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Frankenfucker t1_iwmcnht wrote

Fucking it already almost time to let her out of her box?


Gooddude08 t1_iwn41bs wrote

According to her social media accounts, midnight of November 1st is when she is released from her hibernation.


sikopiko t1_iwnh6sh wrote

Thawing of The Carrey

In cinemas this Christmas season. Michael Bublé sold separately. Batteries not included.


redditingtonviking t1_iwnw3tz wrote

Too soon. The Christmas period starts December 1st or first Sunday of advent, whichever comes first


freewave07 t1_iwo4lb9 wrote

So when I worked in retail the game was how far into the season you could go before hearing the titular line

In store record was four days


Hidden_Chin t1_iwo88n3 wrote

Whamageddon is also another one which is fun to play this time of year


AduroTri t1_iwnu1rd wrote

Retail radios are the others that do this too.


InGenAche t1_iwq0lqp wrote

Yup and if there's snow on the ground it means a white Christmas.


GetlostMaps t1_iwml7rz wrote

I like to imagine her spending 11 months of the year getting new plastic surgery and then healing ready for December..


Nop277 t1_iwmue39 wrote

I've heard rumors of movements coming from Michael Buble's cave...


cbbuntz t1_iwnu16f wrote

I don't think younger generations are going to know any of her other songs, but they'll all know the Christmas one


Frankenfucker t1_iwnutj4 wrote

The current and previous generations are blissfully ignorant of her other songs. Everything I know by her was learned against my will.


cbbuntz t1_iwnvkaq wrote

I'm kinda just thinking about how her Christmas album wasn't that big of a deal when it came out, at least not compared to her other stuff. She's he was huge. I never hear anything else from her except for the Christmas song now.

I was more of a Whitney fan.


Mr_MacGrubber t1_iwnljmq wrote

I started hearing it in Walmart on fucking November 1st.


dug99 t1_iwpbiw2 wrote

Maybe I'll get less downvotes for repeating "all I want for Christmas is for Maria Carey to shut the hell up" on this sub than the other one that triggered all the Mariaphiles. Meh... I'm prepared to take that risk!


songintherain t1_iwo2e96 wrote

Oh she’s been out. They started playing all I want for Christmas on local radio on Nov 4.. NOV 4!!?? it’s not even thanksgiving yet.. SMDH


Lee1070kfaw t1_iwos93i wrote

I heard that goddamn song 11/03/2022 in a grocery store