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imlyingdontbelieveme t1_iwhb5pa wrote

look, say what you want about them, but the fact that everyone here knows this band name makes for a pretty decent argument for them to belong there


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwhc7z4 wrote

Nickelback gets more hate than they deserve. They've released several absolute bangers. The rest of their stuff isn't bad. It may not be great or world changing, but it's not bad.

Hating on them is honestly just a bandwagon thing.


Akanan t1_iwhwo3x wrote

We have a different version of absolute bangers


jameskchou OP t1_iwjq0m9 wrote

The band name is what gets them flack not the music.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwhur45 wrote

Lol no they're legitimately shit


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwhv8fo wrote

They're not.

They're average with a few really solid tracks.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwhx1e0 wrote

Garbage, every song sounds the same, having a hook does not = quality.


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwhykod wrote

The only two songs of theirs that sound kinda the same are Someday and How You Remind Me - both fine songs.

Rockstar slaps.


DuckQueue t1_iwlpj04 wrote

Wow, what did music do that you bear this much malice towards it?

Did music murder your parents or something?


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwlppun wrote

I think you're replying to the wrong guy


DuckQueue t1_iwlpt1l wrote

No, I'm definitely not.


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwlq4ce wrote

Where am I expressing malice?


DuckQueue t1_iwlqc8l wrote

> The only two songs of theirs that sound kinda the same are Someday and How You Remind Me - both fine songs. > > Rockstar slaps.


CivilizedPsycho t1_iwlqxl4 wrote

Truth is truth, homie. It's an appreciation of music without bandwagoning on meme-based hatred.

Edit: lol idk if u/DuckQueue got banned or if they blocked me but all of their comments disappeared.

They're harboring so much hate and Nickelback genuinely don't deserve it. Sorry the songs aren't for you, but they aren't bad.


DuckQueue t1_iwlrufz wrote

> Truth is truth,

Yes, that's why I said you expressed malice towards music.

Maybe you should try the truth rather than stanning shit bands and their incredibly shitty songs.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwhz81a wrote

No Kroeger uses the same vocal phrasing in so many songs, It's like he has one tune stuck in his head and it sucks.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwicac3 wrote

You even know his name, sounds pretty famous to me.

Now dont be daft and ignore their placement on top charts.

You are simple a blind hater who jumped on the bandwagon, there are many artists out there that's music isnt for me... but guess what, I don't know any of their individuals names because they don't matter to me.

If we were to play a round of 30 seconds and you are asked to name 3 nickelback songs I am 100% certain you will get it right.

Why you would be so invested in hating something that isn't to your taste is something you should bring up in your next therapy meeting.


texanfan20 t1_iwifjad wrote

Milli vanilli was popular too. It’s ok if you like the group, not everyone can have good taste.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwk9mfr wrote

who is this milli? never heard of them in my life.

Never said I am a nickelback fan, just like I am not an eminem fan - but I know who stands out in their genres.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwidv75 wrote

So popularity = quality?

New Kids on the Block?

Spice Girls?

Here's a popularity contest for you:

"#1 will not surprise anyone" lol.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwk9hz3 wrote

no chuckle fucks, but popularity = hall of fame....


ChuckFeathers t1_iwken80 wrote

You keep changing your argument, first it was how good they are now It's about how famous they are, I don't give a fuck about fame, lots of shit no talent people are famous, but good? Nope that's something nickelcrap definitely ain't.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwkflfe wrote

the more you post the more you prove what a fool you are.

They are good, they are popular because they are good. They are not popular in the same was as the rebeca black's song "friday".

They are not my style but I can recognize their impact and popularity.

But please keep responding, you are just proving you have blind hatred for them for no good reason.


Nickelback is living rent free in your head :P


ChuckFeathers t1_iwkfw5n wrote

Lol just because you can't recognize hacks and I can doesn't mean my hatred is blind. My hatred is very well founded in despising low quality no-talent music, which nickelcrap very much is.

I mean you're literally saying every popular artist is by default good LMAO.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwl4ilb wrote

>I mean you're literally saying every popular artist is by default good LMAO.

Name one popular artists with multiple hits in the top 50 that doesn't have millions of fans?

Just checked spotify, their one song "this is how you remind me" has nearly 700 million listens... surely they must pull quite a fan base if those are the numbers for their most popular song.

I fear you must have bungied with your umbilical cord when you were born and misjudged the length, thus suffering from brain damage to the frontal lobe. Nothing else can explain how you can be this illogical.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwlmfsk wrote

Again, popular = quality is your whole argument and It's just hilariously dumb and false.


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwm0vfk wrote

Never said so chuckle fucks, but please keep on showing us that your frontal lobe is lacking.

You do know it is called hall of fame, not hall of quality right? quality is subjective, fame is measurable.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwm7uun wrote

>They are good, they are popular because they are good.

Your words, Nosensenut119...


NoDoughnut119 t1_iwn4gcw wrote

I fear if i continue interacting with you you might just have an epiphany and harm yourself out of shame.

Good luck with life, you clearly need it.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwnbu6j wrote

Nice copout but whatever you need to tell yourself skippy.


Jump_Like_A_Willys t1_iwltm4c wrote

New kids? Spice Girls? They both deserve to be in some sort of music hall of fame because there was/is a large population of people who enjoyed them.

I never got into their music (and the same with Nickelback), but it is clear they made their marks in the music industry and were an important part of that industry.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwlvtsb wrote

Not the point, point was, does popular automatically = quality?


Jump_Like_A_Willys t1_iwm6pu1 wrote

Why does a music industry hall of fame automatically = quality?

It can = quality, but it can also be for artists who had a huge impact on the industry and artists who were extremely popular with a large number of people.


ChuckFeathers t1_iwm7evs wrote

You're changing the argument, OP and I were discussing whether they were any good when you jumped in.


Albafeara t1_iwh79yg wrote

Going to stand by the fact this is not an oniony article. They are one of the highest selling Canadian acts of all time I.e. extremely famous. Im not a fan of their music but its really not odd that a band that sold 50 million + albums ends up in the hall fame.


DM_WHEN_TRUMP_WINS t1_iwhm4h8 wrote

Do we still go by the "sold albums" metric in these kind of things?

I havent bought an album for decades, although i have listened to some on repeat for days. ( Not nickelback though)


Albafeara t1_iwhnjqe wrote

I wouldn't use it as a basis for how good i think a band is but i think its fair enough as a metric for a Hall of Fame entry, especially the sheer number that they've sold. It shows that they're one of the most popular Canadian bands of all time, regardless of how cool it is to hate on them.


DM_WHEN_TRUMP_WINS t1_iwhqaty wrote

I mean, how they count records sold, when records are not anymore sold as such?


Albafeara t1_iwhs7hf wrote

Well the metric will have to change as time passes but I think its still a valid thing to look at. The fact that their career part existed in an era where album sales dropped off and they're still outselling or matching the most famous Canadian artists who's peak came in an era where album sales where huge only works in their favour.


imbluedabadedabadaaa t1_iwh07ug wrote



methratt t1_iwigtcp wrote

While I personally can't stand Nickleback, they deserve to be there, because it's the hall of "fame", not "quality".


dv666 t1_iwhdpel wrote

I'm ashamed Canadian


StatisticianFalse911 t1_iwhfywp wrote

How is this oniony? They're a massively commercially successful band, no shit they'd get into a hall of fame


jameskchou OP t1_iwioqu4 wrote

Congratulations nickelback fan


StatisticianFalse911 t1_iwj9stp wrote

You must think you're so cool for hating nickelback, huh? I'm not exactly a fan but you're just being an idiot


jameskchou OP t1_iwjpv9k wrote

It's ok to deny liking Nickelback


feluriell t1_iwkiy1j wrote

I dont like em, but the commenter is right. Hall of "fame" requires "fame". Something nickleback definately has. This isnt onion material.


StatisticianFalse911 t1_iwmblue wrote

It's also okay to point out that it's dumb to say a famous band getting into a hall of fame is weird


snatchenvy t1_iwh55hs wrote

If you look at the Canadian Music Hall of Fame... as a non Canadian myself, there aren't many that I would recognize by name. One year they had five, but normally they only have one per year. Who would you nominate for 2023 in place of Nickleback?

>To be eligible for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, artists/groups must have had a career that spans twenty plus years from their first recording.

Nickelback Inducted in 2023

Deborah Cox Inducted in 2022

Jann Arden Inducted in 2021

Corey Hart Inducted in 2019

Cowboy Junkies Inducted in 2019

Andy Kim Inducted in 2019

Bobby Curtola Inducted in 2019

Chilliwack Inducted in 2019

Barenaked Ladies Inducted in 2018

Sarah McLachlan Inducted in 2017

Burton Cummings Inducted in 2016

Alanis Morissette Inducted in 2015

Bachman-Turner Overdrive Inducted in 2014

k.d. lang Inducted in 2013

Blue Rodeo Inducted in 2012

Shania Twain Inducted in 2011

April Wine Inducted in 2010

Loverboy Inducted in 2009

Triumph Inducted in 2008

Bob Rock Inducted in 2007

Bryan Adams Inducted in 2006

The Tragically Hip Inducted in 2005

Bob Ezrin Inducted in 2004

Tom Cochrane Inducted in 2003

Daniel Lanois Inducted in 2002

Bruce Cockburn Inducted in 2001

Bruce Fairbairn Inducted in 2000


anuranfangirl t1_iwjdpif wrote

Hey I think Avril Lavigne qualifies now, she should be added to this


[deleted] t1_iwh6rv5 wrote



snatchenvy t1_iwh91vk wrote

Drake's first album was Released on August 1, 2006.

That puts him 4 years away from eligibility.

He will make it easily enough, it is just a time issue atm.


hops4beer t1_iwh8po7 wrote

>if you look at the Canadian music hall of Fame...

Nah, I'm good.


franciosmardi t1_iwsb2zx wrote

Why is this on this sub? Nickelback is Canadian, famous, and creates music. Seems they check all the boxes to be in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.


jameskchou OP t1_iwsic0e wrote

Well it is a source of pride for Canadians but it is funny to others


user2021883 t1_iwhi7ik wrote

HALL of fame?

Surely it’s no bigger than a tool shed?


vols2943 t1_iwi0m5c wrote

I had no idea they were Canadian tbh


JustaGigolo1973 t1_iwivnl1 wrote

Say what you will musically or otherwise about this group. They are a group of nice guys who have done terrific charitable acts and their names have not come up in#metoo discussions


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flynlionPS t1_iwj9j49 wrote

“Hall of Fame” has about as much credibility as Nickelback, so why is anybody surprised?


jameskchou OP t1_iwjpyc6 wrote

Nickelback fans are on this post justifying the induction or defending the band in general. It's pretty funny. I just posted the news and people are going after me for it


crilen t1_iwjy5l7 wrote

Look at this plaque!


SplendidPunkinButter t1_iwhfrfa wrote

Time for lots of comments from Nickelback haters who have never actually listened to Nickelback and don’t know any of their songs

I’m not a Nickelback fan, but come on. They’re nowhere close to the worst band.


violetsprouts t1_iwhmlow wrote

That's where I fall on the Nickelback spectrum. Not my favorite, not the worst. A lot of the hate is just jokes at Nickelback's expense.


Goallpeashooters222 t1_iwii38d wrote

Canada may have better healthcare, but god does their music suck. I don't think I've ever listened to a single Canadian band that I've liked.


Solidsnakeerection t1_iwj6j32 wrote

Neil Young


Goallpeashooters222 t1_iwjh1fq wrote

genre? I'll check him out if it's literally anything but Country or Hip Hop.


Solidsnakeerection t1_iwjxvbt wrote

He bounces around rock folk and country but also dabbled in electronica. If you like Pearl Jam he did an album with them called Mirrorball


Goallpeashooters222 t1_iwl6o5c wrote

I found two songs of theirs that I actually like, Old Man, and Alabama really stood out to me. Words also good but stood out less. The rest of that album was rather bland, and two good songs doesn't mean a good artist. Any other songs like the two I mentioned?


Solidsnakeerection t1_iwlbg01 wrote

Off the top of my head some similar songs

Southern Man

After the Goldrush

Dont Let it Bring You Down

My My Hey Hey (Out if the Blue)



Prairie Wind

Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

Cinnamon Girl


Goallpeashooters222 t1_iwluzdw wrote

I've listened to Southern Man and loved it, but after a little bit of research he isn't really Canadian. I mean, he was born in Canada, but it looks like he spent most of his career in the US. I can't decide if I should consider him a Canadian artist or a US one.


Solidsnakeerection t1_iwlvfzb wrote

He didnt move to the US until he was an adult and had already begun his music career. He is Canadian


Aethrix_ t1_iwhojoi wrote

They made catchy tunes., Why not. Plus i dont get the hate or calling the lead vocals “fugly” wtf does that mean MUCH music? You shit channel.