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andurilmat t1_iwgcyep wrote

Kind of weird choosing a mascot that half the population will be unable to find


ethan_prime t1_iwgxsk3 wrote

Every pitch meeting needs to have someone with a dirty mind to tell people when something looks even mildly inappropriate.


Gizshot t1_iwhy2s6 wrote

My gf thinking of kids names and I'm sitting there with my idiot brain coming up with insults or jokes for everyone of them, told her she can have a name if I can't make fun of it in less than a minute


kpmelomane21 t1_iwi29o1 wrote

That is exactly what you need to be doing. Kids are creative, and mean. You also need to consider initials because my friend was gonna name her son Andrew with a middle name Scott and their last name starts with S...


joshhupp t1_iwi08r2 wrote

Lol that's how we settled on kids names too


OsamaBinNoodles t1_iwkl34k wrote

I got reprimanded at my internship for “sexually harassing” someone. Our boss was telling us about how they were creating a new initiative titled BBC. At lunch, with the other interns, I told one of my male friends about how bad an idea this was and how people will make fun of it. We started laughing and a female intern asked what we were laughing about. I told her. Next day I am asked to go to our bosses office. He tells me the female intern complained to him that I made sexual comments to her. So, I had to apologize to her and the other female interns. Anyways…they didn’t listen to me and the city got some good memes out of it.


IndianaNetworkAdmin t1_iwhjtrf wrote

PSA: If your clitoris is the size of a small vehicle, red, and has eyeballs, please seek medical attention.


LexLuthorJr t1_iwgq99n wrote

Should we even keep doing Olympic mascots? Every time they just get criticized for this, that, or the other reason.


passwordsarehard_3 t1_iwgwgfg wrote

Better question is should we keep the Olympics. I love the spirit but everything I hear about it reeks of corruption and graft.


LoveArguingPolitics t1_iwgxuq5 wrote

They need to build like four permanent facilities and stop moving out around the country.

Especially when it goes to an underdeveloped nation the facilities end up crumbling as they can't be supported and during the event they have to starve the populace to have enough money to throw the events


cassiclock t1_iwi93hl wrote

I mean yes because I needed this in my life. It's hilarious


mr_oof t1_iwgwkcc wrote


EquivalentInflation t1_iwhw48a wrote

> Shuss, a little man on skis, was created in a hurry ahead of the 1968 Games in Grenoble. His designer had just one night to prepare a plan for submission.

I’ve never related to anything more in my life.

“When is this due? Tomorrow?!? Fuck it, unipod on a ski.”


Shabster0 t1_iwgfvn2 wrote

“at last understood what one looks like”…. that is not at all what a clit looks like what? Is there something i’m missing?


coleslawww307 t1_iwgne1u wrote

Look up the clit + its internal structure. Looks exactly the same. Not a lot of people realize the clit is way bigger than it looks


Shabster0 t1_iwgty1n wrote

Omg i’m so dumb I didn’t even consider internal 😭😭 thank you


Omnizoom t1_iwhfvf4 wrote

It’s like the tardis, it’s bigger on the inside


Gamebird8 t1_iwj5of5 wrote

Don't worry.... I was super skeptical as well... but including the internal portion of the gland... it is much more believable


OldBob10 t1_iwha5az wrote

You’re missing the obvious fact that the people who are complaining couldn’t find a clit if given a flashlight and a map.


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwgc2bd wrote

>The Paris organising committee said it was an opportunity to “embody the French spirit by offering something new” in a break from the traditional animal figure often chosen for the Olympics.

Oh France. Never stop being you. Paris sera toujours Paris


BRAUforce t1_iwgf68m wrote

>But in the inevitable social media debate around the clitoris-shaped mascots, one secondary school teacher said their simplistic triangular design could reinforce society's vague notion of the under-discussed part of the female anatomy, suggesting biology teachers be brought in to redesign them

Wait, wut?


ash_274 t1_iwgj2h5 wrote

They’re supposed to be hats.

Some people on social media say, “you know, they kind of look like a clitoris” and this teacher responded, “well, it should be redesigned to look more anatomically correct”

They’re anthropomorphized hats.


PermanentTrainDamage t1_iwh6u89 wrote

If the French are going to pick a hat to represent them, wouldn't the beret be more iconic?


ash_274 t1_iwhrv71 wrote

They looked at their history and asked themselves, "What were the people wearing when they were lopping off bourgeoisie heads?"


cassiclock t1_iwi9ali wrote

The last time the people were truly happy. Feels like a warning and I love it


ididntunderstandyou t1_iwjcdjf wrote

No, one of the main symbols of France is La Marianne - meant to be the allegory of the French Republic, the democracy that followed the revolution. Most paintings of the revolution have her in it. And she wears that red peasant’s hat. The beret is a stereotype, sure. But has no meaning in France.


AUniquePerspective t1_iwkoto8 wrote

La Mariane always has her tits out which is why so many people haven't noticed her hat.


superfluous_t t1_iwh0gkg wrote

These should be changed - I can envisage a queue of men in the gift shop getting frustrated because they can’t find it


AsslessBaboon OP t1_iwh16yc wrote

If the comments here are to believed. Am inclined to believe you


Marigwenn t1_iwgu6fm wrote

I hope it’s intentional. I love it.


Meanderingversion t1_iwh5fhy wrote

I've You've never found one before, you'd have to use some imagination as well!


haladura t1_iwhxu8z wrote

They look happy.


daverapp t1_iwi5wr9 wrote

I misread the title as just, "Clitoris Trainer"

And I was like, "Where can I find such a product?"


WAJGK t1_iwihlgm wrote

Nah these are great


barrymccockner76 t1_iwh60eu wrote

Can someone explain to me why the Olympics has to even have mascots? I've never understood it.


JesseB342 t1_iwit6m7 wrote

Considering these look nothing like a clitoris that’s just further proof that most guys know absolutely nothing about female anatomy.


zeolus123 t1_iwj8ecs wrote

Everyone knows the clitoris is a myth.


lcbzoey t1_iwh547r wrote

Wow! This is the WORST thing about the Olympics, surely! this FIASCO of a mascot is the true black mark on the history of the Olympic games. (Surely)


HR_DUCK t1_iwhh1yi wrote

Did a guy write this? How does he know what it looks like? /s


WirelessBCupSupport t1_iwhsws5 wrote

Liberty wore a red clit scarf hat thing!

(I'd post link to the image but she's topless and rather NSFW in the original painting)


wabashcanonball t1_iwjnh41 wrote

Free the clitoris—faster, higher, stronger!!!


Alystan2 t1_iwjr5kt wrote

Great! The Eiffel Tower is going from being a phallic to a femininity symbol!


AP825 t1_iwjvhqt wrote

A whole group of men reviewed the design but oddly none of them could see it


zubaz69 t1_iwu5u5d wrote

Leave it the French


devinsharp t1_iwh29vf wrote

I think we can all agree we should just go back to the 2004 Summer Olympics mascot


cn45 t1_iwhstg0 wrote

Don’t look at me I voted for springy.


phred_666 t1_iwhb0kc wrote

What? They can’t find them to see what they look like.


Aun_El_Zen t1_iwj9tgr wrote

I've got a dirty mind, and I don't see it


strangway t1_iwkjet3 wrote

There are men so blind to the clitoris that would stare blankly at these and act like a host on Westworld looking at a modern photograph


McMacAttack35 t1_iwjf2me wrote

Twitter and media really be reaching nowadays


KikiStLouie t1_iwjuqw0 wrote

It would be nice if things could just be a shape. Not everything has to be dirty, sexual, or a double entendres.


OldBob10 t1_iwh9kha wrote

Even assuming you accept the desire of the committee to “embody the French spirit by offering something new”, this is still reaching back further into the past than the Eiffel Tower. Also, the Phrygian cap is historically associated with The Terror. You know, show trials, “the national razor”, beheadings, etc. Great publicity..!

I mean, if they wanted to dip into “the heroic past” they could have gone with an image of Charlemagne. Yeah - whatever happened to that guy..? 😊


Raistline1 t1_iwgh44v wrote

Makes perfect sense. Like the Olympics, no one ever gives a shit where the clitoris is anymore.


coleslawww307 t1_iwgnmca wrote

Why would you self own like this?


Raistline1 t1_iwgvi4p wrote

They ruin cities in which they are held. Often times people are forced to move to make room for venues that are never to be used again. The athletes are not well compensated and if they do not give a perfect performance could face financial ruin for representing their country. There is an unneeded burden put on the local environment and is just a major scam at this point. Most people don't even care anymore, which is evident in the viewership of the 2020 Olympics being dropped by half of that of 2016. So yeah, I'll don't give a shit where the Olympics are.