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sjitz t1_iwp2zcu wrote

What does the Space Force even DO? Also, regardless of the answer, are there any job openings?


amborg t1_iwp5l3r wrote

They make the space rules. You think a vast vacuum is just gonna govern itself? It would be chaos.


Zwets t1_iwpt5mk wrote

Actual answer: They monitor who's space junk is about to crash into who's satellite. With the goal that they can warn whomever owns satellite to move it.


GockCobbler89 t1_iwqmvcz wrote

Real answer: Basically anything you can think of involving military satellites. Military satellites are already vital for any kind of communications, intel, surveillance, etc. And they will be targeted with all kinds of attacks, both physical and and non-physical, the next time the US or NATO has to fight a near-peer foe.

We create defensive systems for those satellites, use satellite imagery for military intel purposes, maintain their orbits to keep them both protected and effective, work with the big mil contractors to develop new space flight/launch technology, track space debris to keep military and civilian satellites safe, develop network/computer technology to improve satellite communications and security... it's a much bigger and more important domain than most people realize.

One recent example: remember when Russia recklessly blew up a satellite last year and the orbital debris cloud threatened the ISS and the astronauts on it? The Space Force was called in with NASA to help chart the debris and calculate the maneuvers needed for the ISS to avoid it.

Yes, there are always spots open. Enlisted, Officer, and civilian/contractor.

Source: I'm in the Space Force


ddt70 t1_iwrju4a wrote

Can we get a picture of you in your uniform please? 😃


rainofshambala t1_iwq009y wrote

They open up the markets, manage resource extraction and provide security for private profits in space.


unmotivatedmage t1_iwp5n8m wrote

Cal coast news is our local fox/daily mail 💀 it’s heavily conservative and not reliable, didn’t read the article just laughed that this shit made it to here


habachilles t1_ix6sk8t wrote

Is no one going to ask Why there were naked women at space force to film? Feels like a big part of the story


Rosy2020Derek t1_iwsg66j wrote

I heard that men like to eat sushi off a naked women but.. at a place like that??