wrote

See my comment above.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_iv7u28j wrote

I'll stand by your side on this one, random internet man.

I value my free time so much I'll intentionally take a lower paying job if it means dealing with less nonsense.

Life is short and I'm not wasting it at an office.


GenoThyme t1_iv8bonh wrote

Yeah but taking a few tests can lead to much more free time down the road. I took 3 tests that were a combined 8 hours to become a teacher and now I don’t work in the summer. I have a friend with a bunch of advanced degrees that required tests to get and they’re on pace to retire around 50.


Mehmoregames t1_ivane8l wrote

I took no tests and have spent the last 5 years working three days a week, 12 days a month, on weeks I clock out with more than 23 hours I think "damn I worked a lot this week"


The_Dankinator t1_iv9nto1 wrote

That wasn't a smart move though. It's an SAT. It ain't that bad. A few hours of studying and 6 hours taken out of a single day off could improve your chances of getting into a decent school and getting scholarships.